Saturday, January 31, 2009


elllow everyone...:) :) :)

big grin *on my face*im happy...of coz laa ade reason...hehe

i had a marvellous day today...soo pleasant...its enuff for me to put on a wide smile...*im not faking ok*hehe senyum kambing...sgguh ryna nie...

well today...things ive always wanted to do..had come true...haha

wanna noe!!! actually..arini i kuar ngn someone really really special...:) and will always used -to- be boyfriend and now...he's my buddy...a good n special one hopefully..finger cross..:p

everything went well..basically we didnt do much..coz we went out around 2 almost three soo its already evening...

things we do together today *first time i went out with him as a"friend"

[[alrite for the first time we went out by LRT..since now were friends i think its more appropriate we used LRT..rite pakcik ridwan"hehehe knows that im teasing him by that name]]

[[we walk together happily to times square from Hang tuah the weather is sooo i pon prefer jalan.if its too sunny i wud take monorail laa hehe]]

[[we bought movee tickets since he really really want to watch "Ink heart" i can really tell by his look u noe..hehe..its not a waste at all!! movee dier amattttt beshhh..suker laaa..]]

[[we both ate mcm org sepuloh hari tak makan mmg dahsyat!!! sgt!! the lunch was on him soo basically mmg dier yg order everything.."lunch kt JOHHNYS steambot..thanks to ue..dear...haha]]

[[im soo good at handling my emotion haha.thnks to fafa bg nasihat.."jgn layan emo sgt"so i did it!! somehow kuar ngn dier mengimbau kembali the sweetnesss while we couple.haha mmg byk perbuatan kna kawal hahaha "u noe wat i mean"who has been in this situation..i cant just act the same way while we still hooked up..tak same ngn status berkawan.please get ur self strait riena!!! arini permulaan di maafkn!! segale tersasul-sasul...]]

[[i want to thank to GOD..for giving me the strenght to hold on move on..walaupon perit..i noe this is the best for me now.. pak cik ridwan lets keep it this way yeah]]

[[on the way back...tak penah2x rajin berjalan ke station hang tuah..but today im soo rajin menapak..we talk n talk...drink slurpeee together.our favourite drink haha kiterog mmg ske sgt2x tak taw naper.....haha mmg tenang sgt arini..even time couple pon tak penah raser mcm nie..NAPE EYH?? ]]

[[IM SOOO thankfull i still have him as my least he's there for me when i need someone...syukur alhamdulillah]]

[[saya RINDU SGT sama die seronok hati nie tak yah cakap dpt jumpe n cakap2x ngn die..its good enough for me...thats what ive been missing..the emptyness while ur away.]]

[[last skali...nk cakap..terima kaseh sgt2x pade pak cik ridwan sudi kuar ngn mak limah really appreciate it..lookin forward for more!!!!!!!]]

[[some pictures we took.....*baju same tak janji pon tgk2x dier pon pkai same colour..*wink*]]

*okies thats all for eyes nie mcm half shut eyes sudah.. may be a bit tired.laa jalan yg amaaat byk luckily i was wearing sandal..

toodles everyone...

" Finally I've Found My Genuine Happiness"

Nite2x..slamat malam n mimpi indah yeahhh...



p/s: Since everything is settled..i think its about time riena u open up ur heart to start doin ur assignment..i always have the "niat" u noe..but to kick my ass n do it na'aah mcm susah sgt laaaa..!! i hate next week!!!hectic hectic!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

im A.N.N.O.Y.E.D


okeh everyone..this post im gonna be a bit harsh or may be not a bit..a lott..soo applogize dulu for my words..huh

today...i just received this one crappy bullshitting story.actually what keeps me thinking about it is ... i dunno what soo special about us..that peoples just need to talk n talk more n more about us.. sampai org yg talk craps tuh pon i dun even know her..well to tell u the truth i tak penah pon amek port nk taw tentang dier...

and then suddenly ur talking about "us" naper eyh dorg nie bising2x??naper eyh dorg nie mcm cultural shock??huh?? i just dun get it...kami ade life sendri n tak penah pon nk amek taw life ko...soo back off missy

isssh plik..manusia*refer to her the crappy gurl" mmg tak reti ke..nk MIND UR OWN BIZNEZ..she just cant stand yg me n my friends tak penah hirau kn org lantak laa kiter nk wat per janji tak ganggu idop org laen....

hello!!!just cermin dri sendri before u talk crap about us...

my prinsip is..: i tak kn and never carik pasai ngn org tuh melainkn org tuh yg start...

so.....skrunk u start it..and now let me end it ok???huh....

