Sunday, March 8, 2009

..window shopping for me :)

ailoo...everyone out there...heh

lets see..what i have done soo far with my assignment"trip to OU>IKEA>CURVE"

*this is gonna be a!..get ready..hehe*

actually i really wanna update my blog yesterday..since i slept late last nite around 3 sumthink in the morning...its tiring n everything but.....out of no where..rmaii gleer  peeps on line ajak chat..soo riena nie gagah kn n chat smpi type pon merapu hahah...."riena mmg ske merapu tuh jerk nk kater peoples yg knal riena mmg sah sah menganjing hauhaha."

actually...mmg tak plan nk kuar smlm..but i was like btoi ke nie riena nik dok uma jekr sabtu..satu jerk nk kater laa...."i u have the money anything will do huahuah"cuber tak de duet sah sah dok uma all started..when naem said..that he wanted to go to wud be fun to follow but then...jauuuuuhh nye..tak larat meyh!!..da la mmg stamina out sgguh2x..hehe..

penah dgr org kater x"when things yg kiter btoi2x planned mcm nk rarely happen laa..tapi thing yg kiter wat secare mengejut n wat keputusan pon mengejut hahah tup tup...ITS ON HUNNEY.!!!!" soo  that kind of situation happen to me byk kali these few days...o0o yeah..just wanna give credits to fafa...she was the one who drove us there...shes got a good hand in handling manual car n brave...muaaaah ciumm kt pipi laa:)

me n bubu*which is fafa's cute lil sis* and the most innocent CO-PILOT was kinda a tought rides..laa actually it wud be easier..laa nk g ou lalu hingway TTDI..but was our fault..we missed the tunnel that we shud go thru in order to reach..OU..i didnt really noe the way to oU using the other way..soo i kept a new environment actually..soo may be i need to medle with it for a while time kalo da pergi sejuata kali...sah sah insyaALLAH..boleyh ingt..heh..

luckily...smpai ngn selamatnye.kt usual..i wont be buying anything hehe..i just dunno why..may be i didnt plan to buy anything..soo mmg plan just to enjoy my heart out heh...the place is humongous ok!! byk benda nk shopping cumer tak de AIM..JERK hehe..fafa bought sumthnk for her self..honestly the dress looks good on ue. :).haha cuber teka i beli ape???hahah i bli..CINNABON YG SELAME NIE I CRAVE MCM hell laaa..bcoz b4 this..i wanted to buy but sumthink happen soo ..xjadik huhu hambar~~~~

reach IKEA around 6:45 in d evening..erma joint us there..again i didnt do any shopping here. sbb again i have no AIM..hehe soo jalan2x burning our feet hahah..we took pictures here n there..tgk sane sini..ermm tak sabar nye raser nk pindah uma baru..huahuaua sbb mcm nk bli bed kt situ jerk...hehe..orait laa the price..n the closet is nice..yeah riena!! in ur dream laa...haha tgk2x tdur ats comforter jekr for the remaining 2 years in um...haha..tak pe takpe ley coutim ngn daddy...

sigh~~"i misssshh my family badlyyy they are in TERENGGANU" and im having a blassst here..heheh

finish up with ikea thingy...i can hear my tummy is growling haha making the noise already..n i dunno why..padahl da mamam..subway hehe..proceed to have our dinner ..sedappp nye bau makanan haha...the meat balls.its just heaven ruum no space no place to sit at all the dining area were packed by peoples..then pergi the curve laa cariik tmpt mamam..we ate at"waroeng ayam penyek" was my first attempt..sedappppp sgt2x!!! the sambal kicks!!5 bintang..for the ayam penyek only!! excluded the water that i ordered it taste like coconut which is not my taste..they put santan in ur fact it shud be using like creamer insted n wud taste nicer haha..i noe im good at giving out comments especially bout foods n drinks..heh neway mmg ley recommend la tempat ni...nice i love the place its "airry"berangin laa..tak laa sesak nafasngn bau makanan...

after stuffing our self..ingt mau  jalan lagik..but then its running late may be next time bru jalan at the curve...the sale mmg besh..i bru jekr nk bli pillow...yg sedapp tok tdor for my new giller comforter form rm3++ turun rm *89.-120++murahh kn..the pillow that i wanna bought was rm 35.00 only..if not it wud cost ya..aroung rm75++..seee a vast difference kn kn??? 

but helll laaa....the que was like a snake...pnjng nye..hahaah soo dun even mention it..haha i geramm gak nk bli but then nk que tuh yg malaaass nye...soo di sebabkn que pnjg mcm tuh..i tak jadik bli huhuh see...u rugi satu customer..haha!! nk sedapp kn hati..:)

okies..around 10 we headed back home...haha yg bestnye..tak sesat hahah sykur sgt2x...muke semua penaaatt..but happy..i pon seronok tgk dorg seronok..:) hehe....semua kaki mcm nk tercabut..fafa laa kesian gle.the car was manual soo in kl...just an advice if ur father or mother nk bli kereta for ue all make sure its auto..then it wud be easier.esp for gurlls like me..yg tak multitasking haha.*but for me i had no choice..n i was thknful to my parent they gave me the car."it kinda safe my time n energy laa kalo tak nk menongkah bukit nk ke kelas..haha which sucks big time..but ive gone thru it!! it will sure be a sweaty morning hehe..

oklaaa..thats alll laaa...haha byk da babbling n mummbling .....

let the pictures do the talking....

thats all from me...:)
till then...
toodles.. yeah...

i dun wnt this holidays to be over..
coz i noe its gonna be over soon....huhuhu
i still havent start on any assignment yet haha..
i just wanna enjoy the remaining holidays..........ahakss


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  1. ryna...muax muax,..kish 4 u too..tq fo d car.. [d kiss is only virtually..not in real life! plz!] haha

    it was an enjoyable trip..tho sesat
    co-pilot n penumpang hambaaaaaaar! hehe..;p

    nti insyaallah g lagi eyh..hahha...
    pics best..mamam guys pun byk!!..=)

    memuaskan! hahaha...
    ok slamat berMula kelas..!