Thursday, January 29, 2009

in my own little box

hye everyone.. 

all in all today i really enjoyed my day out alone..

just me my self and i.self pampering..once in a while ok laa..hehe

somehow its more relaxful..and much more easier i'll just need to follow my feet and heart heh

soo for today i had fun jugak...tertunai nk drink yg ade pearl thingy..*u noe the small rounded black kinda squishy squashy*kenyal g2...saya suke benda tuh.dahage kn benda tuh!!!

basically ive used around hunreds bucks only.i dont knw im not that eager to buy anything.dr ari tuh...tgk barang tapi tak da mood nk bli pape..*this is sooo nott me!!!*this is not the usual acting weird.plik.but this is me...:)

kunonnye..nk waser kehangatan shopping i went to many shop..yg jual shoes laa 1st priority is to buy shoes..i ran out of it already.semua da wosak...huhu.berimpian nk bli 2 or three pairs..instead i only managed to buy one only..

waaaaa!!!impressive aite??? im no more the shopaholic gurl..hehe at least i reduce a bit heh.. i always remind my self...lowrh...i noe nnt move out in Bangsar for sure kna gune lots n lots of money..soo i need to save up some of it before i happily spend all the money....heh

thats all for today....

nothink much...just learn "to appreciate my self more n more"



1 comment:

  1. its weird kan
    maseh we have NO money.nak shopping sakan
    but when we have d money..xde mood.wat happen to us!
    but for me.i dh puas shopping..i stop dh skang..
    ut saving for d moving out to bangsar n Um thing..huh.gosh..