Sunday, January 10, 2010


ai everyone..
salam to you all..

it weekend...
im a homey type of person..
i can just stay laying on my bed for the rest of d day.
its not productive i noe..
but then
that's the only thing u can do when
ur money is OUT...

so life is unpredictable..
u can always plan what u want.
usually what u have planned so well
doesnt work out so
im really in a state where i dun plan..
may be for this year..
sick of planning..n things just dun go ur way..[tired of it]

people kept asking me whats my resolution for this year..
okeh..for ur info..basically i wanted to renew my resolution ..

  • 1=i dun want to procrastinate my work.. which i usually do..[bad bad habit]
  • 2=i need to loose my weight I'm FAT huuhu..[gain confidence huahauh]
  • 3=may be work smart to improve my grades..which had fallen deep deep into the hole.
  • 4=be more care full with my words..coz not all people can accept the way we portrays our words
  • 5=call my mum n dad at least once a week...[i need to promise my self.coz sometimes i got carried away with my works...]
  • 6=LESS SINS..may more of muslimah lengkapkn pe yg wajib...sbg insan bergelar Islam.
  • 7=be more thrifty perhaps.....but i cant help it I SOOO LOVE SHOPPING!! esp hangbags n shoes..
  • 8=love??steady love perhaps..may be i will be ready this open up my heart to love someone...[pray for me yeah]
  • 9=be more grateful with what i have......kurang kan merungut...[i sometimes hate my self...i always want more.....sigh~~ manusia kan..]
  • 10= save money.......i want holiday!! with my guppies..since this wud the last full year wie would be together!! them soo hurts!

alright ...enough of me mumbling..
i just hope i can at least achieve..half of it..
it wud be great..:)

ok time to go...

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