Wednesday, December 31, 2008

..class begins....hectic hectic...

hey silent readers....
guess what?? arini da masuk 2 hari i g kelas...
yupp.firstly im gratefull my dad..had bought me a car..yup2x my own car.
soo its kinda easy to go here n there..thnk u to fafa for the time being shes training me to drive manual car doing good hahah 
o0o ye!!! fro this class dapat lecturer yg pelbagai..ahha but luckily it was not her who teach smpai ke ptg pergh..sah2x akuh tdor punya!!!
dr kt skola akuh jenis tdor dlm kelas tak tdor ponteng g MBT*medan bacaan tambahan*tak bacer pown dok bual jerk mmg sengal sket perangai time tuh..nie da bsar  da mule sdar sket kot hahah
hari pertame okeh jerk good news..mdm zarina is now the coordinator of cohort!! i bet all the boys are willing to do anythink for her..heh shes not only pretty..but soo kind n sweet tho!!
facing reality...guess what!!! kelas da start soo upacare akuh menghadapi kenyataan da bermule..mmg org akn nmpk akuh gembire n all that tapi masalhnye!!!! akuh tidak..nk melangkah masuk semonar room pown akuh berdoa supaye tuhan memberi kekuatan..kesabaran..
wanna noe sumthink i shudnt do but i did,,,i curik2x tgk dier...i just cant help it..i misshhh him..god me..its soo see him..there..n realizing tht hes not yours anymore all that are left with me are our memories.byk byk sgt2x!!!..
i misssss him and thats the truth!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

..emotion recovery...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

I tag :
semua...yg bacer tagged nie yeah!!!hah saper suwuh bacer...hehe

Start time : 11:46 p.m

Random facts about myself :
[i looove pizaa soo much pizza lovers!!!
[i loooveee chad michael murray in one tree hills hot guy!!
[im a shopaholic..i really noe how to spend...ahhah
[i looveee wedges..i meann cheeesy wedges..kfc..lovee it..see??im soo into food!!
[i have a bad bad bad habit which i cnt figure out how to get rid of it..*geget kuku*

Myself :
First name : nursharina
Name you wish you had : i loove my name n proud of it...thnks pa&ma!
What do people normally your name as : sheryn.ryn.ryna...sharina
Birthday : july 11 87
Birthplace : in jb GH
Time of birth : well its in the
Single or taken : im single...trying to mend the broken heart...
Zodiac sign : cancer gegurl...

My appearance :
How tall are you : 153.5 cm only..i noe im short..can i say petite??hahah
Wish you were taller : yup2!! penah mimpi nk tiggi..huhu
Eye color : mysterious dark brown..
Current hair color : mysterious dark brown
Short or long hair : ermm its shorter ..i just got my hair cut..
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : yup!!..the colour its kinda red uburn plus a bit of bleach blonde highlight...heheh i mmg ske bab wosakk kn rambut!!
Last time you did something dramatic with you hair : ermm when eyh???hahah
Glasses or contacts : prefer a nerdy...hahah na'ah.
Do you wear make up : yes..
Paint your nails : lamernyer tak buat hehe
Shy or outgoing : outg0in
Sexy or cute : can i pick both.???
Serious or fun : im a a bit of both...i cn be pretty serious at times..but playfull all the time hahaah
A turn on : eyes that melts...
A turn off : ermm a liar...liar....liar!!!

This or That :
Flowers or chocolates : chocolates..
Pepsi or coke : vanila coke
Rap or rock : r0ck
Relationship or one night stand : relati0nship
School or work : high school to be precise!!just mishh all the gileer2x things i used to do with my eisya hahaha
Love or money : no money no love heheh
Movie or music : music...esp indie meiko..laaayaaan sgguh..
Country or city : city...i lovee the bznesss heheheh plik kn i nie!
Sunny or rainy days : sunny of course...
Friends or family : family..

Have you Ever :
Lied : yes..evrybody does...
Stole something : yess *heart* which i cnt return it back!! its sooo hard...
Smoked : nva eva
Hurt someone close to you : Yup..
Broke someone's heart : ermm dunno pnah kot..
Wonder what was wrong with you : always asking my self..
Wish you were prince or princess : yeah..fairy tales one..where there is always a HAPPY ENDING!!
Like someone who was taken : YEAHH DAVID VILAA SANCHEZ...HUHU
Shaved your head : nva
Used chopstick : xpnah pown heh tak reti lah babe..
Sang in the mirror to yourself : yes...heh

Favourites :
Flower : white roses..and lily..heh
Candy : m&ms
Song : always be my baby,david cook version.
Scent : i loove ckin2u..
Color : black...
Singer : ADAM LEVINE..
Junk food : super ring..walupon org kater.,.tak elok...but i still looove it much2x...
Website : ermm fb fs ms
Location : my cribs
Animal : cats...lover

Ever cried over someone : Yeahh im agurl wat do u expect...hehe
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : att
Do you think you're attractive : ntah..skrunk..tak kisah...mlas nk amek taw
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : snow white
Do you play any sports : yeah..lone time a bit of netball.

