Sunday, December 28, 2008




sorry kalo ade tak terJAWAB ye...

1.the besh love s0ng [contemporary]
-Ahuh!!! always be my currently intoo it soo much!!~david cook~

2.the besh love s0ng[evergreen]
-this i promise you..u guys mesti teringt zaman muda mudi kiter..berchenta!!!~nsync~

3.the besh pre break up s0ng
- sorry huhuh goshh dont make me cry now!!~buckcherry~

4.the besh break-up s0ng
- ermm jap jap im thinking...o0o ya!! STARTS WITH GOODBYE by cArriE unDERWOOD.

5.the besh mesmerizing s0ng bout ur ex
- googoodolls..just looovin it!!!

6.besh revenge song
- Keep holdin on..i dunno why..but it just give me the moove on

7.the besh s0ng when u are trying to remember him
- IRIS...GOOGOODOLLS...its just full of my memories when im with him...

8.the besh s0ng after u buried ur xbf
- ermm ape ye...goshh im crackin my head now erma..ur gonna get it after i seapkn ur tag nie!!!!

9.the besh s0ng reasonin ur break-up
- ermm what yeah!!! this is the hard one..cinta terhalang can rite??

10.the besh s0ng if u wan a new bf after u break up
-meiko-boys with girlfriend...u shud hear this song....nice nice..:)

11.besh s0ng if u wanna trash up ur exbf
- sorryy tak de gamaKnye.. huhuh

12-the besh s0ng when u are down

- ape gamaknye...With You by Chris Brown..its sooo soothing,n i can suddenly recall all the besh besh n syioook memories together..huhu im missing him now...

to all the readers...

sape yg nk buat this tag ..u r invited to do it...!!!

come on..the more the merrier!!!



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