Tuesday, March 31, 2009

its almost O.V.E.R!!!

dear dearest readers.....

::esok saya akn membuat simulated teaching for writings::

::esok jugak hari yg ditunggu tunggu....nk get over all these things..::

::org laen da merdeka..saya maseh di sini membuat preparation for teaching..im sooo0o gonna be teacher::

::saya suke mengajar..tapi part nk impart knowledge tuh laa yg payah...::

:: teacher in training...heh one thing that keeps me going is children..how i love n adore children may be thats the reason why ALLAH..had put me into this career::

::i should be practising my simulated..just to see the flow n everything...::

::For this week agak busy with all the reading workshop n thingy...preparation what activity to carry out..agak pening laa.but im ok...things can be solved slow slow la..saya tak boleyh kalut..i noe .i jenis kalut but then kna control..kang tak tentu hala kn org kate...::

::waiting and waiting for this week to be over..n then we have the time to have fun n have our own space to live our life::

::im starting to love my profession..like seriously..theres a reason nape akuh di takdir kn amek course nie...tak sabar nk jmpe budak2x kt skola..facing reality...::

::gambar ni sekadar hiasan tapi saya suker DIA AMAT!!! GILLER HOT LAA WEYH!!!::

::okies laa....enuff of me...mumbling laa.::
::toodles laaa dulu..catch'up on u all later tomorrow laaa after abeh semua...simulated teaching yehaaa merdeka for a while::


Monday, March 30, 2009

..JUM kawen jum Kahwiin!!


*keje da seap semua ker riena* 

1. How old are you?

[still 21 years old ..young n sweet]

2. Are you single?

[im single laa..still mencari-cari haha]

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?

[ermm paling lewatt around 27 kot paling awal da gatai sgt ade calon ade org mahu 25 laa]

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

[im with no one for the time being laa]

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

[my fantasy mmg laa CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY Hambarrrrrrrrr kn??]

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?

[tak pernah terpk pown ermm saper eyh?? heh]

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?

[mmg mahu traditional wedding..n then combination of garden wedding hehe]

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

[ italy..italy...italy.please.....teringin sgt2x]

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

[the more the merrier...haha..dunno.my dads friends n my mums friend pon da rmai giller..tak termasuk family n relatives jejauh..lagik, waaaaaaaaaaa kawan2x akuh lagiik...cikgu2x kt skola nnt time posting lagikk...waa buat kt dewan besar laa hauhauh berangan jekr pandai]

10. Will that include your exes?

[dorg mahu datang ker??? tapi akn di jemput dun worry]

11. How many layers of cake do you want?

[dalam 4 layers ker..or three pon ok..:)]

12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?

[ermm nikah mlm...bersanding afternoon laa gamaknye.]

13. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding:

[lagu yg tggai kn byk memories..jiwang jiwang!!]

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?

[sah sah kalo traditional guna tgn n kaki eyh eyh....tgn jerk riena..n then kalo dunner bru gunner fork n spoon..]

15. Champagne or red wine?

[air pisang laaa huahua....kalo ade rezeki nk air laicy laa mcm sedap kn hehe]

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

[days after the wedding settle everything pastu ley have fun fun ngn hubby waaaahh mcm da ade yg nk kt riena jekr hehe]

17. Money or household items?

[dua dua laaa penting]

18. How many kids would you like to have?

[paling rami 3 org..laa..tapi ank rezeki...kn...mane yg larat laa]

19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?

[yesshh!! ]

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know ?

[whose??ermmm dunn noe.saper yg teraser nk kahwin...] [hehe]

sahabat-sahabat yg nk di TAGGED..*RASER NK KAWEN X?*

-SESIAPER raser n ade maser nk buat di persila kn..hehe



p/s: waser nk kahwen nk dpaat baby..:P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

so damn pisst offf..

ever feel like..ermm....

you've been ignored for no reason???

even tho if theres a reason may be u can tell me..

its like ur talking all to ur self...in reality u r talking to someone....

n then the person just treated u like ur no one..haha....

do u get it i mean the usual answer and respond is like this "uh-huh"ooooo"..

it kinda pissst me off...but then i dunno why the person treat me that way..haha

i just dun get it...

one more.thing sometime....when we need someone to like console or sumthink..the the person we rely on is like,..errmm not giving respond n act they didnt even care..haha

beshh sgt layanan istimewa...neway its life...i think i need to fix things up...laa here n there..

or may be im soo emotionally involved...it makes me sick..laa

ok laa...saper mkn cili teraser pedasnye...huahauhua..tak yah teraser pon tak pe..

okies toodles..


