Saturday, December 20, 2008


The picture was taken by my lil bro..but i thot it was nice..coz i love the view from here..since its not full of smpah sarap..anyway for u ol punya information..pntai nie  pnuh ngn sampah2x truk lah masyarakat kite nie..sooo irresponsible..saket taaw hati nie tgk pantai d cemari...dr nk wat nature therapy trus jadik sampah therapy sebenarnye....but al in all i still love the beach.!!!! the air that breeze...thru my hair...goshh amaatt syiiookk...saya suke....

katE jEk let the picture do the talking hampeh..tgn nie ade jerk benda yg nk di type kn..sengal..btoi ryna nie..

i really enjoyed my stay at..portdickson even tho the weather was not on my side..but nevermind..i enjoyed the food..seafood..the fresh ones..yummy...i makan semua seafood yg fresh jerk yes yes!! say mmg pemilih....kalo tak fresh i dpt detect taw haha..wanna noe how??i akn dpt bibir yg bengkak secare titiber..n then..rashes on some part of my body...see i told..u ade detector dlkm bdn nie..

for the first time..i mkn ikan kapas.and ikan daun baru.huhu ingt nk tunjuk kt korg..unfortunately i forgot to take the pics..huh the kind of fish yg sgt rare...but ot taste soo dad yg pancing...he went with my some place near marina beach resort and they caught a whole lot of fish..!!! now im soo into fishh...hahah sedappp lah plak...

plak tuh org negeri sembilan yg masakk*kiteorg g antar kt restaurant suwo dorg masakk* waaaaa...mmg kaw kaw gua cakap sama lu!! sooodap tak terhingga babe!!...pedas manis n masin semuaa ckupp...rasernye!!!

ermm..i did get a lil bit of sunburn...coz i forgot to bring my sunscreen..huhu i mmg plupe lately nie...nape ntah..isshhh....i was lucky enuff coz it was windy n theres no direct not that dark on my skin hahah

ni tactic nk sejukk kn hati gamaknye..padahal da are...*anak sape lah nie kn...

as life goes adapting my self lil by the loneliness atmosphere.IM LIVING IN RITE NOW.haha

i keep reminding my self time will heal...everything...its just a matter of time....n how we cope..huhu

while it heal it hurt big time.!!! gO)osh i still missh him damn much,..only god knows...

GODS knows whats teh best for me....i learning to accept fate...

okeh lah da byk mumbling nie...

u all must be tired..reading it..its soooo long already..


k lah.. toodles..

ni lah some of the pictures that i took in pd.

i cant afford to upload all but..nvm.

u can see my effort aite,,hahah to fullfil my u my beloved readers...

take care..!!!

to all my friends ......PLEASE ENJOY THE REMAINING HOLIDAYS!!!!


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