Saturday, January 31, 2009


elllow everyone...:) :) :)

big grin *on my face*im happy...of coz laa ade reason...hehe

i had a marvellous day today...soo pleasant...its enuff for me to put on a wide smile...*im not faking ok*hehe senyum kambing...sgguh ryna nie...

well today...things ive always wanted to do..had come true...haha

wanna noe!!! actually..arini i kuar ngn someone really really special...:) and will always used -to- be boyfriend and now...he's my buddy...a good n special one hopefully..finger cross..:p

everything went well..basically we didnt do much..coz we went out around 2 almost three soo its already evening...

things we do together today *first time i went out with him as a"friend"

[[alrite for the first time we went out by LRT..since now were friends i think its more appropriate we used LRT..rite pakcik ridwan"hehehe knows that im teasing him by that name]]

[[we walk together happily to times square from Hang tuah the weather is sooo i pon prefer jalan.if its too sunny i wud take monorail laa hehe]]

[[we bought movee tickets since he really really want to watch "Ink heart" i can really tell by his look u noe..hehe..its not a waste at all!! movee dier amattttt beshhh..suker laaa..]]

[[we both ate mcm org sepuloh hari tak makan mmg dahsyat!!! sgt!! the lunch was on him soo basically mmg dier yg order everything.."lunch kt JOHHNYS steambot..thanks to ue..dear...haha]]

[[im soo good at handling my emotion haha.thnks to fafa bg nasihat.."jgn layan emo sgt"so i did it!! somehow kuar ngn dier mengimbau kembali the sweetnesss while we couple.haha mmg byk perbuatan kna kawal hahaha "u noe wat i mean"who has been in this situation..i cant just act the same way while we still hooked up..tak same ngn status berkawan.please get ur self strait riena!!! arini permulaan di maafkn!! segale tersasul-sasul...]]

[[i want to thank to GOD..for giving me the strenght to hold on move on..walaupon perit..i noe this is the best for me now.. pak cik ridwan lets keep it this way yeah]]

[[on the way back...tak penah2x rajin berjalan ke station hang tuah..but today im soo rajin menapak..we talk n talk...drink slurpeee together.our favourite drink haha kiterog mmg ske sgt2x tak taw naper.....haha mmg tenang sgt arini..even time couple pon tak penah raser mcm nie..NAPE EYH?? ]]

[[IM SOOO thankfull i still have him as my least he's there for me when i need someone...syukur alhamdulillah]]

[[saya RINDU SGT sama die seronok hati nie tak yah cakap dpt jumpe n cakap2x ngn die..its good enough for me...thats what ive been missing..the emptyness while ur away.]]

[[last skali...nk cakap..terima kaseh sgt2x pade pak cik ridwan sudi kuar ngn mak limah really appreciate it..lookin forward for more!!!!!!!]]

[[some pictures we took.....*baju same tak janji pon tgk2x dier pon pkai same colour..*wink*]]

*okies thats all for eyes nie mcm half shut eyes sudah.. may be a bit tired.laa jalan yg amaaat byk luckily i was wearing sandal..

toodles everyone...

" Finally I've Found My Genuine Happiness"

Nite2x..slamat malam n mimpi indah yeahhh...



p/s: Since everything is settled..i think its about time riena u open up ur heart to start doin ur assignment..i always have the "niat" u noe..but to kick my ass n do it na'aah mcm susah sgt laaaa..!! i hate next week!!!hectic hectic!!


  1. happy for u!!
    good ur handling it well i said..mmg if dpt kawan pun besh kan..sumtimes d feelings yg we never had even mase cuple dulu timbol.hehe

    yeP.jgn layan emo sgt..okaaayhh..;p memula mmg byk tersasul ryna..smp lidah nk bedarah dh xpe..u'll get used to it..wishin u[mak limah] n pacik ridhwan can get along well all d time okaaayh.. nice pics!

  2. mak limaaaah

    gheeee he he he he