Saturday, March 28, 2009

time passes by...

ailo0o..my dear reader...

SIGH~~~~~~~~~~~~~(a lo0o0o0ng one)

warrrgghh lega nye..most of the course work..is done..haha

now i can lay back..senyum a  bit ..tanda kepuasan..hehe 

i just need to finished up my simulated teaching for writing and reading workshop which i'll be going to school..in subang jaya..the last time i went there was like 1 year ago..i love the school especially their hopitality..n facilities..its just the feelin of comfort goin there..the student are bright..easy to approach n control..*well many a few got little too excited they end up behive like a worm heheh tak reti dok diam..)...i'll talk more about it later..when i finished up my workshop on teh 9th of APRIL...Wishh me luck.

this semester...too many assignments and test n quizzes..is it just me or its the some other factors..im being tooooo lazyy for this sem..everythings is done last minutes..study last minute,do my ass last minutes..just about everything..la......my dad not gonna like this...huhu

too many plan too many things to do at once..too many head too many opnions too many kerenah too much emotional involved ...everything is just tooooo many n too much... lets get this straight....my final exam starts around 27th of April 2o09 and end on 4th of May 2009.....

on the 5th of may 2009 ..my cohort plan to go to Pulau Pangkor..waaaa!! [tanda akuh teruja sgt nk end sem nie]...tak sabar tak sabar nk pergi....seriusly ive never done this with a big group of peoples..and all of these peolple had spent most of their life with me..u imagine its almost 4 years we've known each other...n this is the first time im going on a sorta of a holidaay with them...note that:for what ever reason..these are the  most happening people ive known...so far...its just like spending ur whole entire life in middle  junior n high school  together..cherishh every single moment...whether is sweet memories or bad..its just how life goes n how we treat them..without realizing...we grow old n mature together...we know each other by heart...*some larr not all*..i dunno but i kinda feel sad..knowing that within this 2 years...its the only time left..to mingle and kinda appreciate the bond we create on the 4th of July 2005.until now...starting to cry a bit..haha..

its amazing..how life turn out to be..its mesmerizing to even remember every single things we have gone thru together..i just hope the trip to Pangkor "jadi" ...haha even tho this monday i know im the one whos gonna collect the deposit..but it all depends on the amount of people confirm going..kalo skit then...huhuh...tak jadik..im gonna be abit mad n sad...it the only time we have to enjoy..n then when we proceed with our study in UM..its gonna be a whole different story..n may be some of us at that time dun even talk to each other anymore..busy with persoanl life..busy woth studies..which i noe its gonna get tougher in UM..the place is different..its not like what we have here,.we always have mass lectures..where its soo easy to kena kn org huahuahu..n..to dozzz OFf for some people laa..hehe ITS JUSTT DIFFERENT..I KNOW IT WILL BE..i just hope that the trip..will go on..n everybody in my cohort will suport it..n be in it..

"ONE BAND ONE SOUND"-quote especially fOR my beloved cohort..FOUR...

LET's lo0k at some of the picture we to0ok.on Thuursday morning if im not mistaken..
all these people are to TEACHER TO BE haha.i noe its sound like okeh..but i'am proud to serve the nation.starting 2011....hehe..
enjoy the Pixs...taken by pakot and lulu n peter..(peter i adore ur camera dslr.uwaaaa nk sgt camera tuh..tapi n tp....nnt laa hehe)

                               ~STICK TOGETHER 73 OF US UNTIL THE END HOPEFULLY~

thats all for now...
i'll be updating u all, about my simulated teaching with my ever giller2x partner nicholas..lets work it out!!! n finish with it..!!
n also..the reading workshop which i'll be goin to SK SEAFILED...USJ..HAHA WISHH ME LUCK..I'LL be teaching if im not mistaken..a grouo of excellence students..saya takot..i noe their from english spoken family..hahah for sure english tip top..ooo god,,i need to improve my proficiency..or else im gonna be laughed at..in the end huahua..
and not to forget...the trip to pangkor..yeahaaa...hopefully..Jadik..please my dearest chor four..come on support the plan..we're gonna have sooo much fun in teh island of memeories..teringt zaman PL....hehe..