*gerammmmmm sgt!!!!*



p/s:sape terase pedasnye....sile2x laaa amek gule tenyeh kt molot that u dun talk much!!!

in my own little box

hye everyone.. 

all in all today i really enjoyed my day out alone..

just me my self and i.self pampering..once in a while ok laa..hehe

somehow its more relaxful..and much more easier i'll just need to follow my feet and heart heh

soo for today i had fun jugak...tertunai nk drink yg ade pearl thingy..*u noe the small rounded black kinda squishy squashy*kenyal g2...saya suke benda tuh.dahage kn benda tuh!!!

basically ive used around hunreds bucks only.i dont knw im not that eager to buy anything.dr ari tuh...tgk barang tapi tak da mood nk bli pape..*this is sooo nott me!!!*this is not the usual acting weird.plik.but this is me...:)

kunonnye..nk waser kehangatan shopping i went to many shop..yg jual shoes laa 1st priority is to buy shoes..i ran out of it already.semua da wosak...huhu.berimpian nk bli 2 or three pairs..instead i only managed to buy one only..

waaaaa!!!impressive aite??? im no more the shopaholic gurl..hehe at least i reduce a bit heh.. i always remind my self...lowrh...i noe nnt move out in Bangsar for sure kna gune lots n lots of money..soo i need to save up some of it before i happily spend all the money....heh

thats all for today....

nothink much...just learn "to appreciate my self more n more"



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a place called my own

im waiting patiently
in this house
a place of cozyness
i feel safe when im here
waiting for them to be back
listening to sound of music
wind comes blowing
slowly pushes the curtain away
make path for the sun to come in
i feel calm
im happy the way my life is now
i have money i feel secured
i can shop till i drop
but the point is
im a sooo lazy to leave this house
soo lazy to get up n take shower
i dont know what have got into me
assignment i havent touch the thing yet
still got time to do
called me procastinator
its my nickname
time to go need to change my attire
somehow i love wearing pjamas
its comfy and the smell of it makes me sleepy
cant wait to hear their story"trip to Yong Peng"
they must be very very excited to tell me..
finger crossed*hopefully they brought some food for me*
im starving to death..

moment we shared part (3)

holla readers...

this post im not gonna spend so much time in writings.n mumbling never stop punya...i think ive wrote alot lately...soo basically..after everything were settled..keesokkn hari nyer monday 26th of JANUARY dad tetiber jekr ajak jum!! pergi ke zoo negare..wAAAAHH!!.i didnt even think of that time when my father was just suggesting i didnt know that he was serious...soo i pon selambe jerk...tak mandi lagik..malas punya pasal.hehe...tetiber he called my aunty "i panggil mama"asking if she got any planned..tgk2x..gamaknye...plan ayah ku memjadik mama pon tag  along waaaaaaa......lagik kejutan da le tak mandi..nk suwo seap cepat..amek ko!!! kelam kabut akuh di wat nye!!!!!..naseb toilet ade dua..heh

around 10 thirty..we start our journey to zoo negare..i paling gembire..i tak athu knaper..may be its my first time in my hwole life to go here..even tho half of my life i live here in Malaysia..kl plak..but there we no chances for me to go..soo hari tu.akuh mcm orgjakun sket hauhua...lots n lots of pictures..i to0okk even kembar adek ku pon akuh amek...gajah..hahah...mama pon bawak budak kecik farah yg bijak tuh..geraaam tgk dier..shes such a fast learner..budak kecik ekot g zoo sewonok coz they are adoreable espcially ble dorg teruja tgk binatang..masalhnye.budak2x  kecik nie tak tahu takot..ade ke panggil lion tuh alex..seap2x just strike my memory..rupe2x nye alec dlm cter madagascar..tuh..and when farah saw badak she called it gloria..chumeyhh sgt dier..!!! btoi laa aorg see a small children smile it will automatically makes u smile..and it heals..ur tiredness..sudah RINDU SAMA BUDAK TUH!!!

omg!!see da byk da let the pictures do the talking..

o0o yeah!! firstly...

::to guppies we have to make a trip to go zoo negare its sooo fun::

::but yeah i got a bit of sunburn padan muke::

::i really enjoyed it to de max::

::thanks to mum and dad  haha im pretty much lucky everything was on them::


its almost 4 in the morning..

need rest need sleep...

goodnyte to all of ue out there..:)


moment we shared part (2) u all.

while its raining cats n dogs outside im happily updating my blog without feeling guilty of not helping my maklong downstairs haha im at my maklong house for the time being..u noe what..this is teh first time i felt like im a princess living alone in this mansion..i offered my help to sweep th floor n just do the ordinary chores but maklong said it goes like this"sheryn tak yah tolong2x da lah penat blaja pergi lah berehat..wowieee!!menakjubkn kn?? bessh sgt but at the same time feeling guilty tuh ttp ade..but from what i observed..she has 2 maids to take care of the house so its like im the big boss here"when maklong takde kt uma"..i can just order anything from the tak sampai hati..diorg paggil akuh puan?giller ke akuh blum kawen laa..mungkin thats just the way they address impress how fast the maid cooks n it taste superbly delicious...they are just good at doing their work..good good..!! i stayed at my maklong house for like 2 days i started to feel like im putting on weight.*not just feel but i noe i did"hehe..nvm bukan selalu dapat makan sedap2x haha..