End time : 12:12 a.m..

.devastating ending....of 2008 all the readers..
its been quite some time i didnt write anything here..
well actually there is a reason..a cponcrete reason..huhuhu
penah dgr kn "dr mane kiter datang di situ jua kiter kembali..

sebenar benar benar nyer..

tanggal 29th of dec...hari yg mengejutkn..akuh terime panggilan dr ibuku melalui nphone my dad..i dunno but..since yesterday hati tak sedap u noe wat...byk benda i nk wat tak jadik..n sometime ke hulu ke hilir..mcm org hilang arah...huhu..see people said we cant trust.."gerak hati"but then..what i went thru was totally opposite..sedeyh tak terkater..shock kelu..blurr...dgr swore ibu dekat telephone..pown hati i tak sedap..bunyi nye mcm nie..."akak...atok da tak de kak...atok cik anis da tak de.."her voice bercampur ngn tangisan yg tak henti2x.akuh kelu sgt!!.time tu i was at times be precise*i kuar ngn erma nk watch moveee with her kakak (alang).i trus rush..balek..bintang mas*kondoku*my mum kater abg long akn amek n trus balek kluang..dlm teksi i mmg tak dapat tahan kesdihan...crying crying..sedeyh sgt!!!..lost someone i truly ...lovee...sayangg sgt2x..sape tak sayang atok..huhu now im left with all the memories..most recent ones was in mlake during my cousin engagement ceremony..dier seyhat..muker nyer shorten it..i was lucky enuff to be able to see arwah..n kiss on her forehead..pemergian nyer tidak ku jangke...tetapi apa kn daya...akuh jiwaku perlu redha dgn ketentuannye.that tuhan lebeh menyayangi dier...semoge roh arwah di cucuri rahmat..keberkatannye...

to all the readers...yg muslim

*sedekah al-fatihah untuk arwah atok binti Abd Jalal*

trime kaseh byk2x....

thats all.....

ini semua dugaan dr tuhan yg maha adil lagi maha berkuasa...

akuh sbg hamba..perlu kuat untuk meneruskn kehidupan ini even tho...i noe it is hard..

sadness in my life just got worsed..huhu

S E D E H P I L U ......



Sunday, December 28, 2008




sorry kalo ade tak terJAWAB ye...

1.the besh love s0ng [contemporary]
-Ahuh!!! always be my currently intoo it soo much!!~david cook~

2.the besh love s0ng[evergreen]
-this i promise you..u guys mesti teringt zaman muda mudi kiter..berchenta!!!~nsync~

3.the besh pre break up s0ng
- sorry huhuh goshh dont make me cry now!!~buckcherry~

4.the besh break-up s0ng
- ermm jap jap im thinking...o0o ya!! STARTS WITH GOODBYE by cArriE unDERWOOD.

5.the besh mesmerizing s0ng bout ur ex
- googoodolls..just looovin it!!!

6.besh revenge song
- Keep holdin on..i dunno why..but it just give me the moove on

7.the besh s0ng when u are trying to remember him
- IRIS...GOOGOODOLLS...its just full of my memories when im with him...

8.the besh s0ng after u buried ur xbf
- ermm ape ye...goshh im crackin my head now erma..ur gonna get it after i seapkn ur tag nie!!!!

9.the besh s0ng reasonin ur break-up
- ermm what yeah!!! this is the hard one..cinta terhalang can rite??

10.the besh s0ng if u wan a new bf after u break up
-meiko-boys with girlfriend...u shud hear this song....nice nice..:)

11.besh s0ng if u wanna trash up ur exbf
- sorryy tak de gamaKnye.. huhuh

12-the besh s0ng when u are down

- ape gamaknye...With You by Chris Brown..its sooo soothing,n i can suddenly recall all the besh besh n syioook memories together..huhu im missing him now...

to all the readers...

sape yg nk buat this tag ..u r invited to do it...!!!

come on..the more the merrier!!!



Saturday, December 27, 2008

..find piece in songs.....

haloo readers..

as i was wondering n looking n searching for the song that keeps playing in my head..and suddenly i scroll down my mp3..i found this song its not actually the song that i want..but somehow..its soo close to just reaches my heart soo well..soo here is the lyric to the song that im currently listening to over n over again...its called.."EVERYTHING BY LIFE HOUSE".. have u heard it before???*the words that are in pink colour are my favourite parts*

Find Me Here
Speak To Me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me
To the place where I find peace again.

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my're everything.

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Cause you're all I want, You're all I need
You're everything,everything
You're all I want your all I need
You're everything, everything.
You're all I want you're all I need.
You're everything, everything
You're all I want you're all I need, you're everything, everything.

And How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

Friday, December 26, 2008

..headin back to SHOPPING HEAVEN..

shopping heaven???

shopping talking about kuala lumpur..haha.. is therapy..dats the fact that everybody are well verse about ..

tomorrow morning im heading back to .KL. 

