Thursday, December 10, 2009

n.e.r.v.o.u.s b.r.e.a.k.d.o.w.n

its the season again.........


nothing much to say
my life??


especially when ur b.r.o.k.e

i dunno when is the allowance goi9ng to be out...

feels like shopping

its weird..
when u dont have the money in the bank...
ur desire to shop till u drop sgt tinggi.

tapi da "drop" so mcm mana nak shop...kan..

i'am still at home..

unfortunately everything is cancel especially the vacation part..
everyone is b.u.s.y
next week i'll be heading to Malacca for 5 days i think laa its for my cuzzie's weddings...
hopefully it will turn out the way she wants it to be..amin..

sometimes my days are brighten by my so called virtual friend...fafa..
coz everytime when its holiday..i'l be connected to her.
since she has internet connection its much much easier to gossips....if not
im left a.l.o.n.e..
 thats all from me..

take care 

muahh n hugsss...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday = car wash n polish day...

alrite its sundae...

ermm yummy wud it be..

my sunday..i woke up as early as 6 o'clock in the morning..

quite early in holidays season..but then have to..

my mum is going to kl around 10..and kinda need to help out..iron her mum is having her exam on Monday..wishing her all the best..:)

my whole family is furthering their study..its a healthy way of dad finishes his phd..which me, my self didnt know that now he is known as, until i pick up a call and it was adress like this"may i speak to Dr..please??huh? i was shocked..whose in my family is a  dr?? far as im concern my mum do work with hospital thinggy...but shes statistician not a aware of that..haha....

then..time tuh laaa bru i dad so proud of him.i see him as someone who almost complete his life..especially in education hes gone thru many experiences.he also gives me advices which i think im very lucky..:)..neway, way to go DAD!!..u've cross the limit..!!success..and its time for me??


arini....lepas sent my mum for her flight ..I came back home...ingt nak berehat ngntok serius...tak tahan mata nie..then my dad ajak basuh kereta and polish...gille kan penat...saket belakang nie..sape nak urut??ishh....tak pe..seronok main air haha...tapi panas laa...:P berjemur sket..haha neway i had fun spending time with dad..he taught me some stuff bout cars..the maintainance and everything..minyak hitam..carburator, air filter...macam2x lagik..if i dun start spending time with my dad...bila lagik kan...lepas nie da nak naek semester...which i seldom balek jb..but again my dad always still his little gurl haha...sbb ada nyamuk td ..i mmg enenmy ngn nyamuk..takkkk suke.,dr kecik my dad kata i mmg ngn nyamuk berjodoh...nyamuk ska i.. huhu

I had a great day so far...

now im getting a bit dizzy da mula ngntok...haha

i'll write more...muaaahh love n hugs muaahhh xoxo

p/s:saya seram sejuk laaaaa huhu result nak kuar


Friday, December 4, 2009

an hour I swallowed a lot of things

hello everyone..

hopes everything is ok...

well,from the title u wud figure out that..

its all about things ive been eating..

am i rite?? was all about the "looong chat"between me my brother and my mum...

it was a great chat has been a looong time we havent get to do all this family things..


i misseddd it soo much 

it made

me CRY.......

i cried was a mixture of feelin joy happiness and

we kinda discuss about what were going through lately.. in terms of..way of life..

my life

my brother's life

my mum and dad....

what's basically on their mind..right now..especially when "we"refers to me n my bro,are not at home..and how things change to better or worse..

it was more like a reflection..that only family can discuss about it..[i think u noe what i mean]..we also touches  on the sensitive how well im doing in do i bring my self to the society n more...

my brother got his "highlights"...smoking of course..we didnt blame on him for everything he does..we basically talk it out..without any anger or sense of biasness...luckily it work out perfectly...syukur alhamdulillah..:)..hopefully he will keep his promises...i noe i will keep mine..

one thing that made me laugh...when my mum told me..that my dad went to "watson"just look for the price of my toiletries..haha funny sgt..sbb i told my was quite expensive..i didnt know he would go all that way..paling lawak..die ckp mahal...Loreal shampoo nie...heheh pastu told my mum..anak kita ske kot barang mahal..haha..luckily..he was not angry he was just too curious when i told him,,"jadik perempuan ayah byk gak guna duet"...i had a concrete reason...why i choose that brand..its not because i like branded things but..for the time being it suits me..may be i'll change..and it last longer..i can guarantee u that.:)

today was the first day my mum is actually at home..ouhh yeah..loads of thing happens..includes "mother and daughter talk" hahah....selalunya banyak pekara KANTOI time nie...haha pdan muka..i can never really hides things from my mum,SHE JUST KNOWS ME BETTER....haha

alrite i will stop here...

write more later....

p/s:craving for cookies and creme ice cream..yummy!!!

take care..

xoxox muaaah n hugs to u..all


Thursday, December 3, 2009

my days in..lorong datuk menteri....

hello people..

(lorong dato'menteri refers to my house)

yeah..great it's December..end of the year,,,

new year is coming,...again with new stuff new strength...and........

NEW ME!!! single and available....hahah...

i do love being single coz u can have the worlds to you...yet

the feelin of lonely....yeahh...i couldnt agree devastating but ive gone through the bitter and sweet of it... occupied...che waah...:) i dun have an official bf..but if u guys perasan ive been mentioning...great friend n sweetheart....that particular person is very near to my heart..we dun give title to our what so ever relationship...but that particular person knows where he/she is in my heart n do he/she...well mostly the rest we keep to our self...

what I can tell you he/she made my day everyday....sweet as honey.,.che waahh jiwang lak....:)..

life now??its very as always my life starts at 10'clock in the loving the spacious and tak menyakitkan belakang...bed,for the past few days ive been busy in teh evening cooking for dinner..yeahh..sometimes im proud of my self how i managed to cook all sort of dishes..nobody taught me how to cook..well i just do..i loove cooking....inherit from my mum may be laa..but still amateur...haha...

since my life is a bit boring nowadays...ive been thinking to dye my hair...i mean totally dye it..all over...but dunno what colour...still looking through few hair colour dat wud suits my skin..and i want everything colour..even my nails....haha ive been wanting and adore orange...i mean like tangerine methalic woweee it must be food sells the best of it..all of these wildest dream need to put aside BROKE money in bank in the pocket also..haha

ouh yeah this week its all about afraid the result is gonna be out anytime hate the feelin..all i can pray for is..yg terbaik....dats all...lulus dgn the readers out there...pray for me will ya??....thank u.

alrite...enough of me mumblim crappin...

im sad hockey is not one of the koke in UM...huhu gonna be soo indulge in GAMELAN..believe it or taking it ....for next semester...yeay!!! main ketuk2x ilang tension che waaaaah!!!..

muaaahh hugs n u all..

take care..have a great day ahead!!

create more memories for 2009...before it leaves us...


Monday, November 30, 2009

surveeeeeeeyy....i want more n more!!

helloo people.........

abit ceria...akuh arini....:)

salam CERIA to all....


What is your salad dressing of choice?
*1000 island..of course...waaah feel like to eat one..!!

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
*gasoline and...sweet chat...:)

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it?
*jeruk and asam....or....kerepek pedas tuh..

