Thursday, January 8, 2009

...a scones for me....


guess what i received today..

dlm keheningan hari yg memilukan jiwa..akuh gagahi langkahku

untuk ke kals setiap hari..dgn hati yg perit lagik pedey akuh tetap ngn driku 

*sharina u mesti kena kuat menghadapi semua ini*

tetiber tanpe d jangke..ive received something it was sooo unexpected..

i never thot he would have a heart to give me something soo sweet

and finally.....i drop into tears...huhu lagik i nk cuber melupakn n all the sweetest things he had done to me..

lagik dier menguat ingatan ku  tok ingt lagik benda segale sweet nie huhu..

u all noe kn i mmg suker makan bread..i he knows me best actually..

arini b.tesl communique ade jual be precised raisin scones yup yup!!!

u heard that of ma favourite duh!!

si dier nie..ngn tabah nyer hati g bli kn scones tuh n bg kt one of my friends to give it to me n said that he had bought it for me...ahuh...

that fren of mine seap tambah kn kesedihan lagik...*gurl why dont u patch things up..just forget  n be kaple again*omg!!! u think it was easy to make up the decision n be in this situation???gilller sgt laaaaaaaaahh......huhuhu

okeh enough laaa..byk da membebel..yuppp

im sad now..

but half of my heart happy coz i noe were still friends..

neway thanks to i have somethink to eat.hehehhe




  1. macam tu ek eja dia?
    aku xpenah makan pun benda tu..
    aku beli gak, kesian kat tina :D

  2. auch.
    thats sweet.
    and sad.

    be strong ryna.
    next time aku belikan kay?

  3. ryna
    i dont know.wat to tell u
    be happy cuz ur still his bestfreN.=)
    sad..well..cuz..its not like d good old days.
    but cheer uP!
    u can do It
    we are always here fo u!
    erma ade..rogol je dia.haha

  4. ryna, dun b sad girl...its my 1st time bc ur blog n wow so much to read and so many things happend in ur life lately..b kinda feel wat u'r goin tru but in a diff way of coz..i'll support u 100%..haha..hope that can help..hehe

  5. alrite readers.
    thnk u soo much for being my silent readers.n also giving up comment..moral support..really do appreciate it..:P
    hopefully im strong to go thru it..
    omg!!! i misssh him..i misshh the old dayss