AS usual..when its time to go back to mean..the semester is gonna start anytime nextweek huhu...

..WHAT KL MEANS Too me.N perhap most of my friends.

...going back to ur rental house.lovely n combos!!!haha guppies u noe what i mean here.

...back to a normal student..

..for study get a degree...*2 years more*

..gonna miss hometown soo much since i seldom went back until the end of semster...

...gonna meet friends...the loveable ones.n..the one u dont want to meet..

..gonna meet lecturers...ones u misssh..ones u dont...hehe*dont want to mention their names  here* hehe

..start having lectures..after..lecturers.(sampai muntah2x).the funny and attractive ones until the ones that just dozzzz u offf....rite when he/she just start opening his or her mouth..i noe im a bad student..

..starts hectic life...more n more test , quizzes , presentation, partner n group work.assingment....

..facing the *reality*..u guys knows what im taking about here...

..nightmare..*result for test things will turn out..huhu

..starts taking more n more caffeine to start kicking my ass 2 stay up...result ---migrain huhu

...praying hard to GOD...*smoge tuhan memberkati usahe hamba mu ini*

..trying hard to denied emotion...*esp when ur mad at sumone but telling them ur not some sort like that la* we ARE living in denial...come on tell me...who doesnt rite??*...

...avoid me..when im having my PMS...HAHAH

...most of us..are broke..i mean..we didnt get our..allowances yet...we will get it in march..*finger cross*huhu i hope the goverment now.. are more sensitive about this matter...if they dont want anymore *scene* to happen in the last semester..the allowances were damn late...huhu

OKIES i think if i continued the will never end...i noe i love mumbling...haha..

i just hope n hope n hope...the upcoming semester...will be better for me.,.and also to all my coursemates......

see you all in tesl block..heheh it will be our last semster here in maktab....enjoy every moment..together...lets make more n more..memorable memories together..!!!even tho sometimes it can be drmatic..nvm..were future teacher..we are supposed to be *dramatic n  spontaneous*

thats alll from me...

pray for my safe journey back to kuala lumpur...


ENJOY THE WET WET CHRISTMAS since it raining all over malaysia now days.."



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...should not be doing this....

hye my dear readers.....

*sad tone*

downright i was not supposed to say anything about it again...

it soo hard to denied...the feeling i have inside..its just hard...

especially when i start life wud be in kuala lumpur..when the new semester starts.

im counting people are counting days for x-mas  and new year to arrived...

but hell yeah.*sorry for the harsh words..* for the first time im not looking forward for the new semester..its just ...ermm .i dont know how im going to face the situation..the reality....

for goodness sake..i really dunno what to year..

hurmmp..lately im really not in the mood to do anything.. sigh*

last nite i start listening to the songs.. songs that gives me the flashback all the memory..gud n bad.suddenly i start thinking why it has to come to an end..i keep questioning my self..why..what..when..all the wh question that i could think of..and i noe how hard to think n to be ok..perhaps it will never be that way..

my life change dramitically..

the first thing that i i realized..

i was not being my self...and i can be too emotional at times..

my life became empty.meaningless....

.it all started when i didnt received any message from him.. i feel soo different..*im starting to cry*huhuh

coz i noe especially early in the morning i would received a morning msg..that would really make my day..even tho it was a simple"hye dear..morning" but with that simple message is all i need to get it goin..u noe ... he is my inspiration to start my day..huhu but all that is heart is broken into pieces..

i keep reminding my self that it will never be the same again..not as couple..were only friends..we are fate to be friends only..

i can practically..put a fake happy..and laughing all the way..u noe what even the funniest people that ive known cant make me laugh..u all can figure how was i at that time..its horrible..but to jage hati..i giggle a bit...huhu i parent witness the changes ive gone thru..espcially when now im not clinging to my nset as before even my father realize.these are his words"lame ayah tak nmpk akak msej ngn dier"gaduh ker?kalo tak anak ayah nie mesti msej tak henti2x n the phone is owes in active mode." if u noe dad..ur heart broken.really really broken into dying inside...huhuh days goes starting to adjust my self to the situation..getting used to not receiving any mseg from him..may be a few msej everyday would cure my broken heart..and now im learning to accept fate.trying to see the world that whatever im going through..its not as hard compared to others yg face more n more difficulties.this is just part of life..

i was soo thankfull...that i have my guppies my babes my eisya..and to "him"..for giving the never ending support..for believing me..that i can be strong to move on with my life..i dunno guys without u all i really dunno where to turn to..thank you again...

and now...its 23rd of december...and 30th of the going to have the goosebump u noe how it tickles..n when  ur heart beat fast and sumhow u can sense him coming even tho he is still a miles!!the chemistry..its just a normal feeling when ur already with that someone for too long..hehe..i noe u all must have experienced it before...