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
* i looovee meaty monster..[pepperoni,turkey sausage..beefy  laa]

What do you like to put on your toast?
*kaya...n butter..


How many television sets are in your house?
* in jb two.

What color of cell phone do you have?
* maroon and black


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
* im a righty...:)

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
* yes..blood clog..perhaps

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
*  cooking utensils..batu lesung...hehe

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
* yerp.during hockey tournament heheh


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
* i dont want to know may be  a hint ley be prepared..

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
* sharina emylia..

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
* promise its in dollar laa...:P i wud do it....i need the money!


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
* one perhaps...hahah love sandals more..

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
* its been a while...[you got that rite fafa heheh]

Last person you talked to?
* my  brother and my daddy......on phone my mummy..

Last person you hugged?
* my  mum last nite...gonna mishh her!!



* summer beach..

Day of the week?
* weekends laa..better

* July..laa...i was born on that month....


Missing someone?
* nope....most of the people that i have met in my life...their just GREAT!!

* content.....but a bit  nervous haha result result... hahah

What are you listening to?
* fergie me halfway....

* my bit comet making it way...up...:P

Worrying about?
* my mum..hope shes fine there...


First place you went this morning?
* living room...on internet....for REGISTRATION..

What's the last movie you saw?
* my sister's keeper....sad sad..tears rollin movie...from beginning until the end..

Do you smile often?
* yeah i do....i dunno i prefer smiling...coz for me smile shud be infectious..when i smile i hope that person shud smile also...:P

Do you always answer your phone?
* chores..heh

It's four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
* sape laa yg nak mesej akuh...time cam nie...heh

If you could change your eye color what would it be?
*  hazel laa..its  nice

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
* huh..?

Do you own a digital camera?
* nope.....i think i will need heart is torn apart between sony ericson satio or digital camera...hummmm

Have you ever had a pet fish?
* yes yes. i still do...

7) Favorite Christmas song?
* rudolph the red nose la la..

What's on your wish list for your birthday?
* SONY ERICSON SATIO!! please....n  MY OWN interior designer...haaaha

Can you do push ups?
* yes i can...i need to start doin it....huhu

Can you do a chin up?
* bolleyh kot...dunno...blum cube blum tahu...kan

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
* Nervous  plus excited...i just dunno what awaits me...hehe

Do you have any saved text messages?

*nope i dun have one....huhu

Ever been in a car wreck?
* nopey..

Do you have an accent?
* ahaaaa..i do

What is the last song to make you cry?
*  blind.

Plans tonight?
* online.finish reading my novels...nineteen minutes..jodi picoult.. 

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
* ermmm once i think 

Name 3 things you bought in the last week
* food , credit

Have you ever been given roses?
* nope...tidak pernah....issh mane pernah 

Current worry?
* exam result!...

Current hate right now?
* none..... i think

Met someone who changed your life?
* not really changed...but he brings meaning to my life 

How did you bring in the New Year!
* at kak hanim's house...huhu i missh you kak anim..bread pudding satu!! 

What song represents you now?
* breathe...

Name three people who might complete this?
* now everyone that has...blogspot..heh 

What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
* sms sama that particular person :) 

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?

* kul berapa nie..da bley register ke?? hummmmm


at home n missing my sumone

alrite to be honest with u...

sometimes i do like to stay at home..especially when im broke..

but not when my mum and my dad are away..

sigh~~ ~~

i dunno why i kinda feel lonely.usually i wud hear my mum throwing out her voice naggin at me..all sort of stuff that usually....gets on my nerves....

unfortunately...I MISS THAT...

since ive start my holiday..its been a bit rough here n there...nowadays people keep asking this sort of question..which really irritates me soo much...soo much that can really put a turn OFF..

question like these:

"sheryn da berpunya ke??ble laa aunty nak makan nasi minyak....?

"sheryn jgn la dpt org jauh2x susah nnt pakciki n makcik nak g menghantar..? i choose who is thr mr.right...

"meyh laa cter kat pakcik...sape org bujang kat hati not that friendly to share things...especially..i dun really noe dont bother ok..."

am that old??like i need to rush into things to get married??haha....plik plik laaa.....isshh 

i have so many things in my mind now..1st..i need to FINISH MY STUDY.thats the most important thing in my mind now.

im totally blur...why the heck do the keep askin me....rimas taw x....

alrite enough of me mumbling...

ohhh so damn worried bout my exam result..haha...i dunno what to expect..i just hope everything would turn out fine...lulus dgn baiknya...AMIN..

TO THAT particular someone....thank you for being there..every minutes and seconds...gossh....ur soo sweet..thank you for brighten my days...:) uve been GREAT..

a great friend a great sweetheart to me....xoxo hugs n kisses!!

i will write more..dun worry people :)



Saturday, November 21, 2009

a come back from the writer ~riena~

It's been a while..

I miss this place.

I used to have time to update my blog..
that was before...


since I've enter a new part of my life being a Um.
suddenly... everything change..I just cant believe it..

it rip off my personal life..
it rip off my privacy huhu..

I was so "indulged" with all the workloads...
I'm going to start blogging again..
but of course not on educational things laaa..
I'm tired of it already,,
kunonnya techno savvy sgt...laaa
nak cek blog lines pon tak reti...susah..ade org mcm tuh..
cakap tak serupa bikin...kan....
[I'm mumbling bout my beloved "dugong"]

okeh laa not gonna write much..
It's just an introduction..:P
I will write more...



Thursday, July 16, 2009

::soo much to do,soo little time::

hye guys.

it's a little too late may be to post all sort of thing that happen in my life soo far...

i just got my self into the university u all know before this i was in college for teacher training...soon i will be a teacher...hehe.

to tell you the truth..for the first day i already missed college life its so different compared to uni. i was not prepared mind set is still the same as i was in college. life in college is considered as my "comfort zone", the lecturers knows you better and the pace of life is not fast. in uni, im no longer a baby..where i still have lecturers to hang on to..its totally different.. we'll im still in the process of adapting to the new environment. trying to calm my self. trying to see the different things happens around here in a positive way.. i have no other way ...i cant look back.theres no way i will get the same treatment as in college..

[sigh sigh............................]

my new house is comfortable..not to mention is not as spacious as before in Cheras i mean. but im starting to like the small but it's just the right house for all my housemates. in life we have to eb grateful with what we had and try to appreciate it bits by bits. i havent organized my self yet, i mean a place where i cn put all my thoughs n ideas its kinda like a privacy place of my own..heh...