day pass by.....smpailaaaa hari "family gathering"

on Sunday morning-semua sedare mare pon arrived..hari ni sibuk ngn engagement ceremony,my be honest i was not even eager to go there..i dunno i just dont give a damn bout the person hes gonna get engaged..i just dun care.from what i heard n observed he deserves better..this pathetic soo snobbish..stop acting nice in front of be precised in front of me when hes around..but the truth is ur soooo not like that..weirdo..judgemental person.please laaa..o0o yeah..u talk,u walk,u dress up ..looks like ur the urban type..but ur hantaran o0o OMG!! its like shit i think if i make it on my own we would look much much much better then wat u gave in return..not to mention the colours is also out dated other word it sooo HAMBAR.ulu sgt laaa weyh..hantaran we make it special coz its once in a lifetime..i think ur hantaran it looks awful balut guner kaler paper orange neon??*not only me who was cursing even my aunty* what are u thinking.tak prepared ke??tipo0o lah tak prepared i noe u plan it early soo i was expecting somethink more pleasant..cermin dri sendri bley??? ur still the narrow minded person..u talk as if u are ALL THAT..please lahh..u r ruining my holiday..i was forced to go to the engagement if it was not for the sake of family for sure i would rather tag along my guppies..huh okeh enough of ditching the skinny gurl goodness ur flat u dun have anythink i dun get it?laen laa kalo u have the body to die for.... i just dunno what have got into my kazen mind.ur not that pretty type or ur not even the type that i think he would choose..okeh readers sbenarnye i dun carik pasai if the person tak carik pasai ngn i dulu.haha.sorry bro..i just cant take it..whatever it hoping if she end up with u someday..make sure she does not undertake u what so ever *i mean QC*..and u need to be firm..u have to guide her..if one day she changes her attitude then may be i will change my perception on her..but for the time being..let it flow..ok..

o0o not much pictures to be shared only some.....

~the hantaran i only tooks the one that are from my family u all noe that i was not in the mood to go there soo to take pictures lagik laa pemalas nauzubillah....soo yg dekat i amek laaa..soo these are the three picture that i took haha...~

-done with the ridiculous engagement.

-done tahlil for my late was a small one..among the family members only.

-done packing some of the stuff soo that my parent can bring back to jb.

thats all for now..


*im soo sorry if the words are too harsh in this post thats exactly how i felt*

moment we shared part (1)


assalamualaikum to all my beloved readers...

im back with so many things to shared heh

i really had a good time for the past few days..i never thot that i would enjoyed my greatfull to have such a happening sedare mare.."i will shared in the next post wait up ok"

actually..before i get carried away with my lil vacay heh.. im going to share with u all what ive done with guppies before we proceed to our own journey..sebenarnye its like this..benda yg tak plan n we do it spontenously will eventually happen..benda yg planned bagai nk mati mesti ade jerk aral yg melintang..huhu

so hari jumaat mlm ..we"guppies"go n catch movees since the elaun is out soo its kinda ways to treat our soul yg dahage kn hiburan hahah..ahuh...nk taw kami tgk ape??citer lakonan que haidar..ewaaaahh mention yg ensem jerk..heh movee maut..kalo nk bg star..riena bg 4 stars laa..sbb bg keinsafan pada dri ini..yg sentiase di selebungi dosa..akuh hanya manusier biase yg tak penah leka dr buat dosa..mmg tiap tahn buat azam bru..nk jadik anak yg soleheh..but it only last a few weeks that if its lucky kalo x mmg dua ari jerk bertahan huhu...and thats why every year i will renew the resolution hehe..

okies here are some pictures that we"camera freak took"

~gambar tgk movee tak de tp pictures of us eating n enjoying the food in "lemongrass restaurant byk heh"it was our first time eating there..and im glad.. it did not dissapoint us...sedappp yummy yummy!!!~

p/s: i misshh  hanging out with u"nadia" !!!