..whatver it is he is stil my special ones eventho the situation is different now,he is still someone close to my heart...hes just soo special in his own ways..we promise each other to be friend..and hopefully we can..huhuim afraid nant i will tend to xpect him to act like he is my boyfriend in fact he is not..huhu..gossshh its hard..tak pe..i will try..:)

fuyo0o0...its soo long...already...

i think i need to feeling better as im coming to an end..writing n expressing my feeling my blog..after all its gud to have and own a blog..its emotional therapy bebeh..heheh

okies..on the 25th i'll be heading kuala lumpur..with my family..huhu 

GOD...please give the strength..!!! to face it!!!

i think the best way is i need to keep my self occupied doing sumthink soo that i wont burst into tears...easily...

dats all for now..



Monday, December 22, 2008



last friday...

g tgk cter nie....beshhh sgt2x....

from 5 star..i would give....ermm 

4.98/5...u all shud watch this movee...its full of cute lil dogs..n then its very touching towards the end..

i just love it much much!!!!


take care..


Sunday, December 21, 2008

moments we shared

hye folks...

as u can the pictures..ive edit it would be look all at once..yeah...

this is what i call my darling....these three gurls are the precious thing that i have in ma life besides family.....

they are just soo close to my heart...

they are the one who understand me best 

they all love me unconditionally..and i love them too much.....

ive always been looking forward to meet them..since everybody is busy with their life...

its kinda hard up frequently..

ermm on friday...we finally meet up..goshhh!! we hug n hug the bear hug ..i noe people were watching but who cares we just misshh each other soo much until i was not aware that so many eyes were on us...heheh then we let go..each other..hehe..they musthave sumthink on their my mind..dorng nie bertahun2x n berkurun ke tak jumpe..heheh

lots of things that we do...makan2x n makan, on the latest news haha..n guess what!! yat was the only one..who is happily taken...while me iza n que....we are single yet unavailable....the broken heart still need to be mend..b4 we go on into loving sumoe new..heh if not then definitely..rebound...will happen...hahah that i have seen them..i think me n que have change physically hehe we are a bit plum*a bit ker??i need to go for threadmills..huhauhau but long we are happily together....physical doesnt matter much...rite??

i really had fun...

gurls day out.....mmg giller semua...dok criter2x...hambar sgguh..janji nk balek around 8 then..we leypak at raibo..have sum drinks..continued talking n more n more gossiping ..terbabas..kul 9..and as usual my mum starts calling me...i know shes worried..when i came back worried too coz my mum is that house..i think i need to suggest to my mum to stay in the condo while my dad is worried for her safety...especially when shes alone...*for me..the house rite now is too big laa mama*...

orite too much of




take care..


Saturday, December 20, 2008


The picture was taken by my lil bro..but i thot it was nice..coz i love the view from here..since its not full of smpah sarap..anyway for u ol punya information..pntai nie  pnuh ngn sampah2x truk lah masyarakat kite nie..sooo irresponsible..saket taaw hati nie tgk pantai d cemari...dr nk wat nature therapy trus jadik sampah therapy sebenarnye....but al in all i still love the beach.!!!! the air that breeze...thru my hair...goshh amaatt syiiookk...saya suke....

katE jEk let the picture do the talking hampeh..tgn nie ade jerk benda yg nk di type kn..sengal..btoi ryna nie..

i really enjoyed my stay at..portdickson even tho the weather was not on my side..but nevermind..i enjoyed the food..seafood..the fresh ones..yummy...i makan semua seafood yg fresh jerk yes yes!! say mmg pemilih....kalo tak fresh i dpt detect taw haha..wanna noe how??i akn dpt bibir yg bengkak secare titiber..n then..rashes on some part of my body...see i told..u ade detector dlkm bdn nie..

for the first time..i mkn ikan kapas.and ikan daun baru.huhu ingt nk tunjuk kt korg..unfortunately i forgot to take the pics..huh the kind of fish yg sgt rare...but ot taste soo dad yg pancing...he went with my some place near marina beach resort and they caught a whole lot of fish..!!! now im soo into fishh...hahah sedappp lah plak...

plak tuh org negeri sembilan yg masakk*kiteorg g antar kt restaurant suwo dorg masakk* waaaaa...mmg kaw kaw gua cakap sama lu!! sooodap tak terhingga babe!!...pedas manis n masin semuaa ckupp...rasernye!!!

ermm..i did get a lil bit of sunburn...coz i forgot to bring my sunscreen..huhu i mmg plupe lately nie...nape ntah..isshhh....i was lucky enuff coz it was windy n theres no direct not that dark on my skin hahah

ni tactic nk sejukk kn hati gamaknye..padahal da are...*anak sape lah nie kn...

as life goes adapting my self lil by the loneliness atmosphere.IM LIVING IN RITE NOW.haha

i keep reminding my self time will heal...everything...its just a matter of time....n how we cope..huhu

while it heal it hurt big time.!!! gO)osh i still missh him damn much,..only god knows...

