Thursday, July 16, 2009

::soo much to do,soo little time::

hye guys.

it's a little too late may be to post all sort of thing that happen in my life soo far...

i just got my self into the university u all know before this i was in college for teacher training...soon i will be a teacher...hehe.

to tell you the truth..for the first day i already missed college life its so different compared to uni. i was not prepared mind set is still the same as i was in college. life in college is considered as my "comfort zone", the lecturers knows you better and the pace of life is not fast. in uni, im no longer a baby..where i still have lecturers to hang on to..its totally different.. we'll im still in the process of adapting to the new environment. trying to calm my self. trying to see the different things happens around here in a positive way.. i have no other way ...i cant look back.theres no way i will get the same treatment as in college..

[sigh sigh............................]

my new house is comfortable..not to mention is not as spacious as before in Cheras i mean. but im starting to like the small but it's just the right house for all my housemates. in life we have to eb grateful with what we had and try to appreciate it bits by bits. i havent organized my self yet, i mean a place where i cn put all my thoughs n ideas its kinda like a privacy place of my own..heh...

[sigh again......beraper byk sudah ]

its only the second week but im already stuck with all kind of work not to mention presentation, things that i need to do hands on as it is an on going assesment. mmg mcm ni in uni...but hell enjoying the informal clothes that i can wear ..:)...[big grin].. alrite the first day in was disaster i self were introduced by this lec.known as.dr..[cant be mention here]..he's different.i need to accept the fact that each person has their on way of doings and teaching...may be i'm still new with his style..alrite i need to think positive!!! he needs to be strict may be coz my cohort has more guys..dunno..i'll wait to see his changes as teh 14 weeks past...he gave loads of work with soo little time..:(.too bad for me..he kinda have this trademark when his smile...but its ok..its significance to me..:P haha... in uni..=self exploration,independent learners,commitment, bear with the due date.....for this semester i'l be facing my life mostly through the lense of ICT..I NEED TO ACTIVELY INVOLVED MY SELF WITH TECHNOLOGY SKILLS.which i soo not techno SAVVY..laugh all u want..even video editting im not familiar..huhu..

unfortunately!!!! thsi semester..i need to do an assignments on VIDEO EDITTING,AUDIO,SOFTWARES LOTS MORE...AND THE list continues..all about ICT..for learning purposes..its Core Subject.ok!!..haha...i cannot drop...terbaek...!!!!!!

alrite here are the list of things i need to do everyweek:

assessment = SUMMARY EVERY CHAPTER N TASK send thru emails

resources = REFLECTION EVERY WEEK on blogspot [academic purposes]

technology = ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN WINDOWS LIVE..this is where on going assessment                         takes place ok! and UPDATE MY SPACES BLOG...the more you update the                          more you'll get marks i think...hehe but everything in here must be                                  academician...

science = NEED TO BLOG ALSO...haha....

gender = tutorial task everyweek...

information skills = task and task....

SEEE??? BUSY AITE..?? to go..

my dear readers..i know i might not have all my time in the world but if i have the space..i will update...keep on reading..coz for this semester i have like four blog need to be update..the difference is ...the three blog...have marks..contribute to my FINALS...:). I'll need to prioritize on that!!.

muaaahh hugs..and kisses!!!!!!!!!


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