have a nice day to all my dearest reader...muaaah muaaaah muaaahh...hugs n kisshes..!!
im feelin good today...may be because of i had nothing to do..just a few..things tat i need to take care of....
aNyone out there..ade taw2x mane contact for house rental near to UM laa bangsar pantai dalam..im searching for apartment to rent.drop by leave a comment thnk ue..highly appreciated taw!!

i need to take shower by now.huahua its ten o'clock..still in pjamas..not gud anak dara..hehe waaa rindu nye swore ibu membebel d pagi hari when i tak mandi trus ble bangun ehhe......
mishh my family still....!!!


p/s: saya amat teringin..nk makan ikan sembilang asam pedas..yg fresh fresh punya tu..daddy yg tangkap..terliur...sudah.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i need to get a life!!!

it's not wrong..

..but it's just..


get over it riena!!!



Sunday, March 22, 2009

ponder n ponder

lets get emo guys,,

(not all question hv an answer!! do u agree???)

u now what lately..

i prefer to stay alone in my place here used to be nut's room...but now its like i spend more time here from my other guppies..yeahh..sorryy kalo i buat bilik nie mcm bilik sendri hehe...neway u guys mmg laa welcum any time meyh..im just making full used of my table..hehe

the thing is....i dunno why..laa lately..i feel kinda lonely..haha plik kn riena lonely???nevermind its just the feeling...people may not understand..thats what i really feel..i lovee being alone..its like ways for me not to..be emotional with the wrong person..or org yg tak berslaah langsng.

o0o yeah..have u ever feel like theres nothing that can be done..to cure this..huhu..the more u ignore....it keeps haunting ue.everywhere u go...ermm plik.mesti readers cant really relate to what im trying spill here...while im typing this..my feeling its like rojakk already..kejap teraser happy...but then...diam..nothing left in my soul already...haha....

i dun  really noe what i want in my life...career??im persuing it rite now..being an educator...educating lil ones...i dunno what to expect in life...my study its getting tougher n tougher...but i need to go on with it..at least go with the flow..trying my best at everything*ur best ker riena*???n yeah..sumtimes ur best is not enuff...riena



lately...terpk..nk wat reflection diri sendri......so mannyyy thingss...da berubah....

saya masih memasang niat nk seapkn sociology...kawan2x ku yg laen??bagaimana???eheh

toodles..take care..i missssssssssshhhhh my FAMILY BAD BAD BAD BADLY!!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

saya pasang N.I.A.T


ive been wondering..what to write in this post...but then ade plak idea..datang mencurah2x..

wanna share my thots laaaa...n my niat...for the past few days

(im not happy but im ok...im not sad but im content..im not what i'am but im trying to be one)

heh....pernah tak...rasernye semua org penah pasang niat..utk buat sesuatu..kn??

mcm nie...la....these few days and weeks mmg busy giler2x smpai..tak keruan n my health..huh not in gud condition..tekak perritt sgt2x..smpai huh geramm cabut kang tekak nie..

riena nie tak taw laa sejak2x akhir2x nie mmg lahh...amat malass huh...tiap tiap hari pasang NIAT..nk seap kn keje..tapi malangnye

akuh nie pndai pasang niat  jerk...syndrome yg akuh lalui sejak2x nie..

kuat tdor.haha set jam2 smpai LIMA alarm...haha skali lagik malang nye tuan punya alarm nie haammbaaarrr sgt2x!!! tak bgun jugakk...

so this weekend bru bercadang nk PASANG NIAT...nk try settlekn keje2x yg tertuggak laa...

so here again my self..making promises haha....

i noe assignment mmg mkin byk huhu tapi ya ALLAH...kenaper laa hamba mu nie hanya pndai pasang niat...huhu nk tunaikn mcm....seribu tahun laaa kot...

may be i work best under pressure...huhu

yg penting mmg kena seapkn mcm mane n walaubagaimanapun meskipun akuh penat n lazy..ahha


list of thingss..to do this weekend.

~reading lesson plan: amat ssh too complicated for my mind hahah

~essay on SOCIOLOGY: which i havent had the time to look at it yet..they say its hard...

~assesment evaluation statistic:need to do it what so ever since its kinda easy they say laaa....

~writing lesson plan: the due date had been POSTPONED!! :i hate it in fact!! it jussst way too late to annouced it.