GODS knows whats teh best for me....i learning to accept fate...

okeh lah da byk mumbling nie...

u all must be tired..reading it..its soooo long already..


k lah.. toodles..

ni lah some of the pictures that i took in pd.

i cant afford to upload all but..nvm.

u can see my effort aite,,hahah to fullfil my u my beloved readers...

take care..!!!

to all my friends ......PLEASE ENJOY THE REMAINING HOLIDAYS!!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

...what do you think guys????..

1. TV3 airs more advertistments than shows, a two hour movie has to be stretched for 3 hours, and i have to wait till the finish airing nightline so that i can noe the ending of a movie.
2. astro is the master of repetition... channels like axn and starworld repeat some episodes over and over, i can pratically end the sentence uttered by the actors.
3. why does astro have this 3-digit channel ting? i tell u that is like one of the dumbest thing to do...its such a hassle to change the channel...
4. TV2, TV3 & Channel 9 is flooded with indonesian dramas..i mean one or two is ok...but TV3 airs indon telemovies everyday...i mean, come on la..alternate the programmes la kan? kata wanna promote intergration, nak memperkukukan penguasaan BM, budak2 duduk dengar bahasa indon pulak!
5. those tiny ads wen ppl r watching the show..downright irritating la wei.. alrd got so much adverstisemnts, still wanna advertise....
6. the sms services like on cinta, on kekasih, on rindu, on bullsh*t ting.. plz la...the government should take some actions to stop all these ridiculuos services...if u r feeling alone, go out and make frens...
7. the glomobi ting...chipmunks singing ' shawty, get low, low, low '.. seriously i have no words to describe the absurdity of this phenomenon...
8. u probably noticed that everyting that i have complained about relates to TV...and yes, you are bored to the last cell of my body and i dont have better tings to do....
9. have a good day!!

to all readers out there.....

please leave ur comment n piece of mind...heh

take care..



..coretan di tengahari.....

Hai everyone..

i did not start my day like i shud..i meant i was supposed to be at kebun bunga to meet up some of my frens.but as usual..i end up..laying on my comfy bed...n the worse is i overslept.huhuh

tgk2x jam da pkul 11..OMG~!!! I OWEd an apology to my peeps..huhu 

today punya..routine..berubah sket..ingt nk g btoikn sluar..yg telah akuh jahanam zip nye..nanti jadik UNZIPPED PLAAK kn heheh but then terpk kt mane gamaknye nk btoikn..ermm nvm..put aside..

then suddenly my mum call..ALAMAK!! dier suwo anak dier nie masak sotong...isshh ikan pndai gak..nie sotong benda lembik2x..yg akuh tak beraper suker ..issshh....

so...dgn..berkobar2x..i wnet into the kitchen n search for the things...ingredient yg di perlukn..buntu sgguh kepale otak nie...jap2x...

ape gunenye internet kn ar adek akuh carik  resipi yg sedap2x..hehe akhirnye gagal...akuh nie jenis kalo nk masak semua bahan mesti ade....biaser ar,,bukan  nyer teror nk modified2x....saya maseh dlm proses nk blaja...

hahah at last maen hentam saje...kol ibu...skali lagik...menggngu dier wat keje hahah hobi masa lapang akuh n adek akuh....ibu pon ckp lah...bahan2x dier.akuh pon start menhiris bawang,bawang puteh..some other stuff .the usual ones...cili padi..since my brother request it shud be hot n spicy!!!!!...bayak giller letak cilli....mari mencili kn mulut....haha

i pon masak punya masak.tumis n everything....

TADA!!!!! HUH,,jadik pown lauk  nye....bantai saja

tapi kalo mak mentua tgk mmg tak berselera....hahah since its not attractive at all..

but the taste is jusstttt superb!! hahah my bro pown ckp sooodap.... satu pujian..hehe saya da bley kawen kawen..!!! mak saya ,mahu kawen,kawen dgn siapa?? lagu ape..akuh mmg ske menyanyi merepek2x...

okeh lah...

smpai sini dulu...

i nk g mandi berpeleuh lah..

o0o0opssie...sorry readers..i tak de kesempatan..lagik la.nk upload gmbr..

dun be tired of waiting..i akn usahakn okies my dearest silent readers ....


take care..!! njoy ur lunch... im sure gonna enjoy mine..hahhah



..back to basic..


waahh lame akuh tak update blog kengkawan da mule tanye...

*akuh terharu...ade org perasan hehe ye lah akuh ni dok wt n tulig blog suker2x..skrunk da mcm seronok plak...heh tu yg wat akuh semakin TERUJA nk mnulis nih...heheh

kt bwh ni ade la bebraper reason naper akuh tak update....

1. akuh g MELAKE..*Sedare bertunang....

2. mmg bz sgt tlg2x di dapur.hahah tak tolong sgt cumer menyibokkn dri jewk.. oo0o ye akuh sibook bg kucing makan..akuh nie mmg giller kucing....

