Tuesday, March 31, 2009

its almost O.V.E.R!!!

dear dearest readers.....

::esok saya akn membuat simulated teaching for writings::

::esok jugak hari yg ditunggu tunggu....nk get over all these things..::

::org laen da merdeka..saya maseh di sini membuat preparation for teaching..im sooo0o gonna be teacher::

::saya suke mengajar..tapi part nk impart knowledge tuh laa yg payah...::

:: teacher in training...heh one thing that keeps me going is children..how i love n adore children may be thats the reason why ALLAH..had put me into this career::

::i should be practising my simulated..just to see the flow n everything...::

::For this week agak busy with all the reading workshop n thingy...preparation what activity to carry out..agak pening laa.but im ok...things can be solved slow slow la..saya tak boleyh kalut..i noe .i jenis kalut but then kna control..kang tak tentu hala kn org kate...::

::waiting and waiting for this week to be over..n then we have the time to have fun n have our own space to live our life::

::im starting to love my profession..like seriously..theres a reason nape akuh di takdir kn amek course nie...tak sabar nk jmpe budak2x kt skola..facing reality...::

::gambar ni sekadar hiasan tapi saya suker DIA AMAT!!! GILLER HOT LAA WEYH!!!::

::okies laa....enuff of me...mumbling laa.::
::toodles laaa dulu..catch'up on u all later tomorrow laaa after abeh semua...simulated teaching yehaaa merdeka for a while::


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