~writing test on the way: need to study..to push up my marks for writings which i did sooo bad in the previouss test..

those are things that i need to do.BANYAK KN???..all academic writing haha..

lets just hope  i can make it happen at least able to complete it within the time givenn...:)


finger cross.....i need to work hard haha..

i need to promise my self..not to get carried away...with my beauty sleep haha


i just miss being in love ...n be loved..haha its a weird feelin but..yeahh thats what i need!!! some sort of attention kot ...im weird..!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

..in my place...

hello everyone...

its been quite sometime i havent got the time to update my blog.

im tellin ya..ive been really really really busy....

with....assignments..test...assignemnt,,due date..preparation on the workshop thingy...

all of the sudden..tup tup....i almost finished my 14 weeks.of this semester.time fly soo fast without me aware of it.haha.. n that tells me..

the final exam is just around the corner..hehe...[saya mmg suker exam]..

my life had been great soo great that i'm appreciating every single of it!! :)

sometimes its just how u feel..the feeling of...uncertainty of certain things that happen in my life..that im kinda like not sure of ..did i make the right decision...or did i just step half of self in the game of hell...heh

,unbelivable that i can get this far in my studies..haha...like seriusly...im goin to be an educators.blaja smpai 6 tahun lamenye...might as well be a doctor...n i have to stuffed myself with all the theories,pssychology thingy,,leaderships skills.linguistic phoneme awareness la.sociology..child psychology..assesment in learning education.language development haha if im gonna continue my list i noe it will never end..haha

o0o yeah..!! somethink happen to me today..and its kinda embarassing...but hell yeah may be i deserve it...huhu but as for professonal ethics u shudnt embarassed ur student in front of 73 peoples including lecturers..its about 76...for goodness sake...i was soo pissst off u imagined if u lined up for like half an hour..to consult ur lecturer on ur assignmnts n then suddenly..u need to back off n let the 0ther people be in front ..i was like???what d f***k!!! then the lect announce to the whole class haha i was like the only gurl'n osoo one of my friend'  didnt turn up on thursday n didnt show her my text....okeh fine the mistake comes from me..huhu..but then u didnt have to like tell the whole "audience" that i dont bother about it..I  DO OK??HUHU...its just that sometime ur all mess up..the exact word is....IM LOST LIKE TOTALLY LOST!!!!

now that im back on track i think i need to start making progress on my assignmnt especially the one that need urgent submission...haha...

im soo LAST MINUTES GURL..just cnt help haha....(jgn ekot tak elok procastinate keje)

but for what soo evr reason im going to make it by the time we need to submit!! yeahhh! daddy, i noe its not good..but ur daughter here...is such a LAZY BUM ..heh..."teringt muker daddy kalo tgk i wat keje last minutes"

my love life???haha ~laughing out loud~.......then...remain silence....

o0opsiee..i dunno if ever fall in love again!! i wanted to be rebound..but hell yeah its not doin any good to me either....i always wish that miracle happens to me..like ermm i dunno i keep imagining my self..n portraying my self in the movee i watched..its like there always happy ending...n the guys in the movee they just know how to treat gurl haha..sweetness n romatic momentos haha im weird kn kn?? ...its just my way of thinking..wil i ever be loved...??

alrite riena enuff of talkin craps..

im in my slumberland.....

im just wishing n hoping ..wishing n hoping..

i will be a better person..in term of everything laa hopefully..

more hectic weeks ahead of me..just wishh me luck!!!....

riena riena riena............tabah n sabar u will get there soon or later...

one thing for sure....i noe whatever reason n situation that im in...i noE I HAVE HIM THE ALMIGHTY..I HAVE MY FAMILY MY BACKBONES,MY FRIENDS THEY ARE JST SOOO PRECIOUS TO ME.....:p

okeh guys....wishh me luck yeah ..im presenting classroom management..tomorrow in leadership class...




Monday, March 9, 2009

"sex driving with marley and me"

..hye readers..
nothink much happen today..
but i wud lovee to share two of the movee that ive watched during the so called holiday!! hehe.
both of these movee are great..even tho it comes from a totally different genre..yet it still satisfied me..soo much!!..
alrite for the Marley n Me..i cried soo much...mcm tak mo henti..i just dunno why whats rong with me..im soo touched ..may be im an animal lovers..huhu but there are certain part that are quite dragg..but overall its a must watch movee!! hehe.
well for the sex drive ..i wud say it falls under a comedy genre..from the tittle it self..u wud noe how the movee wud be...dun get all the dirty minded in..basically the movie..is ok..even tho its 18 n above..there isnt any scene that involve nudity or anything...eheh..please du judge a book by its cover/tittle..funny hillarious!!!


back to basic on TUESDAY..goin to class!!!
life sucks!!!!huhuh

wishh me luck!!!in everything i do!!!