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

seronok jugak tag nie

What is your name?
[but people seldom called me by this name its always riena]

How old are you?
sweet 21
[im loving it every bits of it]

What are the 3 electronics you can't live without?
1-handphone [kol org tersyang family n friends]
2-fan [im easily panas]
3-my lappy [to stay connected obv]

What is the brand of the phone you are using?
a permanent user of sony ericson cybershot to be precise hahha
[im still in love with my K810i]

Have you slept in school before?
omg...its like my everyday diet haha
[time skool mmg ske tdor kt MBT=MEDAN BACAAN TAMBAHAN]

How long are you online in a day?
8-10 hours i think
[i could just lay there wif my lappy downloading songs n songs& update my mp3 list]

How would you describe yourself?
im my self like this a weirdo,creepy n just simply rockin jer own little life
[saper2x nk jadik judgemental di persilekn :P i dun care hehe]

What's your favourite topic to talk about?
hot guys and thing girls usually do when we hang out u noe laahh kn.*** edu..
[my guppies are the best hangout]haha

Which teacher do you like?
cikgu azizah
[dier amat penyayang she makes me love sejarah even more]

Who do you think is the most handsomest in your class?
[most handsomest??like theres nobody deserve that tittle haha]

Who are you currently aiming on?
no one..
[no need laaa citer naper]

Do you know a lot of your siblings' secret?
[he just love to share his...little story mory wif me]

How do you rate your siblings?
[as i grow older its like the lesser time we spent together the more we appreciate.i love him my only brother!!]

Are your siblings gorgeous?
sorry bro..i think i deserve the tittle hahah
[come on judge me n him n tell me who deserve best]

Do you judge people?
ermm honestly all people in the world judge each other.
[soo i admit i do judge people..but in certain ways :)]

Do you run? bile masenye?
yerp run??ble eyh..jogging pon susah
[as i told u before im a lazy bum]

Are you lazy to tag people?
no laaa..
[suker gak hehe]

Who was the last person you spoke on the phone?
my mum
[riso i stay home alone dun worry i'll be ok :P lari laa uma kak anim]

What is 2 + 2?
[haha i like that number]

Who is your idol?
Tun Dr Mahathir
[i admire his credibility]

Are you a monster?
i noe where i can find one
[its just right here]

Do you play with Barbie dolls?
[even when im small i dont do barbie things huhu naper eyh?mom dad answer me huhu]

What was the last movie you watched?
[memberi keinsafan yg amat]

What do you think of your English?
just biase
[im not too good but i will try to strive for excellence afterall im gonna be a future english to be proficient enuff to teach]

What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia?
im better at this i think haha
[saya suker berbahasa melayu haha]

Who do you hate?
sumone yg i tak carik pasal tetiber nk carik pasal plak
[u noe what u make me think ur just the same as sampah..sorry a bit emotional here]

Do you love yourself?
yes like obv..
[saper nk sayang saya skrunk other then my self]

Blurt out 5 random words:
i need to take medicine~~
[saya mcm nk demam too much seafood i consumed]

[feel free to do this tag my dear silent readers]


..sorry for the late update..

IM BACK.. :)







Thursday, January 22, 2009

..a week full of unexpectation...

hye u all my silent readers.....

Like i promise u in the last post im gonna share wif u all some of pictures *as a proof that me n ma friends are soooo against the war in PALESTINE*my friend ira*u can see her link* had post some great videos in her blog that just made my tears came trembling soo fast i was soo touch..i just cant stand looking at the little innocent childrens been shot down for no reason at all..and missile come out of no where and just made the public chaos.peoples rushing to get help screaming ALLAHU AKHBAR!! TAKOT SGT2X....huhu recenlty my "maktab"held some demonstrasi.secare aman laa.. hehe i wass involved.!!! i always loveeee to ponteng assembly..but then this thing here just strike least this the is the best i can do for u "palestine"even tho its not much..huhu *sedeyh smapai nangeh2x* ....

Then hari yg berlalu begitu pantas..on wednesday.21th of january 2009..hari yg dinant2xkn..all my friends..nk meet that sumone tapi huhu im a bit dissapointed laaa..we didnt managed to take pictures of "him"side by side one..only a picture of him..from far..huhuh but at least we are a step closer...haha.. may be next time kot kn??finger crossed!!!hahah...mmg amat hot.package yg lengkap...its usual when gurl watch football..they dun naturally watch it for the sake of the match..but definitely!!! too see the hott body hottt guyss on the field strecthing here n there.
hahha...sah sah le...gatai kn kami...dats what gurls do..hahah tipo0o laa kalo gurls tak ske tgk guys with perfect set of six packs..hahah trust just appreciating GOD'S creation..same goes to guys aite??dun you think soo?? haha

Alrite to0o much of writings already..mumbling here n there..
here are the photos like i promised hahah
click to enlarge..thank you to my friends..for making this week full of fafa for driving us there..for kilod the camera gurl..
really appreciate it!!!

okeyh guys!!! njoy!!! 

before i end this post....
i wanted to say something to my lil friend shahrul erma...."i noe ur blushing..but u both look good together sweet ma..."come on light up ur life dear":P hes a nice guy.dear...

o0o ye!! to all my friend yg nk balek kampung tomorrow...
have a safe journey back to home town...



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

.as day pass by... gonna be a bit emotional in writings..