[sigh again......beraper byk sudah ]

its only the second week but im already stuck with all kind of work not to mention presentation, things that i need to do hands on as it is an on going assesment. mmg mcm ni in uni...but hell enjoying the informal clothes that i can wear ..:)...[big grin].. alrite the first day in was disaster i self were introduced by this lec.known as.dr..[cant be mention here]..he's different.i need to accept the fact that each person has their on way of doings and teaching...may be i'm still new with his style..alrite i need to think positive!!! he needs to be strict may be coz my cohort has more guys..dunno..i'll wait to see his changes as teh 14 weeks past...he gave loads of work with soo little time..:(.too bad for me..he kinda have this trademark when his smile...but its ok..its significance to me..:P haha... in uni..=self exploration,independent learners,commitment, bear with the due date.....for this semester i'l be facing my life mostly through the lense of ICT..I NEED TO ACTIVELY INVOLVED MY SELF WITH TECHNOLOGY SKILLS.which i soo not techno SAVVY..laugh all u want..even video editting im not familiar..huhu..

unfortunately!!!! thsi semester..i need to do an assignments on VIDEO EDITTING,AUDIO,SOFTWARES LOTS MORE...AND THE list continues..all about ICT..for learning purposes..its Core Subject.ok!!..haha...i cannot drop...terbaek...!!!!!!

alrite here are the list of things i need to do everyweek:

assessment = SUMMARY EVERY CHAPTER N TASK send thru emails

resources = REFLECTION EVERY WEEK on blogspot [academic purposes]

technology = ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN WINDOWS LIVE..this is where on going assessment                         takes place ok! and UPDATE MY SPACES BLOG...the more you update the                          more you'll get marks i think...hehe but everything in here must be                                  academician...

science = NEED TO BLOG ALSO...haha....

gender = tutorial task everyweek...

information skills = task and task....

SEEE??? BUSY AITE..?? to go..

my dear readers..i know i might not have all my time in the world but if i have the space..i will update...keep on reading..coz for this semester i have like four blog need to be update..the difference is ...the three blog...have marks..contribute to my FINALS...:). I'll need to prioritize on that!!.

muaaahh hugs..and kisses!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009


hello readers....rindu sgt kt korg..lame gak akuh tak update...

kini akuh sendirian di ruang kegemaranku...depan laptop and kerusi kesukaan akuh pon da sampai ...terima kaseh laa byk2x father sudi bawak dlm bonet kereta...:)love u dad!!u just noe me better...muaaah happy fathers day...i noe its never too late...:)

ptg2x sendrian di rumah...sepi..kadang2x rasa bgus jugak...dapat menyendri...its just the matter of being alone...terpikir...arini hari terakhir akuh habes SCHOOL EXPERIENCE PROGRAMME[SEP]..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH..everything went fine..i was soo glad..semua guru2x di sekolah tue sgt2x sporting and supportive..i feel lucky my self..:) im learning to love being a teacher..the experience i got really put me aside all my negative thots about teaching...because before this i never want to be a teacher at first i was more like....ermm.....i want to be a FORENSIC HAHA...i think im in the right path...alrite enough talking bout my so called 3 weeks practicum...just nk thanks...TO SK YAACOB LATIF (1)..GURU BESAR YG SEMPOI LAGIK wise...:)bg kami wat practicum kt situ... it is..bile busy..ngn banyak keje mana nk ade kesempatan..nk mengahargaii hari2x terakhir2x di kondominum bintang mas nie...i love this place soo much...its hard for me to leave...but then...huh!! it wud be far away from[i need to put my mind set i cannot always leave under all these kemewahan...hehe]..soo i'll be moving out to pantai called the most crowded place in..bangsar area..huhu...ive been there..ive seen the place...yeahh its dense...

hell yeah....kena try adapt cik riena....huhu..may be the first few will be akward..i think i will survive...u can do this riena!!! da byk kali pindah dalam hidup kn..."put on my optimist cap"..

another short notice....

wanna noe???

and im fuckin mad at first..u noe how i hate short notice especiallly.....................


my practicum....assignment need to be submit tomorrow...

u get it!!!


lame i tak update my blog....hehe been damn busy...

n my internet connection sucks really really bad....

ive been disconnected....for like...................ermmmmmmmmmmmm 2 weeks to go...

my work is piling up!!..

take care...


Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

saya tiada keje

Part 1 : On the outside

Name : Nursharina Emylia Azman
Date of Birth : 110787
Current Relationship Status : Single
Eye Color : Dark brown
Hair Color : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Part 2 : On the Inside

Your Heritage : Melayu ..Banjar
Your Fear : I fear God
Your Weakness : Keep blaming on my self

Part 3 : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up : need to start cleaning.n packing
Your bedtime : it doesnt matter now...whenever.
Your most missed memory : High school..always the best

Part 4 : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McD's or Burger King : Mac d'
Single or Group Dates : single..i think
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Tea or Nestea : lipton tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino

Part 5 : Do You...

Smoke : No
Curse : Yes..
Drink : no...

Part 6 : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol : nope..
To the mall : Yes..
Been on stage : yes
Eaten sushi : Yes
Dyed your hair : yes feel like doin it this july...haha dyed purple..laa

Part 7 : Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game : haha nie mcm besh jaa...skali skala..
Changed who you were to fit in : ermm no really..

Part 8 : Age

You're hoping to be married : 26 or 28...i hope laa if i have the mr right at that time

Part 9 : In A Guy

Best Eye color : brown or black
Hair color : brown or black..not dyed...
Short or long hair : i prefer short..not really short la..

Part 10 : What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago : listen to avril song..
1 hour ago : movee marathon...
1 month ago : busy with college life laa..eheh
1 year ago : im still in a relationship..

Part 11 : Finish The Sentences

I love : to get connected...
I feel : okay...just bored
I need : a better phase of life..

Part 12 : List out 5 presents you wish for

perfume from...versace..
a watch..[espirit/guess/or fossil.[that wud last long]
a new laptop..[from my dad or mummy]

tote...from..fossil..i sooo love it!!!

a new shoes..may be a heel one..from sach..soo comfy


Friday, June 5, 2009

terlalu berfikir

im having a bad bad cough....

sigh.....[penat laaaa batuk waser nk tercabut tekak]

then running nose which i hated soo much ok! benci benci sgt2zx..ok..[sket2x meleleh]

tak baek2x sakeeet dr aritu lagik..dok ulang je saket nie..huhuh

i dunno if u all perasan...

im not leading a healthy life anymore..

im becoming more more more lazy....

i start my day at 10 a.m..then online mcm nk mati daaa depan laptop nie..smpaai laa member ajak g makan lunch...tuh pon kalo da mandi..kadang2x terperaap jekr kt bilik ni tak mandi..semua malass laa..isssh bahaaaaayaa sgguh penyakit mals nie...

ermm motif utame...tak balek hometown time cotie nie..nk ngemas i mention moving out..but hell i havent start a sen pon nk mengemas uma..pack brg2x..semua..padahal byk giller nk kan pack..coz mostly brg the closet soo mmg laa tak nmpk banyak..but then...tgk kiri tgk kanan...pergh....

mcm gunung jaa akuh tgk barang akuh..pergh..pening pening...!! 

cik riena ade hati nk upah org kemas kn barang tapi.........nk bayar guna aper??kalo ley guna bulu ke..daun ke tak pe gak...huh...merepek merapu giller.....hummmmmp..

ohhh yeah!!..guess wAT RESULT da kuar,,mmhg terbaek laa result kn...[syukur..tak teruk mane but turun gak pointer]..mari i can go to UM..DGN HATI YG TENANG..tak yah repeat paper...:)

byk benda goin thru my mind..terpk..plak...skrunk kna mengemas kt uma sni..packing and everything..pindah sana...plak.,then....lagikk pecah otak...sampai sane  kena start kemas kt uma yg baru yg ammaaatt laaa taw laa nk campak..brg2x yg terlebey sudah...[akuh mmg pk benda rumit..masalh sgguh akuh nie..huhhu i noe it can be done but..still kna pk..]