Sunday, March 8, 2009

big mouth yet still a loser..

guess what????
ive decided that i dun want to go out today n try to look what
are the assignments left for me to do!!
what the heck??? left???there's load load of work piling up..haha
suddenly out of 
no where....
i teraser mcm nk keluar lagik hahah...
my friend kilod ask me to accompany her...to jln TAR..
then mest mau agree...hahah
ade alasan mau kuar..
around 3 thirty
i'll be goin...
wish me luck haha wanna coci mate...:)
hot guys= satisfaction..am just living my life the way i wanted..
u noe what people might say that i kinda rebel after i broke up..
but hey..its my life i have my own way to lead it!!!even my parent are not noisy about it why shud ue???am i.rite??
you think i care bout people say??
na'ah...ade org kater "ada akuh kisahh??
okeh laa saper teraser soo sorry yeahh..i think smpai satu tahap i cant just let people banging n tellin things about me..u dont even effin noe me ok??
so please keep the hell out of my life ok!!
enuff of me talkin shitt...
u provoked me..
n its all UR FAULT!!!...

muker boring.!!!!
toodless guys...

..window shopping for me :)

ailoo...everyone out there...heh

lets see..what i have done soo far with my assignment"trip to OU>IKEA>CURVE"

*this is gonna be a lo0oong.one!..get ready..hehe*

actually i really wanna update my blog yesterday..since i slept late last nite around 3 sumthink in the morning...its tiring n everything but.....out of no where..rmaii gleer  peeps on line ajak chat..soo riena nie gagah kn dri..chat n chat smpi type pon merapu hahah...."riena mmg ske merapu tuh jerk nk kater peoples yg knal riena mmg sah sah menganjing hauhaha."

actually...mmg tak plan nk kuar smlm..but i was like btoi ke nie riena nik dok uma jekr sabtu..satu jerk nk kater laa...."i u have the money anything will do huahuah"cuber tak de duet sah sah dok uma kn..it all started..when naem said..that he wanted to go to ikea..it wud be fun to follow but then...jauuuuuhh nye..tak larat meyh!!..da la mmg stamina out sgguh2x..hehe..

penah dgr org kater x"when things yg kiter btoi2x planned mcm nk mati...it rarely happen laa..tapi thing yg kiter wat secare mengejut n wat keputusan pon mengejut hahah tup tup...ITS ON HUNNEY.!!!!" soo  that kind of situation happen to me byk kali these few days...o0o yeah..just wanna give credits to fafa...she was the one who drove us there...shes got a good hand in handling manual car n brave...muaaaah ciumm kt pipi laa:)

me n bubu*which is fafa's cute lil sis* and the most innocent CO-PILOT naem..it was kinda a tought rides..laa actually it wud be easier..laa nk g ou lalu hingway TTDI..but yeahh..it was our fault..we missed the tunnel that we shud go thru in order to reach..OU..i didnt really noe the way to oU using the other way..soo i kept quite..la..hehe..its a new environment actually..soo may be i need to medle with it for a while ..next time kalo da pergi sejuata kali...sah sah insyaALLAH..boleyh ingt..heh..

luckily...smpai ngn selamatnye.kt OU...as usual..i wont be buying anything hehe..i just dunno why..may be i didnt plan to buy anything..soo mmg plan just to enjoy my heart out heh...the place is humongous ok!! byk benda nk shopping cumer tak de AIM..JERK hehe..fafa bought sumthnk for her self..honestly the dress looks good on ue. :).haha cuber teka i beli ape???hahah i bli..CINNABON YG SELAME NIE I CRAVE MCM hell laaa..bcoz b4 this..i wanted to buy but sumthink happen soo ..xjadik huhu hambar~~~~

reach IKEA around 6:45 in d evening..erma joint us there..again i didnt do any shopping here. sbb again i have no AIM..hehe soo jalan2x burning our feet hahah..we took pictures here n there..tgk sane sini..ermm tak sabar nye raser nk pindah uma baru..huahuaua sbb mcm nk bli bed kt situ jerk...hehe..orait laa the price..n the closet is nice..yeah riena!! in ur dream laa...haha tgk2x tdur ats comforter jekr for the remaining 2 years in um...haha..tak pe takpe ley coutim ngn daddy...