Days goes by without me realizing its already near febuary,month to cherished our love ones..huh u noe wat before this i used to loveeee v'day..but since this year i'll be celebrating with friends instead of him*u noe wat i mean*..yupp its kinda sad to think that im not gonna have that "special treatment from him"this tell u the truth ive been missing him every beats of my heart. even tho everyday i will eventually see him.. deep down inside me i still cant resist seeing him face to just not ready to face him as my friend..huhu like seriously,i still dunno where to find the strength..ive been searching for it like forever..!!!!

From his pov he thinks that i already move stronger than him..all he sees are lies lies that are put into action soo that i wont be down..u think its easy my dear??no it isnt...ok?get it!! im pretending to be ok..but hell im not..i keep  telling my self to be optimist just about everything soo that each day i went to class i wont be having the puffy eyes n emotional soo thnkfull that i have them*my guppies my friends*..because of them i stand tall as u can see..i can laugh i can eat i can smile i can do my work..i need to...i force my self...its not that i want to be happy in front of u..n share the world my happiness that im free without u..please hunney dun get me wrong ok???ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS..

i just want you to be strong..just strong to get through this...n i noe u least do it for me..if ur strong then i would be strong as well..o0o yeah.u noe whats bothering me rite now.the way u treat me before n after we drift apart.ur making me hurt deeply inside..i just dunno why u have to do that..everytime i feel that im ready to move that will be the time u keep doing the things*huhu ur making me feel worse than before u feeling that im the bad one..ok?? its not fair u noe.. putting me in that kind of hurts soo sorry if i treated u kinda bad or in a nicer way i just dun want to be soo clinging to afraid i will never be independent.and everything i need to tell u like before...huhuh eventho its the hardest part to do becos u noe i used to msej u just about everything ..n i MISSS IT a lot..!! lots!! lots!! but im trying hard u noe to be a big gurl since im no ones baby or sayang anymore..hehe..chaiyok riena!!

finished with my heart aching love life story let me tell u hows my life as student n future teacher,hehe kinda weird im a gonna be a teacher in 3 years time.hahha if u noe me definitely u cn see i dun really have the quality to be a short i look like a junoir high school student haha..but one thing that im sure about it..that this is the right path for me.coz.I LOVEEE KIDS!! i just love being around cute naive innocent..thats why GOD put me in this teaching field coz he knows that whats the best for loving every bits of it..i noe study is tiring especially when u sign a contract for six years of study English..just to be an English teacher in primary school..its sure sound like soo damn lame..the truth is im already in my fourth years waaaahh i yg blaja raser cepat jerk time pass by u noe..six years same as taking doctor heheh....never gonna serve the nation soo i need to have the six years of knowledge.*bieng optimist!!*.haha soo not gonna applied it in school...heheh too many theories too many subject to remember n to put it into practice..i just dunno if i can recalled or even remember what i studied haha..i study for short term memory jerk!!for the sake of examination!

for this just started soo it like suam2x nothink much..but i noe there soo much things to do for this semester..ade workshop lagik..have to go to school again.!!yeah!!!its fun to meet with real students and mingle around with them..adorable nye tak sabar but there would be hell lots of do before we go school..assignment lots lots n more coursework.haha mmg suker sgt laaaa kehidupan yg hectic..quiz lagik...pergh too much nk pk n buat at one time huhu!! im just hoping that i will get through this semester.successfully...other then that..this semester last duduk uma besh nie..we have to search for new house to rent for next semester..coz next semster my class wil be in UM fully..carik uma lagik huhuh near bangsar n pantai dalam..sedeyh nye nk tggal kn uma skrunk soooo comfy..cozyyy....semua laaa lengkap "fully furnished"i mmg da biase di manjekn ngn keselesaan huhuh im soo pampered i noe.huh.i dunno if we will ever find a house as fine as this!!mesti lagik expensive there..cost living tiggi...huhu carik duet..kt mane gamaknye...!!!!okieh laaa better stop...its longg soo emo in my writings i noe why..unbalanced time i'll coret more ok...

have a nice day.....

wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! "today me n my guppies gonna meet someone we've always wanted to meet i noe im excited..thrilled..and everything laaa..dorg pon same!!!!hopefully dapat jumpe face to face..mesti teruja giller punya..mest amek gambar!!!!!! i'll upload it later k?? if rajin mlm nie gak i'll upload it!!n u all will noe whom ive been talking about k...

"sorry for my rojak bahase ye..."