alrite laa..da pkul baper  ni....

nk g mandi ...panas rase...da nie..

take care...

muaaah muaahh 

hugs n kisses!!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

ITS DIFFERENT!! all my readers..

i think ...i da lame giller tak update my sorry for the "setia readers"..

where and what have i been doing lately??..u dun wanna noe...huh sigh~~



hurmmmp lets just start...with whats going on with my life for now..

minggu nie i da start my school experience programme. at SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN YAACOB LATIFF [1]...which is situated near by jaya jusco and carrefour.

so far...da 4 hari i practical kt situ...ermm ok laa..i love the friendly environment..and the close relationship between the teacher and staff and even out siders..

im not only busy with my practical but im also....trying to pack all my belongings in these so called mansion "bintang mas"..i think ive told all of u before im going to move out by this june..

helll yaaaa!!! how much i hate moving out but ...i still need to face it..paling syio0okk laa

uma kt bangsar is much much smaller compared to this staying in right kna..minimize kn brg2x...huhu...pening gak..ngn duet sangkak sgt nie..nk kan bli brg2x mcm2x...heh...nmpk nye kan pow duet pama...laa wat seketika..

sejak akhir2x nie..many things happen...emotional breakdown...stressed...mcm2x..laa..what i can conclude here is....



may be...i wont be able to update my blog as frequent as usual but..i will try to make it..

may be once a week...i will try....i will.

::next week cutie skolah..:) soo sempat laa nk upDATe insyaALLAH...

naik coti skola.nie.sah sah  gonna be soo a future teacher laa kataa kn hehe...

next gonna share some things with u all..bout the..practical and my life as im going to leave this place..whihc i sooo loveeeee..huh..

here are few piccas...during SEP....[THE BORINGNESS...while the pupils were having their UJIAN SETARA IN KL]...duduk je laa kt bilik gerakan...hehe

O0O my  groupmates...hayat  togo n erma..u guys ROCK!!!....

giller lawak....mcm2x..ley pulun citer...wlaupun...mmg buhsan sbenarnye menanti dalam bilik gerakan.hehe

see yaa~!!
till then......
muaaahh hugs n kisses!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



pergh raser lame sgt..tak update blog..i think almost 3 weeks laa.

been really busy.really me!! at home..which i truly loveee n like..!! sbb my internet connection at home is much much faster..which makes me more at ease to start blogging n uploding pictures...

last u all 56 pangkorians...had a terrific time in pangkor island..

haha mmg amat seronok...nk cter laa sket what really had happen in pangkor.before pergi pangkor after pergi pangkor....

semua ade cerita di sebaliknye...

lets start...hari yg i bertolak...haha..we were supposed to be at maktab around..4:30 in the morning,,haha guess what time we woke up??!! sgt laa syio0ook tdor ok...tak hingat dunia..naseb doreen kol i..mcm nie tone nyer"gurl are coming pick us up?"and right away i look at my nphone..its 4:10 a.m aLREady..i rushh everyone in the house..that we are late..soo choatic sgt2x

haha but we get there just on time..the bus is about to cepat2x.carik bus..yg kosong...duduk..settle down....

bus pown bertolak...okeh..i pon da terase ngntok sgt2x..tdor laa most of the time on the bus..haha..tapi masalahnye..tak smpai2x gak...haha waser bontot nie nk terbakar daa.haha

smpai jerk kt lumut..kami semua g makan..lapo lapo...tgk2x..ade KFC..SO MAKAN kt situ..ja..ermm nk comment sket laa..kfc dier byk lipas..beranak pinak lagik..i experienced my self..soo ignored..nk wat mcm mane.huhuh geli gak..da berbau spray tuh..soo..tak makan pon...kt situ geli..laa plak..yucks..kfc tuh...da la service pon lembap mungkin tak biase terima ramai org kot..nvm laa..

ermm on the way nk naek ferry tuh..ade laa kawan saya...jatuh terjelepuk..kt longkang kecik..haha lawak sgt ok !!! sorry fa!! u glamour jap kt blog i..mmg i tak sangke dier akn jatuh mungkin.dier sewonok nyanyi lagu.."situasi" haha ..naseb tak patah pape..takot gak huhu..

moment ive been waiting....teka ape????

NAEK FERRY!!! yee ha!!!...besh besh..tapi...tapi...dulu nyer lagik besh ley nmpk kt atas...tgk laut yg bergelora...haha 

then within a few minutes i pon da smpai di pulau pangkor terchenta ok...hati melonjak ceria..sampai2x trus naek.van ermm in johor da takde van tuh kot van angkut org tuh..kaler pink..u all dapat bygkn x..? hahah...

then..naek van ..smapi pon kt..apartment yg pada akuh..amat laa berbalooiii cik abg cik akak oi..!! nk tgk gambar aprtment tuh..go to my facebook..i have like tons n tons...of an active user of facebook...soo i usually upload latest pic there..sila sila get back to the stories..aprtment 2 bilik with a complete set of kitchen n fully air conditioned...heheh..mmg syi0ookk!! not to mention..the sooo comfy..waser tak mo..bgun jaaa..haha

lets move on...activity pertame...hari pertame...

activity makan..haha..lunch yg tersangat laaa sedap ok!! i ske benda simple2x..sbb di kala lapar mmg..ngup ngup..yummy je semua..yg penting akuh suke perut kenyang,.ada akuh kisah???huahua

ptg...hari pertame...maen volley ball.bola baling laa but then we end up.maen air laa pling2x di nantikn..hehe..terjun saja...pantai tuh...air dier berseh..not polluted mcm johor punya air..jerneh sgt2x...tapi ombak kuat sgt2x ley wat..badan terumbang ambing...ley hanyut kalo tak hati2x..pantai dier tak landai...yg penting akuh gembira..dapat maen air ngn rakan2x..yg syio0okk!!.

mlm nye...bakar melted..arggh sedap sgt ok!! thnks to erma!!..nicholas n the geng wat unggun api..mmg santai n bersahaja je..mlm tuh..dpat mingle ngn semua org....pastu ade acticity kiterog yg organized sendri heheh...charade..n tiru gaya lecturer..haha ok laa pluss sgt lawak...gelak gelak...guran senda...semua nie maseh kekal dlm memory riena...entah ble lagikk dapat buat mcm nie..kumpul ramai2x..ngn org yg mmg syio0ookkk to be together..the 58 of us...light of my life..korg mmg beshh arr.....sbb semua sempoi. baek lecturer.kawan2x...abg2x pulau...jumap abg boy..*kami mmg berjodoh *hot sgt dia nie!!

