Wednesday, January 28, 2009

moment we shared part (1)


assalamualaikum to all my beloved readers...

im back with so many things to shared heh

i really had a good time for the past few days..i never thot that i would enjoyed my greatfull to have such a happening sedare mare.."i will shared in the next post wait up ok"

actually..before i get carried away with my lil vacay heh.. im going to share with u all what ive done with guppies before we proceed to our own journey..sebenarnye its like this..benda yg tak plan n we do it spontenously will eventually happen..benda yg planned bagai nk mati mesti ade jerk aral yg melintang..huhu

so hari jumaat mlm ..we"guppies"go n catch movees since the elaun is out soo its kinda ways to treat our soul yg dahage kn hiburan hahah..ahuh...nk taw kami tgk ape??citer lakonan que haidar..ewaaaahh mention yg ensem jerk..heh movee maut..kalo nk bg star..riena bg 4 stars laa..sbb bg keinsafan pada dri ini..yg sentiase di selebungi dosa..akuh hanya manusier biase yg tak penah leka dr buat dosa..mmg tiap tahn buat azam bru..nk jadik anak yg soleheh..but it only last a few weeks that if its lucky kalo x mmg dua ari jerk bertahan huhu...and thats why every year i will renew the resolution hehe..

okies here are some pictures that we"camera freak took"

~gambar tgk movee tak de tp pictures of us eating n enjoying the food in "lemongrass restaurant byk heh"it was our first time eating there..and im glad.. it did not dissapoint us...sedappp yummy yummy!!!~

p/s: i misshh  hanging out with u"nadia" !!!



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