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

.im a lazy bum..+.sleepy head..

hye folks...

semakin hari semakin bz..

semakin hari semakin buhsan..

semakin hari semakin teguh pendirian ku untuk tak bersedih

semakin hari semakin malas belaja*not go0d ryna*

semakin hari semakin banyak keje

semakin hari semakin penat tok menghadapi hari2x yg datang

semakin hari semakin akuh khayal ngn impian sendiri


semakin hari kehidupan semakin BIASA NOTHING EXTRA ORDINARY...


esok ade test reading...

yet still blogging..

soo damn pemalas this gurl..

okies laaaa..


wishh me luck tomorrow!!!!

im happy the way i am rite now...!!!!!



p/s..i loveeeeeeeeeeeee faizal tahir.. -sampai syurga-

Friday, January 16, 2009


7 Ciri Lelaki Idaman Saya
[love me for me not anything else!!!]
[that turn me on with his intelligence and romanticness]
[family guy..coz soon he wil be a father!! love kids like me!!]
[sejuk mate memandang tak panas baran kalo panas pon senang sejuk n reda]
[knows me best di kala saya PMS MODE..]
[pegangan agama yg that he can actually lead me n our family..]
[bdan must be bigger then that i wont feel ashamed coz i noe im a plum size gurl..:P]

7 Lelaki yang pernah saya minati

[1st-there was a guy in my kazen house..dier mule2x curik2x tgk2x..i pon gatai balas blek..n he likes me for real..but its just a chenta2x monyet]
[2nd..dier burfday same ngn saye..tapi tua setahun..jumpe kt skola agame ahah flirt jekr keje]
[ermm zain-ruffedge..i had a hugee crush on him...dulu laaa]
[o0o jiran sebelah uma maklong name dier nk mati ingt lagik dier ade mix arab my goodness..mate dier mmg buat akuh melt taw...]
[chad michael murray...until now.akuh minaaatt suker tgk mate dier..]
[MY DAVID VILLA..hes totally hot ..for the time being nk carik laa jantan muke mcm dier iras2x pon tak pe...]
[hah!!! bru dier..ashraff..charming sgt org nyer]

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati

[]pergh jantung berdebar2x]
[pk mcm nk mati abeh semua baju dlm almari ..~mix&match~ session]
[make up pon kna slow nnt abeh dok berpeluh..]
[ermm my head is thinking my hand is doing sumthink else..tak keruan]
[happy..dunno what to expect]
[put on good attitude...hehe]
[rasernye....takot sape nk mule kn ckp..nnt dua2x mesti bluuurrr]

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang

[beach...i love nature!!!]
[hunneymoon in italy..rome..]
[pergunungn aspen maen ski..thats the best place to play ski..]
[shopping mall..where he wud treat me like a princess]
[amusement park may be..i lovee the rides..i noe guys usually fobia of height]
[resort in an island that have-living room just cuddle together n watch movee where he wud give me a kisss on the forehead i said "i loove u my wife" imagination is a+++ u noe ]
[paradise...may be...]

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang

[my trustworthy]
[my whole heart]
[perfume the one that i love to sniff on]
[i cook something for him..becuse i love to cook..:P]
[wallet..the one that i like]
[dinner on the to be precise..]
[and life ~is devoted to him entirely..esp when he is my hubby]

7 Lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang

[in gods hand :nelly furtado]
[youre still the one i loved : shania twain]
[my all- mariah carey]
[all or nothink : spe eyh nyanyi luper plak]
[this i promise you : nysnc]
[if i were a boy: beyonce]
[turn to you : christina aguilera]

7 person to tag

[nut the kekacang]
[kilod kookie] 
[ira -naper sepi jerk lately?]

thats all...
haiya!! sudah ngantok bah!!

dadidaaaaaaa :ruzaini version of saying it:





SWEET 21.....



okeh let me starts the whole story of making a surprise party for this boy here in the pic..for u all nyer information hes a year younger then me tho..thats why he looks ker??.lagik2x with his sengalness attitude..mmg kelakar dier nie..dier tuh amat beruntung dapat gurlfren yg amaaat loving n caring chantek plus lembut..neway bad..u guys just made a perfect to see u guys together..may all the happiness be with both of ue.. kejap2x nk emo.. sense of jelousy i mean in a gud way la...hehe may be because im in this just strike me..back !! the good old days when im happy with him..when i made a surprise for him..goshh soo n still in love with him. okies cukup lah stakat nie i nk beremo..hahah

it all started today.tetiber abeh guppies said..lets planned to make a surprise party for paeh..kiterog pown..berdiskusi bersame gurlfren nyer..known as siti nurbadariah..akuh pnggil "bad"..lepas diskuss..tgk2x semua nyer menjadik even tho..kejap jewk planned last minit..bayangkn jumpe kt bank bsn cakap2x..ym2x jap n then trus wat heheh...giller kn guppies nie..bad pening lahh laayn kepale kiter org nie..beshh yg amat..seap maen campak dlm pool hahah kesian mmg motif utame bagik basah2x hehehe...

me fafa syima naem and didie..tak terkecuali..masing2x..comot gler...ngn cream berselebet kt muker tgn satu badan..hahahah tapi sewonok...!!!!

FUN FUN FUN SGT!!!!!!!!!!!!




p/s: okeh kepade kilod....berhati2x ye....ur next..tak aci!!!! kena sket aku teringin nk campak ko!!! n erma!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life for now.......


just wanna share something wif u all.......