sigh~~"i misssshh my family badlyyy they are in TERENGGANU" and im having a blassst here..heheh

finish up with ikea thingy...i can hear my tummy is growling haha making the noise already..n i dunno why..padahl da mamam..subway hehe..proceed to have our dinner ..sedappp nye bau makanan haha...the meat balls.its just heaven laa..tragically...no ruum no space no place to sit at all the dining area were packed by peoples..then pergi the curve laa cariik tmpt mamam..we ate at"waroeng ayam penyek"..it was my first attempt..sedappppp sgt2x!!! the sambal kicks!!5 bintang..for the ayam penyek only!! excluded the water that i ordered it taste like coconut which is not my taste..they put santan in ur drinks.in fact it shud be using like creamer insted n wud taste nicer haha..i noe im good at giving out comments especially bout foods n drinks..heh neway mmg ley recommend la tempat ni...nice i love the place its "airry"berangin laa..tak laa sesak nafasngn bau makanan...

after stuffing our self..ingt mau  jalan lagik..but then its running late may be next time bru jalan at the curve...the sale mmg besh..i bru jekr nk bli pillow...yg sedapp tok tdor for my new house..sale giller comforter form rm3++ turun rm *89.-120++murahh kn..the pillow that i wanna bought was rm 35.00 only..if not it wud cost ya..aroung rm75++..seee a vast difference kn kn??? 

but helll laaa....the que was like a snake...pnjng nye..hahaah soo dun even mention it..haha i geramm gak nk bli but then nk que tuh yg malaaass nye...soo di sebabkn que pnjg mcm tuh..i tak jadik bli huhuh see...u rugi satu customer..haha!! nk sedapp kn hati..:)

okies..around 10 we headed back home...haha yg bestnye..tak sesat hahah sykur sgt2x...muke semua penaaatt..but happy..i pon seronok tgk dorg seronok..:) hehe....semua kaki mcm nk tercabut..fafa laa kesian gle.the car was manual soo in kl...just an advice if ur father or mother nk bli kereta for ue all make sure its auto..then it wud be easier.esp for gurlls like me..yg tak multitasking haha.*but for me i had no choice..n i was thknful to my parent they gave me the car."it kinda safe my time n energy laa kalo tak nk menongkah bukit nk ke kelas..haha which sucks big time..but ive gone thru it!! it will sure be a sweaty morning hehe..

oklaaa..thats alll laaa...haha byk da babbling n mummbling .....

let the pictures do the talking....

thats all from me...:)
till then...
toodles.. yeah...

i dun wnt this holidays to be over..
coz i noe its gonna be over soon....huhuhu
i still havent start on any assignment yet haha..
i just wanna enjoy the remaining holidays..........ahakss


Thursday, March 5, 2009

coretan ku


even tho my life is surrounded by sea of people ....


i still feel lonely....


(riena skrunk nga berangan-angan)

after watching "cinderella story"for like 40 times already..haha

i just lovee Chad Michael Murray.*muaaahh*.he has the eyes that can kill..me!!.heh

i wisshh my life is like a fairy tales...happy ending ....

o0o0 god rienA!!! get ur self out of teh fairy tales scene...

come on riena

step into reality..hahah

i noe i couldn't afford to have some one as sweet + charming as chad michael muraayy haha

thats all....for now..

im in romantic atmosphere now..la la la....

hugs kissess...for my prince charming...chads...heh



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

..silent feeling..

"it just describes what i feel"


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

really??is it C.U.T.E..???

helloo readerss.....

ive been tagged by ANYSS....:) 

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda

o yeah!!! like seriously!! di kategorikn cute..cayalaah.hehe thanks dearest anis..

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda.

shes anyss...somehow iVE BEEN One of the silent reader to her blog..ever since i became one of the addicted blogger...heh..shes still studying in UTM.if im not mistaken shes persuing her degree in town planning..waaa gempakk mcm beshh jerk..:)kn kn...

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri

1. i have soo many nicknames..its like it changes everytime i move to a new school..huhu soo basically thru out the years of schooling..my name are awien.eizra,sheryn,nana,riena,ryn,shasha..hahah byk lagik cant recall..laa huahuahua

2. my real name is nurshariena emylia binti azman..huh..pnjg kn..hehe

3. i have this bad habit.i mean...REALLY REALLY BAD HABIT!!..geget kuku smapi kuku pon tak de huhu i dun noe why...suker sgt geget kuku..n my hand..they cant stay still ade jerk nk buat..gatai benor..haha..