~end my my first day in Pulau Pangkor....dgr senyuman yg terukir di bibir...seronok!!tak terkate!! it beyond words laaa~

pagi kedua hari yg kedua i berade di sini...

bgun pagi..get my breakfast..haha makan kenyang2x..isi perut sbb aritu mmg ari yg panjng...byk activity kiter buat...jap jap i list kn

*water confident-mmg semua dak cohort i...heybat part nie..tak yah di ajar sgt..hahah

*island hopping - beshh sgt..1st sbb naek boat baru.soo mmg ley pergi laju2x..drift syi0okk siot..da laa my guppies naek satu boat soo paham2x jekr la...mmg havoq siot...besh besh..! jerit..nynyi lagu..ipik..paham x?? sbb nmpk abg boy..then..lambai2x kt org kna wat kayak..haha..pastu abg yg bawak kiterog tuh cter laa tiap pulau yg ade..ade batu2x berbentuk whale,turtle,org bariing..alligator..laa..YA ALLAH AKUH AMT BERSYUKUR DENGAN SEGALA KEJADIAN MU...AKUH AMAT KAGUM...terima kaseh kepada TUHAN aku dikurnia kn mata yg boleyh nmpk betapa uniq dan cantek nye kejadian tuhan.. 

*WE made a coral island.huhu for snorkelling sesion.haha i gues i was unlucky.i didnt managed to see any fish or...even a coral..they said its due to the tide..nevermind..i still had A BLAST OK!!...

*SEMUA DISSAPOINTMENT..hilang..when the high taw..ade banana boat..haha guess what..i wass soo thrilled..exciting..sbb its my first time naek ngn kawan2x yg sgt rapat di hati i nie..ssoo mesti lagik syi0ookk pon naek banana boat..i had difficulties nk naek..berat sgt kot life jacket plus my own weght haha dlm keadaan basah pulak..n nk those yg byk menolong!!! espcially nicholass.yg terpakse angkat i naek ats banana boat..tuh.huhu 

*maen pasir timbus kn syima..hah obscene...punya mermaid ..i like!!! lol..

semua selesai..balek apartment yg mmg menanti kn kami semua...mandi2x pastu turun makan...heh....pastu naek aprtment blek.tdor kejap..hahahnkul 4 sengah..ade telematch..haha

*telematch..ade 4 group..-PUAKA,SEMINIT,CAK CAK CAK,AMBOI2X...mAen mcm2x laa...bawak guli dlm sudu..[kami kalah] lari dalam guni[kami MENANG] isi air dlm botol guner span[kami kalah] carik gula dlm pasir[kami kalah]tarik tali overall[kami kalah].sooo

kami dapat no.4..yeay!!!! mmg beshh enjoy sgt2x ..telematch tepi pntai..plak tuh bergambar je keje..:) :) :).....ade photographer nk kami jadik model...peter..thnks soo much taw...

malam..nye...ade dinner..cohort 4...BBQ..sedap sedap...ringkas..tapi meaningfull..semua berpakaian santai jaa..karoake..pun ade..byk giller kenangan...semua sporting giller mlm tuh...even the lecturer nynyi bersama....mmg bestt sgt..antara penyanyi mlm tuh..togo,hayat,aizat,cat,pakod,fendy,luke,jong n de geng,d guppies,safri,ayuni,nico and bob...

jgn maen2x taw..semua bakal teacher nie BERBAKAT BESAR!!!!..HEHE

lepas. bbq session abeh..around friend decide nk hangout tepi ngn guitar nye..dendangkn lagu2x...sdp.:)..ckp2x..citer2x....semua laa...tgk2x da kul 2 a.m..soo naek apartment..trus terbongkang...tdor di ats tilam yg empuk....kena nikmati coz mlm tuh mlm terakhir kt sini...heheh

pagi ketiga...dan hari yg terakhir....

pagi2x..seap2x..makan session...lepas makan... ade sesi reflection..


time nie laa air mate nk berjurai2x turun..sbb sedeyh..too many things..weve gone thru together..4 tahun.bersame...bukan setakat nk dpt kn segenggam ijazah but..its rich with experienced yg tak boleyh di jual beli...mungkin...kalo course laen tak serapat mcm kami.tapi...cohort 4...mmg one band one sound especially yg PANGKORIANS.... was a round table thing..soo everyone got their chance to say somethink included the two sempoi lecturers..

LASTLY...i love u all....semua telah mengajar ku erti sebuah more mature i think now days..huhuh

[to azim n the high comittee thnks soo..for this SUCCESSFUL TRIP...U GUYS ARE THE BEST!!]

[TO azim..thnk ue big boss...for the hadiah...walaupon kalah..telematch.heheheh we enjoy every single bit of it]

abeh reflection kami ...makan tgh hari.NAEK pekan..n do some FOOD SHOPPING FOR ME!!! HEHE.,,then pulang huhuhuh ke KUALA LUMPUR TERCHENTA JUGAK!!

akhir kata,

saya amat one of the cohort 4 batch....sgt2x berbangge...jugak menjadik antare 58 org yg pergi pangkor...i made it..i enjoy it.i cherished every single moment....

i hope we get to this kind of future..may be near future...:P...

to all cohort 4..

good luck in studies in UM...


[PRAY for our success in the upcoming result...doa doa...insyaALLAH berjaya.!!!]

salam..njoy...the SHORT HOLIDAYS.!!!!



P/S: if guys wonder why i didnt upload any pictures...its bcoz..u can view it thru my facebook ok.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009





















Friday, May 1, 2009

::saya dan jugak saya::

NI I AMEK dari doctor IRA...hehe dia tag saper yg ensem n chantek..i noe im not frm these group of peoples ..but hey WHO CARES!! heheh

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time: [06:38 A.M]
Name: [Nursharina azman]
Sisters: [none]
Brothers: [1]
Shoe size: 5/6 [saiz common ssh mau crik kasut asyik abeh jerk kalo sale!]
Height : 154cm.[short-me]
Where do you live : [kuala lumpur ]

Have you,

ever been on a plane : [yerp!!..]
Swam in the ocean : [pandai2x..cant wait to go to PANGKOR!!!]
Fallen asleep at school : [its a routine laa until now.haha]
Broken someone's heart : [perhaps yeah!]
Fell off your chair : hahaha..yup2!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : [used to laa]
Saved e-mails : [im not the type of person who will go trhu emails i rarely open it]

What is your room like : [here??pretty much a student room]
What's right beside you : [file2x penuh ngn lectures notes]
What is the last thing you ate : [tomyam kt mamak bawah nie..]

Ever had,

Chicken pox : [when I was 9 years old]
Sore throat : [yerp yerp having it rite now PANAS NYE MALAYSIA!!]
Broken nose : [NOPE]

Do you

believe in love at first sight : [erm nope nope]
Like picnics : [wud love ton have one...]

