Tuesday, December 30, 2008

..emotion recovery...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

I tag :
semua...yg bacer tagged nie yeah!!!hah saper suwuh bacer...hehe

Start time : 11:46 p.m

Random facts about myself :
[i looove pizaa soo much pizza lovers!!!
[i loooveee chad michael murray in one tree hills series...hot hot guy!!
[im a shopaholic..i really noe how to spend...ahhah
[i looveee wedges..i meann cheeesy wedges..kfc..lovee it..see??im soo into food!!
[i have a bad bad bad habit which i cnt figure out how to get rid of it..*geget kuku*

Myself :
First name : nursharina
Name you wish you had : i loove my name n proud of it...thnks pa&ma!
What do people normally your name as : sheryn.ryn.ryna...sharina
Birthday : july 11 87
Birthplace : in jb GH
Time of birth : well its in the morning...2.48.am
Single or taken : im single...trying to mend the broken heart...
Zodiac sign : cancer gegurl...

My appearance :
How tall are you : 153.5 cm only..i noe im short..can i say petite??hahah
Wish you were taller : yup2!! penah mimpi nk tiggi..huhu
Eye color : mysterious dark brown..
Current hair color : mysterious dark brown
Short or long hair : ermm its shorter ..i just got my hair cut..
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : yup!!..the colour its kinda red uburn plus a bit of bleach blonde highlight...heheh i mmg ske bab wosakk kn rambut!!
Last time you did something dramatic with you hair : ermm when eyh???hahah
Glasses or contacts : prefer glasses..im a nerdy...hahah na'ah.
Do you wear make up : yes..
Paint your nails : lamernyer tak buat hehe
Shy or outgoing : outg0in
Sexy or cute : can i pick both.???
Serious or fun : im a a bit of both...i cn be pretty serious at times..but playfull all the time hahaah
A turn on : eyes that melts...
A turn off : ermm a liar...liar....liar!!!

This or That :
Flowers or chocolates : chocolates..
Pepsi or coke : vanila coke
Rap or rock : r0ck
Relationship or one night stand : relati0nship
School or work : high school to be precise!!just mishh all the gileer2x things i used to do with my eisya hahaha
Love or money : no money no love heheh
Movie or music : music...esp indie folk...by meiko..laaayaaan sgguh..
Country or city : city...i lovee the bznesss heheheh plik kn i nie!
Sunny or rainy days : sunny of course...
Friends or family : family..

Have you Ever :
Lied : yes..evrybody does...
Stole something : yess *heart* which i cnt return it back!! its sooo hard...
Smoked : nva eva
Hurt someone close to you : Yup..
Broke someone's heart : ermm dunno pnah kot..
Wonder what was wrong with you : yes..im always asking my self..
Wish you were prince or princess : yeah..fairy tales one..where there is always a HAPPY ENDING!!
Like someone who was taken : YEAHH DAVID VILAA SANCHEZ...HUHU
Shaved your head : nva
Used chopstick : xpnah pown heh tak reti lah babe..
Sang in the mirror to yourself : yes...heh

Favourites :
Flower : white roses..and lily..heh
Candy : m&ms
Song : always be my baby,david cook version.
Scent : i loove ckin2u..
Color : black...
Singer : ADAM LEVINE..
Junk food : super ring..walupon org kater.,.tak elok...but i still looove it much2x...
Website : ermm fb fs ms
Location : my cribs
Animal : cats...lover

Ever cried over someone : Yeahh im agurl wat do u expect...hehe
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : yes..my..erm att
Do you think you're attractive : ntah..skrunk..tak kisah...mlas nk amek taw
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : snow white
Do you play any sports : yeah..lone time ago..hockey...n a bit of netball.

End time : 12:12 a.m..

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