Friday, December 26, 2008

..headin back to SHOPPING HEAVEN..

shopping heaven???

shopping talking about kuala lumpur..haha.. is therapy..dats the fact that everybody are well verse about ..

tomorrow morning im heading back to .KL. 

AS usual..when its time to go back to mean..the semester is gonna start anytime nextweek huhu...

..WHAT KL MEANS Too me.N perhap most of my friends.

...going back to ur rental house.lovely n combos!!!haha guppies u noe what i mean here.

...back to a normal student..

..for study get a degree...*2 years more*

..gonna miss hometown soo much since i seldom went back until the end of semster...

...gonna meet friends...the loveable ones.n..the one u dont want to meet..

..gonna meet lecturers...ones u misssh..ones u dont...hehe*dont want to mention their names  here* hehe

..start having lectures..after..lecturers.(sampai muntah2x).the funny and attractive ones until the ones that just dozzzz u offf....rite when he/she just start opening his or her mouth..i noe im a bad student..

..starts hectic life...more n more test , quizzes , presentation, partner n group work.assingment....

..facing the *reality*..u guys knows what im taking about here...

..nightmare..*result for test things will turn out..huhu

..starts taking more n more caffeine to start kicking my ass 2 stay up...result ---migrain huhu

...praying hard to GOD...*smoge tuhan memberkati usahe hamba mu ini*

..trying hard to denied emotion...*esp when ur mad at sumone but telling them ur not some sort like that la* we ARE living in denial...come on tell me...who doesnt rite??*...

...avoid me..when im having my PMS...HAHAH

...most of us..are broke..i mean..we didnt get our..allowances yet...we will get it in march..*finger cross*huhu i hope the goverment now.. are more sensitive about this matter...if they dont want anymore *scene* to happen in the last semester..the allowances were damn late...huhu

OKIES i think if i continued the will never end...i noe i love mumbling...haha..

i just hope n hope n hope...the upcoming semester...will be better for me.,.and also to all my coursemates......

see you all in tesl block..heheh it will be our last semster here in maktab....enjoy every moment..together...lets make more n more..memorable memories together..!!!even tho sometimes it can be drmatic..nvm..were future teacher..we are supposed to be *dramatic n  spontaneous*

thats alll from me...

pray for my safe journey back to kuala lumpur...


ENJOY THE WET WET CHRISTMAS since it raining all over malaysia now days.."




  1. hye riena..
    from diz tym i wil b ur silent reader too!~
    haha..silent ke..? LOL..
    nway, gud luck 4 d new semester! =)

  2. haha
    so truee wat u've been tellin
    im also be happy or bumped cuz d new semester is about to start..=p
    happy cuz jmpa all d crazee frens! of cuz
    n bumped cuz of d tons of works we neeeed to do.! urgh.u take care.c ya soon!muax

  3. anyss:thnk u..yup2x i need all the luck people can give me..keep reading...i'll keep bloggin..:P

    fafa: seriusly..i dont know what to just hoping verything will turn out fine in the end..thats oll...:)