Monday, April 27, 2009


ai to all my beloved readers..

u all must be wondering..where i've been for the past few days..or i can say weeks.

it had been a wild ride

wanna noe what had happened to me lately..

things got a lill bit haywired...

esok mahu exam..


::kereta saya rosak dgn ..secare rakus nye telah menyababkn akuh sedikit tertekan tapi bolley handle lagik::


::mlm nk exam..haha mencari matrix card tak jumpa2x..syaabass!! time2x akuh cuak nk exam laa ko wat hall..cisss!!! akuh mmg tak bernaseb baek ar..ngn matrix card..dok ilang2x jaa..::


:: semester nie..akuh malas serba serbi..syabas kepada riena..leadership plak mmg byk kna bacer tapi..kalo bolleyh seap wat nota..lagik 5 minute snk masuk exam bru seap..issshh habit sengall nie..geramm kt dri sendri., sbb malass sgt laa nk jadik::


:: masuk exam ngn kepale berserabut banyak benda nk settle..AFTER EXAM..::


::SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH...exam ok..gak..paper dier walaupon..akuh waser pe yg akuh hafal bagai nk mati...tak de plak nk masuk.hurrggh!!!!..tension..semua da lepas.ok!! skrunk tggal nk..bertawakal jaaa.. n doa for the best...::

okies, nothink brag about..

im just living my life...

o0o0 byk benda kena catch up la..!!!


i come across this pic saja2x ja..rase mcm hot sgt zack time nieh..hehe

buhsann sebenarnye..

padahal ade lagiik ...3 papers yg semuanye killer paper..especially physics..membunuh sgt2x laa

neway guys...wishh me luck taw..

muaah pluss hug hus bear hug laa..:P


Saturday, April 18, 2009

no title..

"the going gets tough
but the tough gets going"
u guys tell me...

Monday, April 13, 2009

::craziest ideas::


::ahuh.....guess what did i do with my..guppies even tho not all but i still considered them guppies...

::it all started..with syima ideas..giller laa sgt2x..tpi brilliant because before this..mmg da lame giller tak wat keje giller...time tuh nga makan kt amber..ermm mari riena introduce amber tuh aper..actually its a place to ang out chit eat..r heart out...n we become the boss here sbb pelanggan tetap...haha...makanan dier sedapp :) especially tomyam dier pergh kaw kaw..u guys shud try may be one of ur favourite place to hang out...hehe tgk bolaa ker...okeh2xx da carry away da....back to my story....::

::balek dr makan..kiterog sengaje nk redah hujan...yg amatt lebat...we were alll wet...lame giller tak main hujan .ye laaa kn riena carik nahas nk ..exam...demam..padan muke sendri.haha..but it wass fun fun!! we were all laughing...tak henti2x..ingt da serik..tgk2x..two of my guppiess fafa n syima...jum jum pergi level one kt...kondo riena ade pool and...playground...soo its like..the even crazier idea...i told the gurll jum jum terjum dalam pool ...mesti beshh ..::

::hahaha...KAMI BUAT BENDA GILLER TUH!!!..we went upstairs just to put away our hps...then went rite down ...jump jump debushhhh!!! into the po0l...then....we kinda like tip toes nk elak dr slippery ..mozaic..hehe....leypak jap kt playground...raser free sgt2x...sbb tgh2x kondo tuh lapang ..tak taw nk describe perasaan tuh..tapi mmg behsh ar....:)...then we realized its like our last ..time...nk maen2x kt area kondo..after we need to move sooo gooo0onna missh this place huhu..soo many memories..cant recall tapi kalo dok kejap n termenung sah sah....ley meleleh air mate huhu::

::these are the picture we took..time mandi kt pool smeua tuh tak ley tak bawak....nset nnt wosakk ley gamaknye..::

nak taw per outcome dier????



>>>>to all my dearest cohort 4 ...selamat ber those yg da BERHOLIDAY..MESTI SWONOK KN..AKUH NIE STUCK KT KL LAgik nie..:)huhu johor bahru...tuggu saya akn balekk...jugakk wlaupon tak lame hehe<<<<

rindu same blackey n keniitt..dua dua ade kt rumahh ley tdor ngn dorg..yehaaaa!!



yahoooo!!!! yehaaaa!!..da abeh.sem....

thisn entry wont be loong...sbb nk share picas..

(dlm kepale byk plan tak taw sempat ke x..)

