Thursday, December 10, 2009

n.e.r.v.o.u.s b.r.e.a.k.d.o.w.n

its the season again.........


nothing much to say
my life??


especially when ur b.r.o.k.e

i dunno when is the allowance goi9ng to be out...

feels like shopping

its weird..
when u dont have the money in the bank...
ur desire to shop till u drop sgt tinggi.

tapi da "drop" so mcm mana nak shop...kan..

i'am still at home..

unfortunately everything is cancel especially the vacation part..
everyone is b.u.s.y
next week i'll be heading to Malacca for 5 days i think laa its for my cuzzie's weddings...
hopefully it will turn out the way she wants it to be..amin..

sometimes my days are brighten by my so called virtual friend...fafa..
coz everytime when its holiday..i'l be connected to her.
since she has internet connection its much much easier to gossips....if not
im left a.l.o.n.e..
 thats all from me..

take care 

muahh n hugsss...

1 comment:

  1. hyee rakan virtual ku.. lama tidak bersuaaa
    ehehehe yeaaaahh nervous breakdown sgt nih

    issh..i just hope aaaalll of us pass kan..
    inysaallah.. borink ke sana..? mai la sini..mai labuan.. alaaa ur vacation cncel ke..? but ye laaa cuz end of the year..evryone wll be busy...

    just pray hard evrythin g0nna be fine :)
    catch u later virtual friend!
    and im gonna masak french toast jugak esoook!! (xnak kalah) hehe
    muax muax