3. mcm tak manis plak...dok maen tenet org dok bz kt dapur kn..soo terbantOt lah nk update blog kalo ekotkn hati mmg tgn nie gatai yg amat nk menaep ...

4. yg paling penting...internet connection.masalah sgguh..mungkin kt mlake jasin tuh ssh sket kot..

5. cari extention wire ckup nyer ssh..uma org tak kn nk wat mcm uma sendri dok selongkar kn kn..heheheh soo tak ley nk menyambung nye...

6.lepas segale..majlis aku...n pown g lah. BERCUTI....KE PORTDICKSON...

7. lagik lah tak ley nk update...tak bawak extention wire..huhu hidup ku amaaat sengal...:P.. nevermind akuh pown meneruskn hidupku ari2x..di PD..dgn mengahayati desiran ombak betalu2x....nature mmggg pling beeesh....lah tika otak nga serabot mcm litar terputus putus nie..tgk laut yg luaaaaaaaaaaaasss....mengnikmati kebesaran tuhan..:) trus ilang kejap masalah..

haaaaa....byk kn reason akuh.hehehe

soo nie akuh da back to basic i think i will update more often..

hopefully..tak de halangan.heh..

"saya tengah geraaam ngn UM ni..ade je masalah dier ble time nk register for new semester..huhu...ntah ble ntah boley register..."

--to all my silent readers-->wait for some of the pictures that i took during my vacay in portdickson i will talk more bout it in my next post...

its late already...

i need to sleep...



take care yaw!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

..jeng jeng jeng!!!!...


guess what???

result da kuar!!!! yupp yupp.....

huh tepat kul 12 mlm.. i went online n type in the um website..i was soo nervous that my body shiver hahah serius...tgn nie tak payah ckp lah...sejuuk sgt..

mkin tension tgk member dok buz buzz dr td..

 tanye result mcm mna...akuh pon jawab ar..lom check agik..

haha tak de kekuatan nk clik kt semak keputusan......

pastu..da bacer macam2x bg tenang kn hati before bukak..

soo tibe lah saatnye....

di nanti-nantikn.....

click..........................................................2 minutes...tunggu..and

amek ko! terpampang da!!! result......

SYUKUR SGT2X!!!!!!!!!


overall i did well..

4a 2 b+..

pointer pon ade improvement..)(wlaupon secipoot je )

hopefully next semester would not be as tough as this semsester..huhh

mmg menguji mentally n physically..

okeh.skrunk beban da kurang...ley laa akuh enjoy nature therapy akuh ke portdickson yahhoo0o!!!..

okeh peeps..


in rush to pick up my laundry*tak larat basuh tgn da*

not to forget...i wanna thnk u my parents..friend been such a good supporter...pray for my success.

thank you again!!!



..tagged lovin it....

yerp!! yerp!! ive been tagged for the first time..*excited tone.. 
its from...misS goes....

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
benda eyh...??banyak..kalo org family kawan2x..

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
new nset early dis year..n some other stuff..personal ones.heh

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
haha semestinye d uma sendri....mummy da ckp awal2x daa..heheh anak lah nk jemput menantu..kt uma gamaknyer...hhe

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
soklan saya aMMAAAT suker..ermm kiter plan tuhan tentu kn..watver gos plan is the best for us...*waaa!!akuh optimis..

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
na'ah...not gonna anwswer...

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
ermm if im not friend tomyam..waah sgggt sedap tomyam dier

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
ermm ape eyh..tak de kot hehe

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
nursharina bt azman

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
...mcm nie time membesar jadik remaje akuh mmg tak rapat ngn daddy tapi ble da besar ni we have lots in common..but mummy still the best friend...P

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
saper eyh....
elvis presley ke....john f kennedy hahah aku merepek je nie

11.Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
paling rapat d guppies...d hometown..iza engku yatt along..

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
yes yes....since washing machine at home tetiber wat hal la pulakk.kan ar basuh tgn..titis kering hehe

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
nk maen nz ke ...

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?
i want both...coz ciuman compliment the hugss..heh

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
miss IRA ...
- down to earth person..
- chinese look...:P
- kepale gile2x...from what i've read in her blog.
- ermm superrrrrrrr sweett with her hubby...:)
- future doctor..

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai
- high heels & wedges
- make ups
- dance esp wif guppies
- moveess!
- karaoke!
- maen game kt lappy nie
- cheesy wedges kfc *agree wif ira..
- nature...*when life sucks nature heals..

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
- hambar,sengal,wht d heck?,OMG,..LAGI EMPAT.xtaw

18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca.
- ermm buku..tak kisah laa buku ape kn..ermm novel bru je nicholas sparks-at first sight,cecilia ahern-ps.i love u and if u could see me now and minna ford-two of a kind.

