Saturday, January 16, 2010

tidak sedap hati

hello salam 

to you all....:)

pernah x terpikir...

pasal jodoh??

we'll my routine sejak akhir2x nie...

among my buddies...we kinda start talking bout life...n future...

where we will be posted....sigh~~

out of my counciousness.....i rase tak sedap hati...

really really dunno what to expect..

i dun even know whose my future husband..where i;am going to spend my whole life with him..

really really speechless...

termenung jap...kadang2x terpk.. i dat old to be thiking about all this stuff?? or it is about time to get mature...hhahah

im soo not MATURE... first aim...i want graduate..

kadang2x berimpian nnt graduate...ade bersama org tersayang[family & boyfriend] berangan ja....calon pon tak de...akuh rasa at that time it wud be ok to have someone special by ur side..its gonna be a sweet memory...:)

we'll thats just my angan2x..kalo di makbul kan...amin!!!

alright...talking bout future makes me dizzy...MIGRAINE..haha..

gossshh time semester i'l be doin my real teacher ..

yikes!! it btol ke jadik teacher nie hehe...

i cant wait for tomorrow!!..[going to FRIM]

bangun awal nak masak bihun...yeay!!! picnic time!!!

bye my dearest reader!!..

till then..

will write more.,...

huugs n kissess..


1 comment:

  1. talking about future can be both good and bad.
    planning for our future is one of the good thing
    but thinking who is our mr right when we r going to end our single life, where we r going to be posted are the negative side..
    so,i also dont know what to do..
    let us just hope for our best my dear..
    we pray for the better life of us