4. i have this hobby..plik but benar..i lovee IRONING CLOTHES..hehe semua jenis but teh least one are the 100% cotton..like dad's kemeja..HUH

5. I THINK I HAVE A disorder haha..stuttering like always..for no reason my mind n my mouth is not syncronising haha dok kna menganjing jaaa hahah

6. i love to eat ...i mean..i love to eat benda plik2x things i never taste before..i dare my self too try it..:)o0o yeah...except..telur separuh masak .yucks!!..i just cnt see it..its totally out of my dish..

7. im an animal lover..especially..cats cats..:)..my blackie..my johnny(he passed away due to a tragic cat fights)huhu pity him...he surrender..i cried like hell...mcm putus chenta..kire mcm lagik trukk laa

8. o00 yeah..i jussst lovee the smelll of money!!hehe..who doesnt kn?? o0o yeah...i lovee shopping shopping n shopping...till drop..till my dad scold me..to stop shopping..hahah but i never listen..like mother like daughter laaa..kaki shopping my mum...

9. i cherished.all the peoples that had been in my life before n still creating memories together with me.they are justt soo speciall..its just the most special GOD GIFT TO ME..!!!U NOE WHO U ARE GUYS..LOVEE U ALL......,muaaaahh hugss n kisses...

10. i love playing harrassing wif my guppies...my fren..hehe..sorry gals...but u guys are sooooo...notty.cant resist it hunney!! ahahhah i sound horror...n creepy but the truth is....im just joking n playing around dun think that im reallly a lesbo..i want to be..i would let u alll know k!!??hahaha

4. anda perlu memilih 5 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda.

1. fafa
2. erma
3. nad
4. ira
5. illy

guess what u'll punya blog is among the cutest blog i've ever visited..hehe:P

come 'on..girlss,,let's do the tagged!!!!


muaaahh love lovee. hugs hugss..to my family...!!!




agree x?? sometime we just neEd a timeout..for our self...

thats what exactly im feeling rite now...

im feel like i wanna go somewhere people dun even me..n just spend the day there..without any interuption...

without hearing people make judgement about ue..

*coz i do too..i admit that*hehe hey!! we are human being..somehow the tendency to become jugdemental.. too mmg ade...

actually lately,,ive been thinking about this thing..but i really couldnt find the answer..its like ur berbelah bagi...ur stuck in the middle..haha..

too much of thiking had made me...look a bit old ..growing more wrinkles everywhere..especially around my eyes..hahah..while im writing this..my head is spinning like gasing..daa..tak taw naper...migrain kot...huhuh i hate it when it happen..huhu

for the past few days...i spilt something out..somEthink really really personal TO  that person..the situation that im in..o0o yeah..thnks for listening..yeah!! REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

its already half past one in the morning..still thinking....can i be selfish??is good being selfish?is it possible in our life to be selfish in terms of putting my self first.rather then thinking about others??haih~~~


LIFE is getting more n even more complicated laaa.....

if i dun think about it...at the end of the day...kna n have to think oso..ermmmmm




p/s: Can anyone give an advice or pov....im kinda stuck rite now..which makes my life soo disorganized..

Sunday, March 1, 2009


hye everyone....

i just bought my self this new gadget thingy...

haha..oooohh yeaahh it cost me..like totally...my pockets are all in holes now ahah...*sudah pokai*"


da lame ushaa...i mmg nk bli ipod touch..but the  this thing here REALLY caught my eyes from the first time i glance at it..it soo amusing..sleek...sound of perfection...i agree!! i noe i sound like trying to promote this thing...but im not making it up..its prooven already ...come on give it a try..im sure u;ll lovee it...like me!!!

forgot nk introduce...nie keluran creative..zen x-fi.teh latest techonology..*i think laa* heh

ermm life mmg penat lately..soo i kinda need the MUSIC THERAPY..SOO THIS THING HERE I SO CALLED BESTFREN...MMG pengubat palingg beshh..mashyuk laaa!!

okiess..laa..nothink much to brag about...life mmg da busy...soo many assignments! stuff!!..

o0o yeah...aritu physics....i did badly i noe i did....i dunno if i can past..im crossing my finger. tightly..i just hope i wont fail....dats alll~~~ pleasee god help me!!!



p/s: misss my family baadddly....huhu