Thursday, December 3, 2009

my days in..lorong datuk menteri....

hello people..

(lorong dato'menteri refers to my house)

yeah..great it's December..end of the year,,,

new year is coming,...again with new stuff new strength...and........

NEW ME!!! single and available....hahah...

i do love being single coz u can have the worlds to you...yet

the feelin of lonely....yeahh...i couldnt agree devastating but ive gone through the bitter and sweet of it... occupied...che waah...:) i dun have an official bf..but if u guys perasan ive been mentioning...great friend n sweetheart....that particular person is very near to my heart..we dun give title to our what so ever relationship...but that particular person knows where he/she is in my heart n do he/she...well mostly the rest we keep to our self...

what I can tell you he/she made my day everyday....sweet as honey.,.che waahh jiwang lak....:)..

life now??its very as always my life starts at 10'clock in the loving the spacious and tak menyakitkan belakang...bed,for the past few days ive been busy in teh evening cooking for dinner..yeahh..sometimes im proud of my self how i managed to cook all sort of dishes..nobody taught me how to cook..well i just do..i loove cooking....inherit from my mum may be laa..but still amateur...haha...

since my life is a bit boring nowadays...ive been thinking to dye my hair...i mean totally dye it..all over...but dunno what colour...still looking through few hair colour dat wud suits my skin..and i want everything colour..even my nails....haha ive been wanting and adore orange...i mean like tangerine methalic woweee it must be food sells the best of it..all of these wildest dream need to put aside BROKE money in bank in the pocket also..haha

ouh yeah this week its all about afraid the result is gonna be out anytime hate the feelin..all i can pray for is..yg terbaik....dats all...lulus dgn the readers out there...pray for me will ya??....thank u.

alrite...enough of me mumblim crappin...

im sad hockey is not one of the koke in UM...huhu gonna be soo indulge in GAMELAN..believe it or taking it ....for next semester...yeay!!! main ketuk2x ilang tension che waaaaah!!!..

muaaahh hugs n u all..

take care..have a great day ahead!!

create more memories for 2009...before it leaves us...



  1. "kita jarang menghargai apa yang ada di depan mata kita... apabila ia tiada barulah kita mula menghargainya.. makhluk di dunia ini hanyalah pinjaman; apabila tiba masanya yang dipinjam itu harus dikembalikan, jadi hargailah mereka yang ada di sekeliling kita..." (Asmah, 2009)(^_^)

  2. to asmah...i totally agree with you...cherished each moment...with that person we never know what would happen to us or the person in future...

  3. aawww... now ur occupied..:)
    good to hear least he/she makes ur day..evry single day aite.. :D

    dye ur hair..hurrmm.. lite aurburn laa.. hehe but im no good with colors too.. nak kaler kuku?!! jum jum! haish sini xde skIN food lah! leceeh..:P

    haish..say goodbye to 2009 and aall the sweet & bad memories bout it.. see u in 2010 babe..:)


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