Saturday, March 28, 2009

time passes by... dear reader...

SIGH~~~~~~~~~~~~~(a lo0o0o0ng one)

warrrgghh lega nye..most of the course done..haha

now i can lay back..senyum a  bit ..tanda kepuasan..hehe 

i just need to finished up my simulated teaching for writing and reading workshop which i'll be going to subang jaya..the last time i went there was like 1 year ago..i love the school especially their hopitality..n facilities..its just the feelin of comfort goin there..the student are bright..easy to approach n control..*well many a few got little too excited they end up behive like a worm heheh tak reti dok diam..)...i'll talk more about it later..when i finished up my workshop on teh 9th of APRIL...Wishh me luck.

this semester...too many assignments and test n it just me or its the some other being tooooo lazyy for this sem..everythings is done last last minute,do my ass last minutes..just about dad not gonna like this...huhu

too many plan too many things to do at once..too many head too many opnions too many kerenah too much emotional involved ...everything is just tooooo many n too much... lets get this final exam starts around 27th of April 2o09 and end on 4th of May 2009.....

on the 5th of may 2009 cohort plan to go to Pulau Pangkor..waaaa!! [tanda akuh teruja sgt nk end sem nie]...tak sabar tak sabar nk pergi....seriusly ive never done this with a big group of peoples..and all of these peolple had spent most of their life with me..u imagine its almost 4 years we've known each other...n this is the first time im going on a sorta of a holidaay with them...note that:for what ever reason..these are the  most happening people ive far...its just like spending ur whole entire life in middle  junior n high school  together..cherishh every single moment...whether is sweet memories or bad..its just how life goes n how we treat them..without realizing...we grow old n mature together...we know each other by heart...*some larr not all*..i dunno but i kinda feel sad..knowing that within this 2 years...its the only time mingle and kinda appreciate the bond we create on the 4th of July 2005.until now...starting to cry a bit..haha..

its life turn out to be..its mesmerizing to even remember every single things we have gone thru together..i just hope the trip to Pangkor "jadi" ...haha even tho this monday i know im the one whos gonna collect the deposit..but it all depends on the amount of people confirm going..kalo skit then...huhuh...tak gonna be abit mad n the only time we have to enjoy..n then when we proceed with our study in UM..its gonna be a whole different story..n may be some of us at that time dun even talk to each other anymore..busy with persoanl life..busy woth studies..which i noe its gonna get tougher in UM..the place is different..its not like what we have here,.we always have mass lectures..where its soo easy to kena kn org dozzz OFf for some people laa..hehe ITS JUSTT DIFFERENT..I KNOW IT WILL BE..i just hope that the trip..will go on..n everybody in my cohort will suport it..n be in it..

"ONE BAND ONE SOUND"-quote especially fOR my beloved cohort..FOUR...

LET's lo0k at some of the picture we to0ok.on Thuursday morning if im not mistaken..
all these people are to TEACHER TO BE haha.i noe its sound like okeh..but i'am proud to serve the nation.starting 2011....hehe..
enjoy the Pixs...taken by pakot and lulu n peter..(peter i adore ur camera dslr.uwaaaa nk sgt camera tuh..tapi n tp....nnt laa hehe)

                               ~STICK TOGETHER 73 OF US UNTIL THE END HOPEFULLY~

thats all for now...
i'll be updating u all, about my simulated teaching with my ever giller2x partner nicholas..lets work it out!!! n finish with it..!!
n also..the reading workshop which i'll be goin to SK SEAFILED...USJ..HAHA WISHH ME LUCK..I'LL be teaching if im not mistaken..a grouo of excellence students..saya takot..i noe their from english spoken family..hahah for sure english tip god,,i need to improve my proficiency..or else im gonna be laughed the end huahua..
and not to forget...the trip to pangkor..yeahaaa...hopefully..Jadik..please my dearest chor four..come on support the plan..we're gonna have sooo much fun in teh island of memeories..teringt zaman PL....hehe..

have a nice day to all my dearest reader...muaaah muaaaah muaaahh...hugs n kisshes..!!
im feelin good today...may be because of i had nothing to do..just a few..things tat i need to take care of....
aNyone out there..ade taw2x mane contact for house rental near to UM laa bangsar pantai searching for apartment to rent.drop by leave a comment thnk ue..highly appreciated taw!!

i need to take shower by now.huahua its ten o'clock..still in pjamas..not gud anak dara..hehe waaa rindu nye swore ibu membebel d pagi hari when i tak mandi trus ble bangun ehhe......
mishh my family still....!!!


p/s: saya amat teringin..nk makan ikan sembilang asam pedas..yg fresh fresh punya tu..daddy yg tangkap..terliur...sudah.

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  1. u got dat rite..perfect words..smua malas sem nii
    smua TOO Many..Too much.Too emo..smua la TOO! hahhaa

    but insyaallahh..sem ni kita leyh sail thru..doa byk2..n plz doa jgak byk yg nak g pangkor cuz if not..mmg my mom pun x bagi pegi..:P

    okayh la
    tho busy
    gud luck
    n yess i mish seafield too.ntah cane la bdak2 tuh..if ade yg agak hot
    ape lagi...ngorat la..hahaha..=D