Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday = car wash n polish day...

alrite its sundae...

ermm yummy wud it be..

my sunday..i woke up as early as 6 o'clock in the morning..

quite early in holidays season..but then have to..

my mum is going to kl around 10..and kinda need to help out..iron her mum is having her exam on Monday..wishing her all the best..:)

my whole family is furthering their study..its a healthy way of dad finishes his phd..which me, my self didnt know that now he is known as, until i pick up a call and it was adress like this"may i speak to Dr..please??huh? i was shocked..whose in my family is a  dr?? far as im concern my mum do work with hospital thinggy...but shes statistician not a aware of that..haha....

then..time tuh laaa bru i dad so proud of him.i see him as someone who almost complete his life..especially in education hes gone thru many experiences.he also gives me advices which i think im very lucky..:)..neway, way to go DAD!!..u've cross the limit..!!success..and its time for me??


arini....lepas sent my mum for her flight ..I came back home...ingt nak berehat ngntok serius...tak tahan mata nie..then my dad ajak basuh kereta and polish...gille kan penat...saket belakang nie..sape nak urut??ishh....tak pe..seronok main air haha...tapi panas laa...:P berjemur sket..haha neway i had fun spending time with dad..he taught me some stuff bout cars..the maintainance and everything..minyak hitam..carburator, air filter...macam2x lagik..if i dun start spending time with my dad...bila lagik kan...lepas nie da nak naek semester...which i seldom balek jb..but again my dad always still his little gurl haha...sbb ada nyamuk td ..i mmg enenmy ngn nyamuk..takkkk suke.,dr kecik my dad kata i mmg ngn nyamuk berjodoh...nyamuk ska i.. huhu

I had a great day so far...

now im getting a bit dizzy da mula ngntok...haha

i'll write more...muaaahh love n hugs muaahhh xoxo

p/s:saya seram sejuk laaaaa huhu result nak kuar



  1. Dont think about result. Doesnt really determine you to be a GOOD PERSON or a GOOD TEACHER specifically. What written on a piece of paper doesnt really reflect ur true talent and ability. It's u, who know yourself better. Apart from that, believe in experience which typically offers much success in learning about life. So, cherish your life, every moment fills it with excitement (if u can, hehehehehe). I'm not thinking about result coz i know it wont change anything at the end. Just hope i will pass, with that i'll be grateful! (^_^)

  2. wowee....thank god..u really soothe me just thinking.hopefully i will pass..i wud be the happiest person on d planet...
    neway i think i noe u..anonymous...neway thanks for the comment really appreciated..:)my silent reader..:)