Wednesday, January 28, 2009

moment we shared part (2) u all.

while its raining cats n dogs outside im happily updating my blog without feeling guilty of not helping my maklong downstairs haha im at my maklong house for the time being..u noe what..this is teh first time i felt like im a princess living alone in this mansion..i offered my help to sweep th floor n just do the ordinary chores but maklong said it goes like this"sheryn tak yah tolong2x da lah penat blaja pergi lah berehat..wowieee!!menakjubkn kn?? bessh sgt but at the same time feeling guilty tuh ttp ade..but from what i observed..she has 2 maids to take care of the house so its like im the big boss here"when maklong takde kt uma"..i can just order anything from the tak sampai hati..diorg paggil akuh puan?giller ke akuh blum kawen laa..mungkin thats just the way they address impress how fast the maid cooks n it taste superbly delicious...they are just good at doing their work..good good..!! i stayed at my maklong house for like 2 days i started to feel like im putting on weight.*not just feel but i noe i did"hehe..nvm bukan selalu dapat makan sedap2x haha..


day pass by.....smpailaaaa hari "family gathering"

on Sunday morning-semua sedare mare pon arrived..hari ni sibuk ngn engagement ceremony,my be honest i was not even eager to go there..i dunno i just dont give a damn bout the person hes gonna get engaged..i just dun care.from what i heard n observed he deserves better..this pathetic soo snobbish..stop acting nice in front of be precised in front of me when hes around..but the truth is ur soooo not like that..weirdo..judgemental person.please laaa..o0o yeah..u talk,u walk,u dress up ..looks like ur the urban type..but ur hantaran o0o OMG!! its like shit i think if i make it on my own we would look much much much better then wat u gave in return..not to mention the colours is also out dated other word it sooo HAMBAR.ulu sgt laaa weyh..hantaran we make it special coz its once in a lifetime..i think ur hantaran it looks awful balut guner kaler paper orange neon??*not only me who was cursing even my aunty* what are u thinking.tak prepared ke??tipo0o lah tak prepared i noe u plan it early soo i was expecting somethink more pleasant..cermin dri sendri bley??? ur still the narrow minded person..u talk as if u are ALL THAT..please lahh..u r ruining my holiday..i was forced to go to the engagement if it was not for the sake of family for sure i would rather tag along my guppies..huh okeh enough of ditching the skinny gurl goodness ur flat u dun have anythink i dun get it?laen laa kalo u have the body to die for.... i just dunno what have got into my kazen mind.ur not that pretty type or ur not even the type that i think he would choose..okeh readers sbenarnye i dun carik pasai if the person tak carik pasai ngn i dulu.haha.sorry bro..i just cant take it..whatever it hoping if she end up with u someday..make sure she does not undertake u what so ever *i mean QC*..and u need to be firm..u have to guide her..if one day she changes her attitude then may be i will change my perception on her..but for the time being..let it flow..ok..

o0o not much pictures to be shared only some.....

~the hantaran i only tooks the one that are from my family u all noe that i was not in the mood to go there soo to take pictures lagik laa pemalas nauzubillah....soo yg dekat i amek laaa..soo these are the three picture that i took haha...~

-done with the ridiculous engagement.

-done tahlil for my late was a small one..among the family members only.

-done packing some of the stuff soo that my parent can bring back to jb.

thats all for now..


*im soo sorry if the words are too harsh in this post thats exactly how i felt*

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