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
currently :-
- always be my baby- david cook
- i hate this part right here- PCD
- i love u anyway - mocca
- kotak hati - hujan
- rantai rase - hujan
- boys with girlfriend - meiko
- be ok- ingrid michaelson
- keeps gettin better- christina aguleira

19. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
- i need to learn to be selfish..heh
- kena berjimat2x cermat tok idup sendri...
- ermm..tahap kesabaran seseorg ade tahap nye...
- people come n go..but feeling stays.
- to learn how to drive manual cars..
- learn..n start bloggin..its really good for emotional therapy...haha
- masak asaaam pedas tp tak sehebat ibuku....
- cuber trime..kenyataan....its the hardest ..

20. 8 orang untuk di tag
-ermm saper2x jerk yg nk wat tag nie di alu2x kn ye...
mai mai...buat..
to all readers out there...heh

thats all


take care..



hello to all readers

yupp yupp seperti yg di jangke n planned...smlm..(kt ats katil to go or not to go)

tgk2x...jeng jeng.....

i kuar jugak tempat anak2x remaje johor suker "beriadah"hehe ct square..

u noe has been three weeks in a row..n every wednesday i would go out...waaahh!! mcm byk jerk duet dlm pocket padahal....hambar....secipoot jerk hehe

elaun pon tggai baper jek dlm bank tuh..nk tuggu next elaun masuk..perggh sgguh lah lame

next year..bulan 3...giller kn lambat huhu so nex semester mari kebulur.xdak dwet nk mamam..

tipo0o..naseb baek..elaun pa&ma ade..hehe

nmpknye......................ryna,kamoo kena brjimat2x...heheh ye ker!!! ade ke istilah berjimat dlm hiduo kau nie..seriuslly...akuh akui.....mmg lavish...selagik dwet ade slagi tu cucuk lah dinding may bank tuh smpai ade bunyi..............tuuuuuuuuut TRANSACTION CANCEL,.haha

see akuh mmg suker merapuu byk2x...

td kuar muler2x ingt nk kuar ngn kawan akuh iza,,tp.........dier nk g amek ujian undang2x plak sooo takpe kuar jerk...jumper lah kazen n some other fren of mine..heh yg tak beraper rapat but nvm it gud enuff to keep me company...

soo tetiber dlm kul 3 lebey arr..

si bdk kecik nie(iza) msej ckp "akuh tak jadik amek ujian"it fully booked...soo dier kater on de way ke i waited n waited.....hah....muncul pown dr escalator...heh..

leypak2x punya leypak...gossip gossip....sesi luahan raser hati again....thats what u'll do when u meet sumone daaaa lame tak jumpe.. its like...u can just talk n talk talk.....without stopping sumtimes smpai stuttering heheh

dlm kul 6 sengah..gerak ke danga ct mall..

ermm first impression it wass ok...even tho dulu it was best world tak best pown tu yg....bankrupt.heheh since it was our first time  g situ...nothink impress me much...mungkin not well organize lagik kot.....

i snap a few pictures of christmas decoration while i was walking ..wondering around the mall..not to  forget..its christmas basically all u can see is big christmas tress everywhere n every corner of the mall.somehow i find it very attractive....nnt i post the picture that i took ok...wait ya....

tujuan utame we went here..nk JUMPE ENGKU RAIHANA.. our close close fren time skola..n until now we have been best buddies since then.

she was working actually so we waited for her break around 7 thirty..n we ate n karoake.hehe

thats what we usually do if we go out together its either n chat chat as long as we can..or we just test our market in singing hehehe...i noe non of us...are good singers but nevermind its fun..

GOSHH LAME SGT....TAK JUMPE..DORG..mishh sgtt2x..!!! jumpe pown tak lame.but it was hell meaning full.


i reallly

enjoy n enjoy n enjoy....being with u-iza n engku....

finally dpaat jugak jumpe ...

tp ade lagik dua org tak dpat jumpe agik..(yat n along)


next time..................

im looking forward to see both of ue...(please make ur self free my dear heheh i noe u'll bz)

readers out there....guess what!!!!! i bru dapat msej nie...


HOPEFULLY  it wont ruin my holiday in Portdickson....yaaaaaahoooo!!cnt wait but before that i have to face the result if good then....i really can enjoy my...........

holiday with my beloved family!!!!!!!

*im praying that my heart would stop pounding soo fast it hurts .coz i noe when im too nervous it can be either good news or the other...keeping my finger cross...

*kejap lagik nk g check result....:P mari matiiiiiiiiiiii....arrrghhh!!!!


till then...

take care yaw!!



