Thursday, June 25, 2009


hello readers....rindu sgt kt korg..lame gak akuh tak update...

kini akuh sendirian di ruang kegemaranku...depan laptop and kerusi kesukaan akuh pon da sampai ...terima kaseh laa byk2x father sudi bawak dlm bonet kereta...:)love u dad!!u just noe me better...muaaah happy fathers day...i noe its never too late...:)

ptg2x sendrian di rumah...sepi..kadang2x rasa bgus jugak...dapat menyendri...its just the matter of being alone...terpikir...arini hari terakhir akuh habes SCHOOL EXPERIENCE PROGRAMME[SEP]..SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH..everything went fine..i was soo glad..semua guru2x di sekolah tue sgt2x sporting and supportive..i feel lucky my self..:) im learning to love being a teacher..the experience i got really put me aside all my negative thots about teaching...because before this i never want to be a teacher at first i was more like....ermm.....i want to be a FORENSIC HAHA...i think im in the right path...alrite enough talking bout my so called 3 weeks practicum...just nk thanks...TO SK YAACOB LATIF (1)..GURU BESAR YG SEMPOI LAGIK wise...:)bg kami wat practicum kt situ... it is..bile busy..ngn banyak keje mana nk ade kesempatan..nk mengahargaii hari2x terakhir2x di kondominum bintang mas nie...i love this place soo much...its hard for me to leave...but then...huh!! it wud be far away from[i need to put my mind set i cannot always leave under all these kemewahan...hehe]..soo i'll be moving out to pantai called the most crowded place in..bangsar area..huhu...ive been there..ive seen the place...yeahh its dense...

hell yeah....kena try adapt cik riena....huhu..may be the first few will be akward..i think i will survive...u can do this riena!!! da byk kali pindah dalam hidup kn..."put on my optimist cap"..

another short notice....

wanna noe???

and im fuckin mad at first..u noe how i hate short notice especiallly.....................


my practicum....assignment need to be submit tomorrow...

u get it!!!


lame i tak update my blog....hehe been damn busy...

n my internet connection sucks really really bad....

ive been disconnected....for like...................ermmmmmmmmmmmm 2 weeks to go...

my work is piling up!!..

take care...


Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

saya tiada keje

Part 1 : On the outside

Name : Nursharina Emylia Azman
Date of Birth : 110787
Current Relationship Status : Single
Eye Color : Dark brown
Hair Color : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty
Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Part 2 : On the Inside

Your Heritage : Melayu ..Banjar
Your Fear : I fear God
Your Weakness : Keep blaming on my self

Part 3 : Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up : need to start cleaning.n packing
Your bedtime : it doesnt matter now...whenever.
Your most missed memory : High school..always the best

Part 4 : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McD's or Burger King : Mac d'
Single or Group Dates : single..i think
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Tea or Nestea : lipton tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino

Part 5 : Do You...

Smoke : No
Curse : Yes..
Drink : no...

Part 6 : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol : nope..
To the mall : Yes..
Been on stage : yes
Eaten sushi : Yes
Dyed your hair : yes feel like doin it this july...haha dyed purple..laa

Part 7 : Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game : haha nie mcm besh jaa...skali skala..
Changed who you were to fit in : ermm no really..

Part 8 : Age

You're hoping to be married : 26 or 28...i hope laa if i have the mr right at that time

Part 9 : In A Guy

Best Eye color : brown or black
Hair color : brown or black..not dyed...
Short or long hair : i prefer short..not really short la..

Part 10 : What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago : listen to avril song..
1 hour ago : movee marathon...
1 month ago : busy with college life laa..eheh
1 year ago : im still in a relationship..

Part 11 : Finish The Sentences

I love : to get connected...
I feel : okay...just bored
I need : a better phase of life..

Part 12 : List out 5 presents you wish for

perfume from...versace..
a watch..[espirit/guess/or fossil.[that wud last long]
a new laptop..[from my dad or mummy]

tote...from..fossil..i sooo love it!!!

a new shoes..may be a heel one..from sach..soo comfy


Friday, June 5, 2009

terlalu berfikir

im having a bad bad cough....

sigh.....[penat laaaa batuk waser nk tercabut tekak]

then running nose which i hated soo much ok! benci benci sgt2zx..ok..[sket2x meleleh]

tak baek2x sakeeet dr aritu lagik..dok ulang je saket nie..huhuh

i dunno if u all perasan...

im not leading a healthy life anymore..

im becoming more more more lazy....

i start my day at 10 a.m..then online mcm nk mati daaa depan laptop nie..smpaai laa member ajak g makan lunch...tuh pon kalo da mandi..kadang2x terperaap jekr kt bilik ni tak mandi..semua malass laa..isssh bahaaaaayaa sgguh penyakit mals nie...

ermm motif utame...tak balek hometown time cotie nie..nk ngemas i mention moving out..but hell i havent start a sen pon nk mengemas uma..pack brg2x..semua..padahal byk giller nk kan pack..coz mostly brg the closet soo mmg laa tak nmpk banyak..but then...tgk kiri tgk kanan...pergh....

mcm gunung jaa akuh tgk barang akuh..pergh..pening pening...!! 

cik riena ade hati nk upah org kemas kn barang tapi.........nk bayar guna aper??kalo ley guna bulu ke..daun ke tak pe gak...huh...merepek merapu giller.....hummmmmp..

ohhh yeah!!..guess wAT RESULT da kuar,,mmhg terbaek laa result kn...[syukur..tak teruk mane but turun gak pointer]..mari i can go to UM..DGN HATI YG TENANG..tak yah repeat paper...:)

byk benda goin thru my mind..terpk..plak...skrunk kna mengemas kt uma sni..packing and everything..pindah sana...plak.,then....lagikk pecah otak...sampai sane  kena start kemas kt uma yg baru yg ammaaatt laaa taw laa nk campak..brg2x yg terlebey sudah...[akuh mmg pk benda rumit..masalh sgguh akuh nie..huhhu i noe it can be done but..still kna pk..]

alrite laa..da pkul baper  ni....

nk g mandi ...panas rase...da nie..

take care...

muaaah muaahh 

hugs n kisses!!!!