Saturday, April 11, 2009

it ENds...already..

assalamualaikum...yehaaa to all my beloved readers..

i officially ends my last semseter here in maktab..before i proceed my journay to become an english teacher in university malaya...:) ..the mixture of feeling is within me ever since the last two weeks..even tho im kinda excited to explore the world of uni..but then theres still things i need to take care would be superbly fine if we go to um...with all the facilities prepared for us..but n my housemates in search of new house to rent...we gotta move out which makes me sick...its sickenning because...its not that we did not try to search for houses in UM area but not fullfilling..our needs..were not being totally ermm perfect in such way..not too demanding but somehow...for me if u wanna stay in one place i think the most important is the safety,facilities..kemudaham awam..clealiness i dun want to get denggi....huhu tell me about it its like going to slumdog area...dirty..and may be im just not used to those kind of places..huhu...

alrite for now..cant write tummy saket..i'll get back to u all later..

just pray for me n my housemates...will ventually get a house to stay in UM..

haha...takotnye...nk masuk UM...mcm tak ready jekr haha

o0o yeahh bout ..workshop...i will upload some of the pictures..:)

till then...

la la la la~singing favourite song at d moment..~kish me thru the phone~


picture tak de kena mengena ngn ape2x pon saje buhsan buhsan2x.....

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