Saturday, January 3, 2009

..happy new year to everyone... all my readers..


yup2x..waaaa da masuk tahun baru..soo many things inside my head that i wnt to jot down here..but i will be a long long i prefer to amke it short..n simple..

actually...ive been quite usual kelas start sooo mmg mcm giller lah..dok nk adapt kt enviroment study* tiap ari otak kna fresh nk trime lectures after goodness..tgk2x jadual mmg packed giller...soo i think i need to start the engine going more play2x...haha ye ker??

ermm byk resolution baru..tapi i think amek yg last year punya yg tak tercapai lagik..heh..antarenye...mengandakn ibadat kepada nye yg maha esa..and be punctual for most occasion true to my self...n try smart no more procastinate..*lagik2x nga bertimbun assignment2x..*huhuh



actually....i have this in my mind for sooo long tapi...nnt ble da jadi kenyataan bru...i cter kt u all year celebration ku di sambut sederhana tapi meriah...our jiran was sooo nice to invite us*guppies*to actually join her new year celebration with some of her friends...gosh!! it was a gud one n memorable one...may be this would be the first n last time we celebrate it with her...she is well known for her delicious....homemade food..i mkn mmg byk lah.sbb mmg sedaaap giller...agre kn guppies???hehe..baked  macrooni n potato salad..was realllly reallly delicious...perghhh tiap2x ari mamam mcm nie sah2x my mum lepas nie i balek tak kanal daa anak dier..seyhat terlebey seyhat..dok kl ...mkn sedaapp jerk!!! hehe

b4 undur dri chewah!!...mmg i berharap sgt2x..this year..2009..will bring me all the goodness in health n never ending happiness...and i hope i will be more tabah n sabar menghadapi dugaan yg mendatang..

i know this year will be a tough one!!!

lets pray for the best yaw!!!

thats all...nnt mumbling lagik..i nie..

take care..



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