Friday, December 4, 2009

an hour I swallowed a lot of things

hello everyone..

hopes everything is ok...

well,from the title u wud figure out that..

its all about things ive been eating..

am i rite?? was all about the "looong chat"between me my brother and my mum...

it was a great chat has been a looong time we havent get to do all this family things..


i misseddd it soo much 

it made

me CRY.......

i cried was a mixture of feelin joy happiness and

we kinda discuss about what were going through lately.. in terms of..way of life..

my life

my brother's life

my mum and dad....

what's basically on their mind..right now..especially when "we"refers to me n my bro,are not at home..and how things change to better or worse..

it was more like a reflection..that only family can discuss about it..[i think u noe what i mean]..we also touches  on the sensitive how well im doing in do i bring my self to the society n more...

my brother got his "highlights"...smoking of course..we didnt blame on him for everything he does..we basically talk it out..without any anger or sense of biasness...luckily it work out perfectly...syukur alhamdulillah..:)..hopefully he will keep his promises...i noe i will keep mine..

one thing that made me laugh...when my mum told me..that my dad went to "watson"just look for the price of my toiletries..haha funny sgt..sbb i told my was quite expensive..i didnt know he would go all that way..paling lawak..die ckp mahal...Loreal shampoo nie...heheh pastu told my mum..anak kita ske kot barang mahal..haha..luckily..he was not angry he was just too curious when i told him,,"jadik perempuan ayah byk gak guna duet"...i had a concrete reason...why i choose that brand..its not because i like branded things but..for the time being it suits me..may be i'll change..and it last longer..i can guarantee u that.:)

today was the first day my mum is actually at home..ouhh yeah..loads of thing happens..includes "mother and daughter talk" hahah....selalunya banyak pekara KANTOI time nie...haha pdan muka..i can never really hides things from my mum,SHE JUST KNOWS ME BETTER....haha

alrite i will stop here...

write more later....

p/s:craving for cookies and creme ice cream..yummy!!!

take care..

xoxox muaaah n hugs to u..all



  1. im glad things go smoothly with ur bro
    and u too..
    hehe the part bout ur dad.lawak laah.. tp betooll.. he shud really see how hard we live in kl when we have to buuy aall the stuff.. cuz we are gurllss..:P

    mmg ssh nk hide from our mum kan! haaisshhh.. my mum is comINg aand im nervous too.. kang dia korek2 la tuh rahsia dr i..:P

    take care babe..

  2. hello fafa..
    thanks for the comment..
    misssh ya.!!
    yerp im also glad that things went smoothly..
    ouhh yeah be careful..kita mmg senang kan kantoi...lagik2x ngn mum kite hehe
    take care babe