::jus need to finished up my assaiment on physics..and reflection of reading workshop haha....which will be done later..haa::

::so for the time being..mmg nk enjoy the remaining study leave study akuh nk enjoy tdor puas2x mcm ape jerk!!! lately mmg tak hingat tdor serius...leypak...jekr keje..ble lagiik kn hehe::

::khamis nie akuh balek jb..hometown...waaa rindu bangat laa weyh..nk balek..otak akuh nie pk mcm2x da nk wat per..tapi malangnye...sempat week strait ade kelass..huhu physics kena abeh kn concept map huh.n ade lagik satu topic need to cover yehaaa...gemar sgt laaa physic...:)))).....::

::arini....guess what...kereta akuh wat halll lagikk pergh...panas nyer hati naper laaa time2x mcm nk antr asaiment  tak ley start...isshhh..geramm.geramm...soo naek teksi pagi td.antr asaiment...::

::pggil mechanic...jumper kete sat..tgk2x kna g workshop dier tukar batri...pergh panas giller hati ku nk taw naper..akuh tanye pe prob..mcm tak reti jawab jekr mechanic tak paham bi tak paham...soo ckp per  PERANCIS???OR... jawa..haha luckily..kete da ley jalan..tapi masalhnye...takot jaidk mcm tuh lagiik soo kan ati2x...riena ..kan amek taw serba serbi..haramm jadahh...huhu o0opsie..termaki plak..huhu..::

::semua tuh dugaan dr tuhan nk menguji kesabaran hambanye...nie baru sket riena more too come..tak pe skrunk kena nex time da taw nk wat per..tak laa terpinga2x..mcm td akuh serius..bengang its not my first time facing this problem with my car..takpe2x..sabar tuh separuh dr iman..ibu suwo sayang kereta hehe okeh..lepas nie riena pluk cium laa kereta...muaaahh hugss byk2x before tdor...::

::settle ngn kereta..cuber teka akuh buat aper??ingt n try menggiler tuh...akuh tdor...syabas!!!! syabas!! tdor ngn lena nyer sbb..cuace mmg mengizin kn..sgt2x...lagik pon kepale beratt giller..laa..tak termampu daa...tdor lame slaah...tdor sket salah haha....tak taw mane btoi..hehe..::

o0o yeah nk share pictures...sket...


enjoy ur holidays....
study smart....nk final daaa..

sbb lepass final nk pergi PANGKOR YEHAaaa!!!!
lets make it happen!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

it ENds...already..

assalamualaikum...yehaaa to all my beloved readers..

i officially ends my last semseter here in maktab..before i proceed my journay to become an english teacher in university malaya...:) ..the mixture of feeling is within me ever since the last two weeks..even tho im kinda excited to explore the world of uni..but then theres still things i need to take care would be superbly fine if we go to um...with all the facilities prepared for us..but n my housemates in search of new house to rent...we gotta move out which makes me sick...its sickenning because...its not that we did not try to search for houses in UM area but not fullfilling..our needs..were not being totally ermm perfect in such way..not too demanding but somehow...for me if u wanna stay in one place i think the most important is the safety,facilities..kemudaham awam..clealiness i dun want to get denggi....huhu tell me about it its like going to slumdog area...dirty..and may be im just not used to those kind of places..huhu...

alrite for now..cant write tummy saket..i'll get back to u all later..

just pray for me n my housemates...will ventually get a house to stay in UM..

haha...takotnye...nk masuk UM...mcm tak ready jekr haha

o0o yeahh bout ..workshop...i will upload some of the pictures..:)

till then...

la la la la~singing favourite song at d moment..~kish me thru the phone~


picture tak de kena mengena ngn ape2x pon saje buhsan buhsan2x.....

Monday, April 6, 2009



Sunday, April 5, 2009

reality of life

ailo0o my dearest reader..

[o0opsie its gonna be a loong entry...saper nk g toilet dulu di persilakn heheh]

alrite last week was quite hectic for me..n my friends laaa especially yg tak habeh2x presentation n simulated teaching..haha im getting used to all of these things..

my simulated teaching was simple..but im glad that everything went well..the way we planned laa..may be a bit off here n there...but nevermind me n my partner compliment each other..thankss soo much nicholas..:) really enjoyed working with ya!!!

basically my life is just about to get a bit ease...tak sempat nk tarikk nafas...workshop is coming up..on the 9th of usual lots lots  of preparation we need to do...going to school its not about delivering knowledge..but the knwlegde needs to eb delivered in the most interesting and creative way...soo mari pecah otak..ahah pk activity...that will captured the childrens attention.."we are well versed that children attention spend are short"...haha teacher sgt2x da nie riena....

alrite..saturday yg baek for me...we went to old town..get somethink to eat..its more like brunch..hehe..i stuff my self with the superb nasi rendang ayam..n xi mut milk tea.sedapp...then we go on chatting n chatting...waser lame sgt2x tak chat about reality mmg duduk satu rumah but then we rarely had a chance to speak from our heart..i feell soo lucky to have met them"friends" my journey to persuit my higher education..they have been there for me..yupp2x okeh jgn sedeyh bah...hehe..neway they are great peoples..with such a big heart..we kinda share thots on how our life wud be...since three of us are still single..n available..n we can never predict what will happen to us in future...

it kinda make me scared...:) i noe after posting we could never sit like these anymore..mesti pergi haluan masing2x...ade family sendri n agenda sendri...mungkin ade yg terus n trus berbakti pada negare mungkin ade yg further study..get their master and mungkin housewife we never know....its all in GOD's hand...

