Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a place called my own

im waiting patiently
in this house
a place of cozyness
i feel safe when im here
waiting for them to be back
listening to sound of music
wind comes blowing
slowly pushes the curtain away
make path for the sun to come in
i feel calm
im happy the way my life is now
i have money i feel secured
i can shop till i drop
but the point is
im a sooo lazy to leave this house
soo lazy to get up n take shower
i dont know what have got into me
assignment i havent touch the thing yet
still got time to do
called me procastinator
its my nickname
time to go need to change my attire
somehow i love wearing pjamas
its comfy and the smell of it makes me sleepy
cant wait to hear their story"trip to Yong Peng"
they must be very very excited to tell me..
finger crossed*hopefully they brought some food for me*
im starving to death..


  1. ah. dizzy wednesday eh? anyway please ym me for the avatar alrite?

  2. dh dok sorg
    ape lagi
    online tgk bende x sn0noh laaaaaaaaa

  3. kasihan.
    tu kami bawak sambal goreng 2 juta.
    p makan!

  4. jack:thnk u soo much for the avatar chntek..:)
    fafa: jgn ...wat cter fa..saya kn onnocent mane tgk benda mcm tuh issshhh ehehhe
    nut:pergh mmg sedaaapp sgt2x..sambal goreng...tuh..satu mangkuk ley akuh abeh heheh