Saying goodbye to your lover is a heartbreaking moment. You feel as if a part of you is being separated and going of to do something else. You are used to relying on each other for everything. Every decision from the smallest to the largest is made with the consultation of your life partner. When you are separated, you must accustom yourself to living single. You don't have the constant reassurance of having someone to lean one. This feeling takes getting used to. Hopefully you will not be alone for long.
its exactly how i feel rite now...
hoping for the best things to happen in my life.
god bless..
p/s: im still adjusting my self..and  u all im so soryy if lately im soo emotional in my writings..heh...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

just another ordinary day all my silent readers..

entah kenaper akuh waser buhsan sgt2x...yg extreme punya buhsan..korg mesti penah waser nyer..

mcm tak de benda baru nk buat..

im just repeating the same old things every single day... da mule sedikit demi sedikit bz nyer..

1st skali wat akuh pissst off this week sbb..jadual kelas kna back to normal..after a few adjustment were made with the lecturers..then tetibe after meeting..tgk2x..hambar conclude semua penat jerih dok persuade lecturer sana sini tak nk ade kelas ptg..semua nyer sia2x...sengal sgt2x...

soo tiap2x hari ade kelas lapan pagi until 4 sengah ptg..huhu for me personally kelas petang mmg amaaaaaaaaaat memenatkn,mengantok..sah2x tak ley pay attention..

lagik satu..kalo kelas penuh smapai 4 snegah tak pe..nie ade plak gap ..huhu

nk wat pown student we just have to obey..n accept pe yg da..di buat..


i still dunno wat to expect this far so good lah...

hopefully..until the end akn okeh mokeh......:P

tue jekr lah coretan hari nie...buhsan gak post kali ni... nothink much to talk about...




Monday, January 12, 2009


life must go on...

even tho' sometimes its soo hard to go thru.

i noe

at the end..i will find my happiness..

i still believe in luck..and chances.





yupp yupp...the food looks kn..??

just nk say thanks to erma kawan se"makan" se"jalan ku"pada hari sabtu..

erma nie lah yg teman akuh  makan benda yg akuh cravings..

dlm2x tak de duet. pasai mkn nie...tak ley..kempunan...bahaye..hehe

O0O Ya...tempat kiteorg mkn tuh name dier "PAPA JOHN."speciality in making italian ways...goood ness mmg sedappo sgt2x..soft n tender..mouth watering..ape yg wat kiteorg teruja..the price was reasonable..the place was comfy n cozy...just nice..layanan a+..chewahh!!! byk plak puji...n bagi credits.. me n erma really enjoyed it..erma said the salsa n onion rings were the best...yupp the cheese stick pon mak oii...sedap giller*akuh dok teringt smbil meleleh air liur hahaha*slekeh lah plak akuh nie..heheh 

n then...jalan2x punya jalan..satu times square..nk carik kasut  n beg..malangnye tak de satu pun *an eye catcher*..huhu soo sementare we wait for my jeans to be repair...*the zip terkeluar dari landasan kereta api"haha..erma pown ajak n yogur berry..i waser semua org penah makan kt was my first time.o0o ye..!! *erma lil gurl u mmg teror bab pilih makanan..mmg kebanyakan sedap..good eater...the yogurt sooo was a frozen one..yummy...!!! u' all yg tak penah raser sile2x pergi..tak rugi  nyer...its worth it..!! yogurt are good for diet oso..again im promoting...

ermm weekend yg agak besh..sebab.tak de benda yg nk mentension kn driku tika n saat ini..

ye lahh assignment blom bertimbun lagik gamaknyer!!!...

okeh la..da mlm nie..i nk masuk titon dulu.. esok kelas start pagi buta..huhuh

soo kan cukup tdor...

pnah ke CKUP???HAHAH



Saturday, January 10, 2009

...lovin it..


1. Take a recent CUTE photo of yourself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that photo.
4. Post this instructions with the photo.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

O0O0PSiee..its not cute i noe..but this is the most recent photos dat i hv hehe kire okeh lah kn nut :P

im tagging.....
ermm sape2x yg nk wat benda alah nie ye..


....a hole in our pocket...

hye folks...

get it???the title of my post??? haha 

yup yup...i promise my self not to create more n more holes in my pocket but...yesterday is a whole different story..i didnt even planned to cut my hair and do fish spa!!!! amat giller!!semua benda tuh sekadar hiburan semata2x..sbb xdpt pergi layan kt kotak merah..layan jerk lah tesco  tuh....!ckp jerk duet da mkin pupus dlm bank ...yet i still kuar n do sumthink im not supposed to..huhu but i cant help it..muler2x plan nk g makan jekr..but then it turns out to be...somethink else.hahah

my dear sweethearts mmg taw......nk perabeh duet..i raser if we were given like a thousand rm every week we sure know how to spend them n dad..i dunno wat to say but ive been a really really bad gurl...haha ckp jekr nk berjimat sorry..bak kate org."mane tak mane tak tumpah nyer kuah kalo tak ke nasi??eyh jap2x btoi ke nie??akuh nie memandai jerk bagi peribahasa mcm lah my mum pown kuat shopping taw..soo ank dier nie pon terikot2x..nie mesti kes...time mummy ngandung kuat berjalan haha...

ermm ive taken a few it is!!! smua yg berlaku mmg tak di jangke...kt tesco pown boley jerk have fun haha!!!!