Who was/were,

The last person you danced with : [them my guppies]
Last made you smile : [them yg giller guppies ku tersayang]
You last yelled at : [saper eyh loper daa]

Today Did You,

Talk to someone you like : [ glad me n ridwan are getting better!]
Kissed anyone : [nk nk chad michael murray]
Get sick : [ermm im sick of "her" perangai u noe haha]
Talk to an ex : [cakap2x lately yess yes!!]
Miss someone : [like yeah soo much !!! missh ibu n ayah plus adek]

Who do you really hate : [currently none]
Do you like your hand-writing : [erm tidak tidak suke buruk lagik2x time "chaba" punya lectiures]
Are your toe nails painted : [now nope..wud love to..nnt laa]
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : [bed tak de but on lantai lke always!!!]
What color shirt are you wearing now : [wearing my pj]

Are you a friendly person : [depends on the situation]
Do you have any pets : [yes yeshh animal LOVERS ok!!!]
Do you sleep with the TV on : [emm penah laaa]
What are you doing right now : [ingt bagun pagi.nk study SOCIOLOGY carried away]
Can you handle the truth : [i will have to..thats what im doing rite now]
Are you closer to your mother or father : [BOTH OF 'EM ]
Do you eat healthy : [ dia slalo msej suwo makan kenyang2x hehe]

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : [ade ade..were FRIENDS NOW..]
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : [IBU THE best treatment plus my babes u noe who u are]
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : [chirpy...wacky..down to earth type boleyh??]
Are you confident : [i wish I'AM]

5 things I was doing 10 years ago, (i was 10)
- ermm help my survive in states ..we were doing catering i help out.hah teringt,.i was called "catering gurl"

-i played teather ball[i dont think we have it here in malaysia i really missh playing it]

-one of the gurl in the states soccer team[unfortunately, i was selected but didnt have the chance to joined it until the end balek MALAYSIA SUDAH TIME TUH]

-[GIGA PET.I still remember i wass soo into it..mine was a frog..hah teringt kena bg dier makan n everything lawak...]

-i lovee eating albertson early birds "donut" omg its soo soft n yummy!!!

5 of my bad habits
- im a procastinator...dun follow me its really really a bad bad habit!!

- love being in my pajamas..sooooo selesa ok!!

- geget kuku..isssh pngotor kn huhuh mcm mane nk get rid of this habbit..i noe its yucky!!

- self obsess...haha camera freak...sgt terok!! heh

5 places i've lived/am living
- cheras...goin to be in Bangsar soon huuhu

- bintang mas condominium..haha

- mahmoodiah...uma ku dekat ngn kubur..

- rumah ku johor bahru

- mane lagik eyh..bilik laa kt kl nie

5 persons to be tagged
- fafa gunjeng....

- erma gunjeng....

- nadia gunjeng...

- semua semua.....saper2x yg rajin..!!

- my silent readers..yg i tak taw pon bolleyh jawab besh besh!!

teruja sgt riena nie!!!!

phrase of the day "dun be selfish la.think about others jugak!! ok"


finished time: [7.oo a.m]




27TH APRIL 2009


8:30 A.M - 11:30 A.M



30TH APRIL 2009


3:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M



2ND MAY 2009


11:30 A.M - 1:30 P.M



4TH MAY 2009


11:30 A.M - 1:30 P.M






Monday, April 27, 2009


ai to all my beloved readers..

u all must be wondering..where i've been for the past few days..or i can say weeks.

it had been a wild ride

wanna noe what had happened to me lately..

things got a lill bit haywired...

esok mahu exam..


::kereta saya rosak dgn ..secare rakus nye telah menyababkn akuh sedikit tertekan tapi bolley handle lagik::


::mlm nk exam..haha mencari matrix card tak jumpa2x..syaabass!! time2x akuh cuak nk exam laa ko wat hall..cisss!!! akuh mmg tak bernaseb baek ar..ngn matrix card..dok ilang2x jaa..::


:: semester nie..akuh malas serba serbi..syabas kepada riena..leadership plak mmg byk kna bacer tapi..kalo bolleyh seap wat nota..lagik 5 minute snk masuk exam bru seap..issshh habit sengall nie..geramm kt dri sendri., sbb malass sgt laa nk jadik::


:: masuk exam ngn kepale berserabut banyak benda nk settle..AFTER EXAM..::


::SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH...exam ok..gak..paper dier walaupon..akuh waser pe yg akuh hafal bagai nk mati...tak de plak nk masuk.hurrggh!!!!..tension..semua da lepas.ok!! skrunk tggal nk..bertawakal jaaa.. n doa for the best...::

okies, nothink brag about..

im just living my life...

o0o0 byk benda kena catch up la..!!!


i come across this pic saja2x ja..rase mcm hot sgt zack time nieh..hehe

buhsann sebenarnye..

padahal ade lagiik ...3 papers yg semuanye killer paper..especially physics..membunuh sgt2x laa

neway guys...wishh me luck taw..

muaah pluss hug hus bear hug laa..:P


Saturday, April 18, 2009

no title..

"the going gets tough
but the tough gets going"
u guys tell me...

Monday, April 13, 2009

::craziest ideas::


::ahuh.....guess what did i do with my..guppies even tho not all but i still considered them guppies...

::it all started..with syima ideas..giller laa sgt2x..tpi brilliant because before this..mmg da lame giller tak wat keje giller...time tuh nga makan kt amber..ermm mari riena introduce amber tuh aper..actually its a place to ang out chit eat..r heart out...n we become the boss here sbb pelanggan tetap...haha...makanan dier sedapp :) especially tomyam dier pergh kaw kaw..u guys shud try may be one of ur favourite place to hang out...hehe tgk bolaa ker...okeh2xx da carry away da....back to my story....::

::balek dr makan..kiterog sengaje nk redah hujan...yg amatt lebat...we were alll wet...lame giller tak main hujan .ye laaa kn riena carik nahas nk ..exam...demam..padan muke sendri.haha..but it wass fun fun!! we were all laughing...tak henti2x..ingt da serik..tgk2x..two of my guppiess fafa n syima...jum jum pergi level one kt...kondo riena ade pool and...playground...soo its like..the even crazier idea...i told the gurll jum jum terjum dalam pool ...mesti beshh ..::

::hahaha...KAMI BUAT BENDA GILLER TUH!!!..we went upstairs just to put away our hps...then went rite down ...jump jump debushhhh!!! into the po0l...then....we kinda like tip toes nk elak dr slippery ..mozaic..hehe....leypak jap kt playground...raser free sgt2x...sbb tgh2x kondo tuh lapang ..tak taw nk describe perasaan tuh..tapi mmg behsh ar....:)...then we realized its like our last ..time...nk maen2x kt area kondo..after we need to move sooo gooo0onna missh this place huhu..soo many memories..cant recall tapi kalo dok kejap n termenung sah sah....ley meleleh air mate huhu::

::these are the picture we took..time mandi kt pool smeua tuh tak ley tak bawak....nset nnt wosakk ley gamaknye..::

nak taw per outcome dier????



>>>>to all my dearest cohort 4 ...selamat ber those yg da BERHOLIDAY..MESTI SWONOK KN..AKUH NIE STUCK KT KL LAgik nie..:)huhu johor bahru...tuggu saya akn balekk...jugakk wlaupon tak lame hehe<<<<

rindu same blackey n keniitt..dua dua ade kt rumahh ley tdor ngn dorg..yehaaaa!!



yahoooo!!!! yehaaaa!!..da abeh.sem....

thisn entry wont be loong...sbb nk share picas..

(dlm kepale byk plan tak taw sempat ke x..)