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

08.12.2008 raya haji...simple ja..sederhana....

kali ni the post tentang raya haji...di kampung halaman..... family went back early as poss. setahu akuh nk buat kenduri doa slamat.,

i was informed by my mother to.prepare..and pack barang2x nk dat evening akuh pown pulon2x la ngemas beg.hahah tgk2x tak jadik..balek petang...soo daddy pon kater esok pagi jek balek(sabtu pagi)..soo delayed..haha sebenarnyer..akuh suker nk taw naper...jap ye..nnt akuh cter in detail..

pagi sabtu journey balek kg..everything went fine..sesampai jerk kt kg akuh mati2x ingt lah da rmai ade..nih hampeh..seciputtt  jaa..haha as usual yg sampai awal akn bertungkus lumus seap kn persiapan nk wat kenduri..mlm nye nnt..sepertu d jangke...rmai yg smapi ble kenduri da start beshh gak kn dtg mcm tetamu..huahuahua ok la stop kt cni sesi luahan rase tak puas hati haha..

soo...raya haji...kt kg kluang.okeh jaaa..

masak pown tak byk sbb tak ramai yg balek sbb ramai yg da balek time kenduri ari sabtu..soo may be they have other things to do..balek kt kg pown tak ramai org..masak rendang jerk satu kuali...n ketupat which we bought n it was damn expensive..rm0.60sen satu da lah makin kecik isssh cekik darah sgguh..

then akuh n family baelk ke kg belah daddy ...ermm kt cni...mmg ade mcm2x hidangn same mcm raya aidil fitri even tho its not as meriaH..but it was a good gathering...goshh!! suddenly i felt soo touch dunno why..hahah plik tapi benar nk nangeh plak sayuuuuuu hati..hahah 


OKEH...overall i did enjoy my hari raya haji...

tetiber dpaat msej.....yg



degup jantung kian laju!!!

okkies tooodle.....

(still misssh dat sumone)


Friday, December 5, 2008

..emotional breakdown...

                                         the shirt used to be his now its forever mine

hye u all..

hopes everbody is doin just fine...out there..

ive been thru a hard time lately..some personal problem to handle..huh but im glad i finally pull my self together..and just face the situation...huhu..for the people that knows what im sooo thankful...for all of you....for being there, support and console me in n out....ooh ya...i really dooo appreciate it....goshh!!! to "her"for facing the same situation as me...wishing u all the best....n i noe time will heal  but...while it heal it hurts big time mama!!....may be god have a better plan for me..i keep repeating to my self..that whatever happen..theres always a reason..its fate..n im fate to be in this situation...i always remember what my mum said "tuhan akan menduga kiter dgn dugaaan yg mampu kiter...tanggung"...he knows whats the best for me.. may be this is just part of life...

theres is always ups n downs...huh..its has been soo tough for me for the whole week..especially the first week of semester break where..i need to face my family with this fake happy face..just to make sure they wont be worried..they have other stuff an important stuff to deal with...what makes it harder is to pretend to be okeh instead ur not..goshh..been there done that!! huhu

sux sux just sux soooooo much....i need to prepare my self for the worse when the smester begin on the 29th of dec...huh..face the person that i used to call him the manje2x nickname u all pown taw need to kol him.....tuuuutt...huhu

i noe its not only me who needs to face this situation...but im a gurl i tend to be emotional...too emo i can say... to make things worse....mcm mane nk biaser kn dri nie....huhu da lah die tempat mengadu issssshh..mmg i manje ngn dier sooo gonna missh the moment we spend together..oh no!! im not gonna start writing all the sweet stuff ive gone thru with him tooo many....kalo nk kire almost 4 years...termasuk...relationship as frens huhuh..

mmg kalo nk cter....tak muat satu post nie berjela2x lagik i akn tulis....

the truth is now.................................................


kalo nk ekot kn.....mmg post nie nk cter tntg ape i buat during holidays but nvm......ble da stat ckp pasai emo emo ni mmg tak kn henti..

now i keep listening too leona lewis- better in time....

sbb lagu nie mmg org kater ngam ho! sgt ngn mood akiuh skrunk huhuh....

ok lah too much of emotional talk here...

gtg..pray for that i have the strength to move on....with my life...

nobody noes everything seems to be sooo perfect....but then the end u will never noe wat will happen....

HE IS MY HAPPINESS...........huhu



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

..for the moment ive been thinking..

...its holidays..and i noe...its dammmnn boring gosh....huhu

i really need to find sumthink to do..may be dance class or..sumthink just  to get me busy..huhu

soo today i planned to go for a jog may be ..two or three round if i can huh..i really need sum workout...

for the past few of the weeks..ive stayed at home..potato couch huh doin nothink basically..just hanging around lepaking,eating,watching tv..and online smapai nk muntah...huh

o0o ya...just to let u noe dat in the month of nevember....ive been eating soo many cakes..cupcakes..fudge cake..batek cake.soooo many cakes...wanna noe why....because....too many november babies around...soo i kinda stuff my eating varieties of cakes every week...huh....its a goood way if sumone wants to gain weight hahaha which is sooooooo not me hahahah

mcm di jangke.........i put on weight,,,in dun blame the cake but.. may be due to some circumstances....i like to blame what i eat....heh...(akuh mmg mcm nie)huhu

now...its for change my daily routine...i need to do some belly dance.GET MY BODY ALL SWEATY.....BURN OFF THOSE FAT THAT IVE BEEN WANTING TOO.....


kena ade smangat yg kuat nie....!!! chaiyok!!!ryna!!!

Berjanji pada dri sendri.........:)