Thursday, January 29, 2009

im A.N.N.O.Y.E.D


okeh everyone..this post im gonna be a bit harsh or may be not a bit..a lott..soo applogize dulu for my words..huh

today...i just received this one crappy bullshitting story.actually what keeps me thinking about it is ... i dunno what soo special about us..that peoples just need to talk n talk more n more about us.. sampai org yg talk craps tuh pon i dun even know her..well to tell u the truth i tak penah pon amek port nk taw tentang dier...

and then suddenly ur talking about "us" naper eyh dorg nie bising2x??naper eyh dorg nie mcm cultural shock??huh?? i just dun get it...kami ade life sendri n tak penah pon nk amek taw life ko...soo back off missy

isssh plik..manusia*refer to her the crappy gurl" mmg tak reti ke..nk MIND UR OWN BIZNEZ..she just cant stand yg me n my friends tak penah hirau kn org lantak laa kiter nk wat per janji tak ganggu idop org laen....

hello!!!just cermin dri sendri before u talk crap about us...

my prinsip is..: i tak kn and never carik pasai ngn org tuh melainkn org tuh yg start...

so.....skrunk u start it..and now let me end it ok???huh....

*gerammmmmm sgt!!!!*



p/s:sape terase pedasnye....sile2x laaa amek gule tenyeh kt molot that u dun talk much!!!


  1. she DONT even have any how can she ada life?
    screw her! we're hot.we have each other's back.n we're HAPPY. dats important
    kite bising smp mulot koyak pun..bkn mulot dia kan..=)

  2. cool. let's bash her up. anybody wanna grab some baseball bats with rusty nails pointing out at the outer end of them?

  3. dia hambar~
    aku x knai dia p0nt b4 diz
    lkke i said to didie
    dia mcm habuk jew
    x da p0nt x pa


  4. fafa: yup2x ..i jus dun get it!!! such a crap "o"....lah dat gurl org tak interfere hidup dier langsung...nape laaaa gatai nye mulot tue tak reti wat cter yg lebey havoq ker??hambar sekian....
    Jack:if ur with me..then i think u shud bring me one of the baseball that i can just hit her soo taht she can melayang...haha
    erma:setuju sgt!!! akuh pon tak ataw kewujudan dier mungkin talk craps about us makes her exist kot...hahah