::jus need to finished up my assaiment on physics..and reflection of reading workshop haha....which will be done later..haa::

::so for the time being..mmg nk enjoy the remaining study leave study akuh nk enjoy tdor puas2x mcm ape jerk!!! lately mmg tak hingat tdor serius...leypak...jekr keje..ble lagiik kn hehe::

::khamis nie akuh balek jb..hometown...waaa rindu bangat laa weyh..nk balek..otak akuh nie pk mcm2x da nk wat per..tapi malangnye...sempat week strait ade kelass..huhu physics kena abeh kn concept map huh.n ade lagik satu topic need to cover yehaaa...gemar sgt laaa physic...:)))).....::

::arini....guess what...kereta akuh wat halll lagikk pergh...panas nyer hati naper laaa time2x mcm nk antr asaiment  tak ley start...isshhh..geramm.geramm...soo naek teksi pagi td.antr asaiment...::

::pggil mechanic...jumper kete sat..tgk2x kna g workshop dier tukar batri...pergh panas giller hati ku nk taw naper..akuh tanye pe prob..mcm tak reti jawab jekr mechanic tak paham bi tak paham...soo ckp per  PERANCIS???OR... jawa..haha luckily..kete da ley jalan..tapi masalhnye...takot jaidk mcm tuh lagiik soo kan ati2x...riena ..kan amek taw serba serbi..haramm jadahh...huhu o0opsie..termaki plak..huhu..::

::semua tuh dugaan dr tuhan nk menguji kesabaran hambanye...nie baru sket riena more too come..tak pe skrunk kena nex time da taw nk wat per..tak laa terpinga2x..mcm td akuh serius..bengang its not my first time facing this problem with my car..takpe2x..sabar tuh separuh dr iman..ibu suwo sayang kereta hehe okeh..lepas nie riena pluk cium laa kereta...muaaahh hugss byk2x before tdor...::

::settle ngn kereta..cuber teka akuh buat aper??ingt n try menggiler tuh...akuh tdor...syabas!!!! syabas!! tdor ngn lena nyer sbb..cuace mmg mengizin kn..sgt2x...lagik pon kepale beratt giller..laa..tak termampu daa...tdor lame slaah...tdor sket salah haha....tak taw mane btoi..hehe..::

o0o yeah nk share pictures...sket...


enjoy ur holidays....
study smart....nk final daaa..

sbb lepass final nk pergi PANGKOR YEHAaaa!!!!
lets make it happen!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

it ENds...already..

assalamualaikum...yehaaa to all my beloved readers..

i officially ends my last semseter here in maktab..before i proceed my journay to become an english teacher in university malaya...:) ..the mixture of feeling is within me ever since the last two weeks..even tho im kinda excited to explore the world of uni..but then theres still things i need to take care would be superbly fine if we go to um...with all the facilities prepared for us..but n my housemates in search of new house to rent...we gotta move out which makes me sick...its sickenning because...its not that we did not try to search for houses in UM area but not fullfilling..our needs..were not being totally ermm perfect in such way..not too demanding but somehow...for me if u wanna stay in one place i think the most important is the safety,facilities..kemudaham awam..clealiness i dun want to get denggi....huhu tell me about it its like going to slumdog area...dirty..and may be im just not used to those kind of places..huhu...

alrite for now..cant write tummy saket..i'll get back to u all later..

just pray for me n my housemates...will ventually get a house to stay in UM..

haha...takotnye...nk masuk UM...mcm tak ready jekr haha

o0o yeahh bout ..workshop...i will upload some of the pictures..:)

till then...

la la la la~singing favourite song at d moment..~kish me thru the phone~


picture tak de kena mengena ngn ape2x pon saje buhsan buhsan2x.....

Monday, April 6, 2009



Sunday, April 5, 2009

reality of life

ailo0o my dearest reader..

[o0opsie its gonna be a loong entry...saper nk g toilet dulu di persilakn heheh]

alrite last week was quite hectic for me..n my friends laaa especially yg tak habeh2x presentation n simulated teaching..haha im getting used to all of these things..

my simulated teaching was simple..but im glad that everything went well..the way we planned laa..may be a bit off here n there...but nevermind me n my partner compliment each other..thankss soo much nicholas..:) really enjoyed working with ya!!!

basically my life is just about to get a bit ease...tak sempat nk tarikk nafas...workshop is coming up..on the 9th of usual lots lots  of preparation we need to do...going to school its not about delivering knowledge..but the knwlegde needs to eb delivered in the most interesting and creative way...soo mari pecah otak..ahah pk activity...that will captured the childrens attention.."we are well versed that children attention spend are short"...haha teacher sgt2x da nie riena....

alrite..saturday yg baek for me...we went to old town..get somethink to eat..its more like brunch..hehe..i stuff my self with the superb nasi rendang ayam..n xi mut milk tea.sedapp...then we go on chatting n chatting...waser lame sgt2x tak chat about reality mmg duduk satu rumah but then we rarely had a chance to speak from our heart..i feell soo lucky to have met them"friends" my journey to persuit my higher education..they have been there for me..yupp2x okeh jgn sedeyh bah...hehe..neway they are great peoples..with such a big heart..we kinda share thots on how our life wud be...since three of us are still single..n available..n we can never predict what will happen to us in future...

it kinda make me scared...:) i noe after posting we could never sit like these anymore..mesti pergi haluan masing2x...ade family sendri n agenda sendri...mungkin ade yg terus n trus berbakti pada negare mungkin ade yg further study..get their master and mungkin housewife we never know....its all in GOD's hand...

tanpa riena sedari tggai minggu depan jerk..kiter akn berada di maktab...the last week...of me being a student in the block tesl...coz after this n hopefully...we all sail get in UM. its just a mixture of sadness n happiness..i grow old n mature here..this is the place where i gain my confidence to talk in front of the classroom...and sorta voice out my opnion..i change a lot..n i know i did...i really feel the confidence of being a teacher is within me now..before this i never dream to be a seriusly..its notmy forte at all..hehe..but then to look at the bright side.i do have the quality to be one[sedikit2x]..and GOD had made my journey to be like this..i really appreciate it...its the best and the right choice ive made in my life...o0o0 yeah my parents play an important role in making me the way i'am today..thnks mum n dad..they are just great great parents i could never ask for more.they always give me  the never ending support to me..which makes me stronger to lead my path as a future teacher...

here where i found my love.and its also the place where tragic do hurts but thats the best way."we respect each other decision"..i always thot of true love and never ending happiness  that only happens in fairy never crossed my mind to fell in in college..but the power of love as human being we can never halang...the feeling wants to be loved n need to be always there..soo i fell in love sooo in love with this guy...hes just different..i dunno how to describe..but he has the quality..that i like...n love..hehe.."jgn sedeyh riena please continue wrtings" love story ..lets keep it private..hehe..while many of my friends do find love n still remain inlove...madly inlove....but i noe sumhow GOD have a better plan for me n him.."sometimes the hardest thing is the right things-quote it from him" learning to let go...little by little...