*pics ..worth a thousand words...we are happy and enjoying every bit of it!!!!

to fafa: jgn perasan kamooo berambut panjg lagik!!!  da pendek gamaknye!!

to erma: u look cute with the new hair haaa!!..

to bubu: just love ur sense of hair style chantek ....i like!!!

to rina*my self: i simply loove it..heh..sbb da tak tegak jerk rambut akuh nie..



Thursday, January 8, 2009

...a scones for me....


guess what i received today..

dlm keheningan hari yg memilukan jiwa..akuh gagahi langkahku

untuk ke kals setiap hari..dgn hati yg perit lagik pedey akuh tetap ngn driku 

*sharina u mesti kena kuat menghadapi semua ini*

tetiber tanpe d jangke..ive received something it was sooo unexpected..

i never thot he would have a heart to give me something soo sweet

and finally.....i drop into tears...huhu lagik i nk cuber melupakn n all the sweetest things he had done to me..

lagik dier menguat ingatan ku  tok ingt lagik benda segale sweet nie huhu..

u all noe kn i mmg suker makan bread..i he knows me best actually..

arini b.tesl communique ade jual be precised raisin scones yup yup!!!

u heard that of ma favourite duh!!

si dier nie..ngn tabah nyer hati g bli kn scones tuh n bg kt one of my friends to give it to me n said that he had bought it for me...ahuh...

that fren of mine seap tambah kn kesedihan lagik...*gurl why dont u patch things up..just forget  n be kaple again*omg!!! u think it was easy to make up the decision n be in this situation???gilller sgt laaaaaaaaahh......huhuhu

okeh enough laaa..byk da membebel..yuppp

im sad now..

but half of my heart happy coz i noe were still friends..

neway thanks to i have somethink to eat.hehehhe



Wednesday, January 7, 2009


.yo whats up!! everyone...

huhu life is sooooo damn boring,,,lately,,i dunno why i always find my self empty. and sometimes i even lost my sense of direction i just dunno wat to sure thnkfull that i have my guppies and my my buddies around soo it kinda cure the emptyness in ma heart..



everyday i live my life with the same old routine nothing much to brag about... going to class at 8'clock..come back in the afternoon...meeting the peoples that ive been missing during holidays..*some of them not all okayh..*..for u'all nyer information..tetibe semster nie..dilantik jadik bendahari kelas.hahaha funny!!! lol!! ever since highschool i hate it this pos..i tak suker pegang duet.. 

but then..i got a few tips on how to handle the class money n all..haha tak pe lah satu sem jewk hehe...

okies..nothink much to talk about..

booooooooring!!! skrunk huhu.........

nk have fun dwet plak tak de gamaknye!! so dok lah uma memerap jerk lah.kt blek yg cozy lagik comfy tuh...heh



Monday, January 5, 2009

..TAG :penat tapi puas...

tagged by erma n nutty.....
here it goes..*this is gonna be loooooong...*


a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the first minimal words of explanation.

b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you've finished answering every question page of results.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:

[turning 22.still sweet tho!]

2. A place you'll like to travel to :

[i will make sure my dream come true..someday]

3. Your favourite place :

[in my own room.its soo cozy...n comfy]

4. Your favourite food(s) :

[i loove pizza soo much..prefer:xtra cheese with xtra pepperoni]

5. Your favourite pet :


6. Your favourite colour combination :

[black N brown]

7. Your favourite piece of clothing :

[t-shirts:simple,fashionable and comfortable]

8. Your all time favourite song :

[this i promise you ]

9. Your favourite tv show :

[ONE TREE HILL: paling suker lucas]

10. First name of your significant other/crush :

[I WANT kind of guy hehe in UR DREAM riena]

11. The town in which you live in :

[joHOR BAHru:my hometown...just lovee being there]

12. Your screen name or nickname :

[i loo0ove white rosses..but i dun see any significant to my name hehe]

13. Your first job :


14. Your dream job :


15. Your worst fear :


16. The one thing you'd like to do before you die :

[live in happiness]

17. The first thing you'll buy if you get $1000 0000 :

[honda accord..soo sleek n exclusive]


NK TAG::::::
N to all yg tak penah wat survey ini....sila ye buat hehe

take care..