Monday, November 30, 2009

at home n missing my sumone

alrite to be honest with u...

sometimes i do like to stay at home..especially when im broke..

but not when my mum and my dad are away..

sigh~~ ~~

i dunno why i kinda feel lonely.usually i wud hear my mum throwing out her voice naggin at me..all sort of stuff that usually....gets on my nerves....

unfortunately...I MISS THAT...

since ive start my holiday..its been a bit rough here n there...nowadays people keep asking this sort of question..which really irritates me soo much...soo much that can really put a turn OFF..

question like these:

"sheryn da berpunya ke??ble laa aunty nak makan nasi minyak....?

"sheryn jgn la dpt org jauh2x susah nnt pakciki n makcik nak g menghantar..? i choose who is thr mr.right...

"meyh laa cter kat pakcik...sape org bujang kat hati not that friendly to share things...especially..i dun really noe dont bother ok..."

am that old??like i need to rush into things to get married??haha....plik plik laaa.....isshh 

i have so many things in my mind now..1st..i need to FINISH MY STUDY.thats the most important thing in my mind now.

im totally blur...why the heck do the keep askin me....rimas taw x....

alrite enough of me mumbling...

ohhh so damn worried bout my exam result..haha...i dunno what to expect..i just hope everything would turn out fine...lulus dgn baiknya...AMIN..

TO THAT particular someone....thank you for being there..every minutes and seconds...gossh....ur soo sweet..thank you for brighten my days...:) uve been GREAT..

a great friend a great sweetheart to me....xoxo hugs n kisses!!

i will write more..dun worry people :)



1 comment:

  1. heey babe... i feel the same way too
    at least u have ur bro and ur dad at home kan
    im totally aloNe!
    u are my only cyber fren.. chat slalu
    haha.. but im kinda cherishing this moment. cuz nti dh start sem.. cirit bertabur kat lantai..:P

    gooosssh.. pity u..having a bit of a rough time.. i knoowww rite.. ppl are askin as if laaaa kita ni dah umur 30 n nak kena kawin cepat sgt.. leceh la soklan2 mcm tuh.. akuh if org tanya..or macik2 dok tanya.aku SENYUM je.. malas nk layaan.. haha..:P

    anyway.. pray hard sopaye result kita insyaallah okay.. yg penting kita pass..:P missin u much. apape just buzz me okaayh.. :)