Sunday, March 22, 2009

ponder n ponder

lets get emo guys,,

(not all question hv an answer!! do u agree???)

u now what lately..

i prefer to stay alone in my place here used to be nut's room...but now its like i spend more time here from my other guppies..yeahh..sorryy kalo i buat bilik nie mcm bilik sendri hehe...neway u guys mmg laa welcum any time just making full used of my table..hehe

the thing is....i dunno why..laa lately..i feel kinda lonely..haha plik kn riena lonely???nevermind its just the feeling...people may not understand..thats what i really feel..i lovee being alone..its like ways for me not emotional with the wrong person..or org yg tak berslaah langsng.

o0o yeah..have u ever feel like theres nothing that can be cure this..huhu..the more u keeps haunting ue.everywhere u go...ermm plik.mesti readers cant really relate to what im trying spill here...while im typing feeling its like rojakk already..kejap teraser happy...but then...diam..nothing left in my soul already...haha....

i dun  really noe what i want in my persuing it rite now..being an educator...educating lil ones...i dunno what to expect in study its getting tougher n tougher...but i need to go on with least go with the flow..trying my best at everything*ur best ker riena*???n yeah..sumtimes ur best is not enuff...riena



lately...terpk..nk wat reflection diri mannyyy thingss...da berubah....

saya masih memasang niat nk seapkn sociology...kawan2x ku yg laen??bagaimana???eheh

toodles..take care..i missssssssssshhhhh my FAMILY BAD BAD BAD BADLY!!!


1 comment:

  1. hahaha...lets get emo..lets get jiggy..

    biasa la ryna..bila2 busy..all d feelings..bukan rojak dah..kene blend dh..smua skali..;p

    anyway..just relax..take ur time.sumtimes..we need time tu msti okay..
    if u need to do sumthin..go ahead do it
    msti make u feel lot better..
    but plz dont [bmain] ngan kami kt umah..hahaha

    okay take care!