tanpa riena sedari tggai minggu depan jerk..kiter akn berada di maktab...the last week...of me being a student in the block tesl...coz after this n hopefully...we all sail get in UM. its just a mixture of sadness n happiness..i grow old n mature here..this is the place where i gain my confidence to talk in front of the classroom...and sorta voice out my opnion..i change a lot..n i know i did...i really feel the confidence of being a teacher is within me now..before this i never dream to be a seriusly..its notmy forte at all..hehe..but then to look at the bright side.i do have the quality to be one[sedikit2x]..and GOD had made my journey to be like this..i really appreciate it...its the best and the right choice ive made in my life...o0o0 yeah my parents play an important role in making me the way i'am today..thnks mum n dad..they are just great great parents i could never ask for more.they always give me  the never ending support to me..which makes me stronger to lead my path as a future teacher...

here where i found my love.and its also the place where tragic do hurts but thats the best way."we respect each other decision"..i always thot of true love and never ending happiness  that only happens in fairy never crossed my mind to fell in in college..but the power of love as human being we can never halang...the feeling wants to be loved n need to be always there..soo i fell in love sooo in love with this guy...hes just different..i dunno how to describe..but he has the quality..that i like...n love..hehe.."jgn sedeyh riena please continue wrtings" love story ..lets keep it private..hehe..while many of my friends do find love n still remain inlove...madly inlove....but i noe sumhow GOD have a better plan for me n him.."sometimes the hardest thing is the right things-quote it from him" learning to let go...little by little...

here in college....i also learned to be a person..i mean..we can't always have it our way..soo i learn toleration is a powerfull tools to solved things out..kehidupan makan hati n telan hati muntah hati...da biaser..u just need to bear with it..whether u want it or not..cumer we are human being again im not purrfect...soo i noe let things harsh...i noe that show the other side of me..which i inherit from my dad.panas baran..huhu...i try to be someone better each time..i think about it..lots of things we gone thru togetehr as a all started in tesl day...time tuh semua innocent..lagik...tak nmpk true colours lagikk..soo maseh bley tahan...cope with everybody emotion...then we did mini conference...which was a BIG SUCCESS to ur chort 4..we even stayed until nite to make sure thinsg are organized..for teh next day..then we went to PENANg for .english Camp..we were teh only maktab yg antr kesemua budak TESL..waaahh mmg havoq giller time tuh..byk giller kenangn kt penang..pasal biasness..pastu kiterog amuk kt senior dorg...beshh giller hauhauha..but every action we did we are aware of why we did it..we just want to be treated fairly..smapi skrunk riena ingt makanan tak ckup tok mktb kiterog..n then the fliers..were like hell...sumpah....kena koyak2x giler tabur kn atas meja..n even my friends..even showed to the editor of the fliers..n u now what..tue laa org kater maen ngn api..soo bdak tuh nangeh..haha humiliating sgt2x..nangeh la plak...time treasure hunt...pon...maen2x jerk..pastu berhujan rmaii2x..naek bus kesejukan..hehe beshh laa terigt...

[sedeyh pon ade..nanti kt um dapat raser lagik tak eyh...close bond nieh.or is it goin to be a whole new beginning.??]

here in college.....we went to pangkor with maktab lecturers..trip to pangkor island..for[pendidikan luar@outdoor education] one of the kenangan yg tak mungkin luper smpai bile2x..beshh sgt2x...ketepikn sementare benda yg tka besh...kt pangkor kiter semua one big family...its more like brothers n sisters .punya style hidup..the guys care for the gurls...always look out..benda yg riena terharu sgt2x..time kt PL smeua bekerjasama...masak2x sma2x..kalo yg saket ade kawan akn tlg jenguk n jage...feeling of togetherness nie yg akn riena ingt smpai biler2x..mesti terasr kehilangan dat kind of feeling..drifting apart nnt smapi UM..sbb..cohort riena..rmai laki..but all of them, are terms of being caring..and look out on the gurls..gentlemen to be precised..dorg nmpk jekr nakal..ske wat hal..tdor dlm lectures..tuh biaser da tgk tapi..humanity dorg nie tggi...even gurls..all of them...i love them all..they are like my sisters here..mmg la lumrah kehidupan tak semua org kiter akn ngam...n ok with but.they still make up the 73 of us.. i noe that in when i grow older i have somethink to share with my children..we have to value the people surround us yg rapat ke yg tak rapat ke orr yg suam2x jekr rpaatnye..we never knw org yg paling kiter tak ske dia laaa yg tolong kiter..its just reality kehidupan yg kiter kna hadapi what so ever....~sigh.......i continue to be in sedeyh sedeyh mode~..

woweeee..pnjgn sket entry kali nie...yup...

soon it will be over..

soon we will start a new life in um..

soon things will change...

soon i will need to adapt to the new environment

soon its never going to be the same

soon i will change and peoples around me will change for the better perhaps

soon i will be more mature to handle my problem

soon i will finished my studies...[like finally!]

soon i will graduate with all my beloved darlings n sweethearts[73's of us one band one sound]

soon we will be posting .......all around Malaysia..

soon we will be busy leading our own life ..getting married.,having a few babies.

[unconciousness~we tend be further apart due to hecticness of life and distance]

soon we are left ALONE AGAIN just the same way we first enter COLLEGE.....:(

all i can say is......thats the REALITY OF LIFE....

enuff of mumbling....cik riena oi...



p/s: esok nk g cariik uma sewa.. kt...UM wish me luck!!