here in college....i also learned to be a person..i mean..we can't always have it our way..soo i learn toleration is a powerfull tools to solved things out..kehidupan makan hati n telan hati muntah hati...da biaser..u just need to bear with it..whether u want it or not..cumer we are human being again im not purrfect...soo i noe let things harsh...i noe that show the other side of me..which i inherit from my dad.panas baran..huhu...i try to be someone better each time..i think about it..lots of things we gone thru togetehr as a all started in tesl day...time tuh semua innocent..lagik...tak nmpk true colours lagikk..soo maseh bley tahan...cope with everybody emotion...then we did mini conference...which was a BIG SUCCESS to ur chort 4..we even stayed until nite to make sure thinsg are organized..for teh next day..then we went to PENANg for .english Camp..we were teh only maktab yg antr kesemua budak TESL..waaahh mmg havoq giller time tuh..byk giller kenangn kt penang..pasal biasness..pastu kiterog amuk kt senior dorg...beshh giller hauhauha..but every action we did we are aware of why we did it..we just want to be treated fairly..smapi skrunk riena ingt makanan tak ckup tok mktb kiterog..n then the fliers..were like hell...sumpah....kena koyak2x giler tabur kn atas meja..n even my friends..even showed to the editor of the fliers..n u now what..tue laa org kater maen ngn api..soo bdak tuh nangeh..haha humiliating sgt2x..nangeh la plak...time treasure hunt...pon...maen2x jerk..pastu berhujan rmaii2x..naek bus kesejukan..hehe beshh laa terigt...

[sedeyh pon ade..nanti kt um dapat raser lagik tak eyh...close bond nieh.or is it goin to be a whole new beginning.??]

here in college.....we went to pangkor with maktab lecturers..trip to pangkor island..for[pendidikan luar@outdoor education] one of the kenangan yg tak mungkin luper smpai bile2x..beshh sgt2x...ketepikn sementare benda yg tka besh...kt pangkor kiter semua one big family...its more like brothers n sisters .punya style hidup..the guys care for the gurls...always look out..benda yg riena terharu sgt2x..time kt PL smeua bekerjasama...masak2x sma2x..kalo yg saket ade kawan akn tlg jenguk n jage...feeling of togetherness nie yg akn riena ingt smpai biler2x..mesti terasr kehilangan dat kind of feeling..drifting apart nnt smapi UM..sbb..cohort riena..rmai laki..but all of them, are terms of being caring..and look out on the gurls..gentlemen to be precised..dorg nmpk jekr nakal..ske wat hal..tdor dlm lectures..tuh biaser da tgk tapi..humanity dorg nie tggi...even gurls..all of them...i love them all..they are like my sisters here..mmg la lumrah kehidupan tak semua org kiter akn ngam...n ok with but.they still make up the 73 of us.. i noe that in when i grow older i have somethink to share with my children..we have to value the people surround us yg rapat ke yg tak rapat ke orr yg suam2x jekr rpaatnye..we never knw org yg paling kiter tak ske dia laaa yg tolong kiter..its just reality kehidupan yg kiter kna hadapi what so ever....~sigh.......i continue to be in sedeyh sedeyh mode~..

woweeee..pnjgn sket entry kali nie...yup...

soon it will be over..

soon we will start a new life in um..

soon things will change...

soon i will need to adapt to the new environment

soon its never going to be the same

soon i will change and peoples around me will change for the better perhaps

soon i will be more mature to handle my problem

soon i will finished my studies...[like finally!]

soon i will graduate with all my beloved darlings n sweethearts[73's of us one band one sound]

soon we will be posting .......all around Malaysia..

soon we will be busy leading our own life ..getting married.,having a few babies.

[unconciousness~we tend be further apart due to hecticness of life and distance]

soon we are left ALONE AGAIN just the same way we first enter COLLEGE.....:(

all i can say is......thats the REALITY OF LIFE....

enuff of mumbling....cik riena oi...



p/s: esok nk g cariik uma sewa.. kt...UM wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

its almost O.V.E.R!!!

dear dearest readers.....

::esok saya akn membuat simulated teaching for writings::

::esok jugak hari yg ditunggu tunggu....nk get over all these things..::

::org laen da merdeka..saya maseh di sini membuat preparation for sooo0o gonna be teacher::

::saya suke mengajar..tapi part nk impart knowledge tuh laa yg payah...::

:: teacher in training...heh one thing that keeps me going is i love n adore children may be thats the reason why ALLAH..had put me into this career::

::i should be practising my simulated..just to see the flow n everything...::

::For this week agak busy with all the reading workshop n thingy...preparation what activity to carry out..agak pening laa.but im ok...things can be solved slow slow la..saya tak boleyh kalut..i noe .i jenis kalut but then kna control..kang tak tentu hala kn org kate...::

::waiting and waiting for this week to be over..n then we have the time to have fun n have our own space to live our life::

::im starting to love my seriously..theres a reason nape akuh di takdir kn amek course nie...tak sabar nk jmpe budak2x kt skola..facing reality...::

::gambar ni sekadar hiasan tapi saya suker DIA AMAT!!! GILLER HOT LAA WEYH!!!::

::okies laa....enuff of me...mumbling laa.::
::toodles laaa dulu..catch'up on u all later tomorrow laaa after abeh semua...simulated teaching yehaaa merdeka for a while::


Monday, March 30, 2009

..JUM kawen jum Kahwiin!!


*keje da seap semua ker riena* 

1. How old are you?

[still 21 years old ..young n sweet]

2. Are you single?

[im single laa..still mencari-cari haha]

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?

[ermm paling lewatt around 27 kot paling awal da gatai sgt ade calon ade org mahu 25 laa]

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

[im with no one for the time being laa]

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

[my fantasy mmg laa CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY Hambarrrrrrrrr kn??]

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?

[tak pernah terpk pown ermm saper eyh?? heh]

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?

[mmg mahu traditional wedding..n then combination of garden wedding hehe]

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

[ italy..italy...italy.please.....teringin sgt2x]

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

[the more the dads friends n my mums friend pon da rmai giller..tak termasuk family n relatives jejauh..lagik, waaaaaaaaaaa kawan2x akuh lagiik...cikgu2x kt skola nnt time posting lagikk...waa buat kt dewan besar laa hauhauh berangan jekr pandai]

10. Will that include your exes?

[dorg mahu datang ker??? tapi akn di jemput dun worry]

11. How many layers of cake do you want?

[dalam 4 layers ker..or three pon ok..:)]

12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?

[ermm nikah mlm...bersanding afternoon laa gamaknye.]

13. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding:

[lagu yg tggai kn byk memories..jiwang jiwang!!]

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?

[sah sah kalo traditional guna tgn n kaki eyh eyh....tgn jerk riena..n then kalo dunner bru gunner fork n spoon..]

15. Champagne or red wine?

[air pisang laaa huahua....kalo ade rezeki nk air laicy laa mcm sedap kn hehe]

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

[days after the wedding settle everything pastu ley have fun fun ngn hubby waaaahh mcm da ade yg nk kt riena jekr hehe]

17. Money or household items?

[dua dua laaa penting]

18. How many kids would you like to have?

[paling rami 3 org..laa..tapi ank yg larat laa]

19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?

[yesshh!! ]

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know ?

[whose??ermmm dunn noe.saper yg teraser nk kahwin...] [hehe]

sahabat-sahabat yg nk di TAGGED..*RASER NK KAWEN X?*

-SESIAPER raser n ade maser nk buat di persila kn..hehe



p/s: waser nk kahwen nk dpaat baby..:P