Sunday, January 31, 2010


salam to all..
yeah its been quite sometimes
i tak menulis di sini...
yup yup..
lame giller rase....
lagik2x sejak ada allowance...
nothing seems to bother anymore..

u noe what..nak pergi shopping......
tapi tiada NAFSU to do so.

laying around here....[home currently]
it makes me safe..
knowing that i dun need to worry bout my safety...
the world is kinda cruel nowadays..snatchers are everywhere...huhu

my head is saying heart is saying yes..
i dun really get it..i mean the tempo..
kadang2x mahu memberi jawapan
kadang2x mahu saje tiap hari yg berlalu...
tanpa jawapan yg pasti..

aku tahu...something is bothering me...i hate to say
its really really bothering me.... sigh~
its a decision i need to make..
but in the end if i do..
make that decision..
im afraid im going to regret.

we never know what is install for us....
the minute i post my entry...
the hours passing by without doing anything..
the days i will be facing...
the weeks full of unexpected things to happen...


right just hoping for the best...
whatever it is...
i hope it will be good to me ;)

to the people that cared
have cared
still cared ...
forever cared about me
I really heart u all so much..!!!

sincerity is the key to any kind of relationship...
bye peoples
hugs n kissess


Thursday, January 21, 2010


hello people...

im having a really messy week..

messy here..refers to my self..semua laa

lately ive been thinking a lot..

ive been crying a lot too..

ive been [termenung for quite some time jugak]

i have a problem..which i cant really stated here.

but it really affect me..



i dun have anything to mumbles..

its just that

im not in a good state...

to do anything......

i think people can see....but..

i dun want them to get involved..

they have enough problem to handle...


till then..

saya tiada mood...



Saturday, January 16, 2010

tidak sedap hati

hello salam 

to you all....:)

pernah x terpikir...

pasal jodoh??

we'll my routine sejak akhir2x nie...

among my buddies...we kinda start talking bout life...n future...

where we will be posted....sigh~~

out of my counciousness.....i rase tak sedap hati...

really really dunno what to expect..

i dun even know whose my future husband..where i;am going to spend my whole life with him..

really really speechless...

termenung jap...kadang2x terpk.. i dat old to be thiking about all this stuff?? or it is about time to get mature...hhahah

im soo not MATURE... first aim...i want graduate..

kadang2x berimpian nnt graduate...ade bersama org tersayang[family & boyfriend] berangan ja....calon pon tak de...akuh rasa at that time it wud be ok to have someone special by ur side..its gonna be a sweet memory...:)

we'll thats just my angan2x..kalo di makbul kan...amin!!!

alright...talking bout future makes me dizzy...MIGRAINE..haha..

gossshh time semester i'l be doin my real teacher ..

yikes!! it btol ke jadik teacher nie hehe...

i cant wait for tomorrow!!..[going to FRIM]

bangun awal nak masak bihun...yeay!!! picnic time!!!

bye my dearest reader!!..

till then..

will write more.,...

huugs n kissess..


Sunday, January 10, 2010


ai everyone..
salam to you all..

it weekend...
im a homey type of person..
i can just stay laying on my bed for the rest of d day.
its not productive i noe..
but then
that's the only thing u can do when
ur money is OUT...

so life is unpredictable..
u can always plan what u want.
usually what u have planned so well
doesnt work out so
im really in a state where i dun plan..
may be for this year..
sick of planning..n things just dun go ur way..[tired of it]

people kept asking me whats my resolution for this year..
okeh..for ur info..basically i wanted to renew my resolution ..

  • 1=i dun want to procrastinate my work.. which i usually do..[bad bad habit]
  • 2=i need to loose my weight I'm FAT huuhu..[gain confidence huahauh]
  • 3=may be work smart to improve my grades..which had fallen deep deep into the hole.
  • 4=be more care full with my words..coz not all people can accept the way we portrays our words
  • 5=call my mum n dad at least once a week...[i need to promise my self.coz sometimes i got carried away with my works...]
  • 6=LESS SINS..may more of muslimah lengkapkn pe yg wajib...sbg insan bergelar Islam.
  • 7=be more thrifty perhaps.....but i cant help it I SOOO LOVE SHOPPING!! esp hangbags n shoes..
  • 8=love??steady love perhaps..may be i will be ready this open up my heart to love someone...[pray for me yeah]
  • 9=be more grateful with what i have......kurang kan merungut...[i sometimes hate my self...i always want more.....sigh~~ manusia kan..]
  • 10= save money.......i want holiday!! with my guppies..since this wud the last full year wie would be together!! them soo hurts!

alright ...enough of me mumbling..
i just hope i can at least achieve..half of it..
it wud be great..:)

ok time to go...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

saya dan hidup

lama tidak ku jenguk...
blog aku nie..

da nak sem..
semakin busy..laaa...
laptop time2x camnie laa wat hal..
kadang2x tak paham ..
hidup slaloonya

sabar sahaja mampu..
its already the second week of my new semester...
so far so good..
started my new year...with all the good hopes..
semoga aku di rahmati selalu...

aku rasa macam tenang pon ada..
tak pedulikan sgt sekeliling..
just living my life..
alhamdulillah...akuh da settle appeal paper resource ku yg jackpot.

sekarang tggal berdoa smoge result akuh lebih baek..[AMIN]
thanks kat kawan akuh kilod..teman akuh turun naek..SKET
gilaa laa ari pertama of new sem. busy gille..

im hoping for a great sem..
n lulus dgn baeknya...semester ini......

tahun azam?eyh?
renew jaa kot..

k laaaaah people will update..later

muaah muahh...