Saturday, November 21, 2009

a come back from the writer ~riena~

It's been a while..

I miss this place.

I used to have time to update my blog..
that was before...


since I've enter a new part of my life being a Um.
suddenly... everything change..I just cant believe it..

it rip off my personal life..
it rip off my privacy huhu..

I was so "indulged" with all the workloads...
I'm going to start blogging again..
but of course not on educational things laaa..
I'm tired of it already,,
kunonnya techno savvy sgt...laaa
nak cek blog lines pon tak reti...susah..ade org mcm tuh..
cakap tak serupa bikin...kan....
[I'm mumbling bout my beloved "dugong"]

okeh laa not gonna write much..
It's just an introduction..:P
I will write more...



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