Tuesday, March 3, 2009



agree x?? sometime we just neEd a timeout..for our self...

thats what exactly im feeling rite now...

im feel like i wanna go somewhere people dun even me..n just spend the day there..without any interuption...

without hearing people make judgement about ue..

*coz i do too..i admit that*hehe hey!! we are human being..somehow the tendency to become jugdemental.. too mmg ade...

actually lately,,ive been thinking about this thing..but i really couldnt find the answer..its like ur berbelah bagi...ur stuck in the middle..haha..

too much of thiking had made me...look a bit old ..growing more wrinkles everywhere..especially around my eyes..hahah..while im writing this..my head is spinning like gasing..daa..tak taw naper...migrain kot...huhuh i hate it when it happen..huhu

for the past few days...i spilt something out..somEthink really really personal TO  that person..the situation that im in..o0o yeah..thnks for listening..yeah!! REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

its already half past one in the morning..still thinking....can i be selfish??is good being selfish?is it possible in our life to be selfish in terms of putting my self first.rather then thinking about others??haih~~~


LIFE is getting more n even more complicated laaa.....

if i dun think about it...at the end of the day...kna n have to think oso..ermmmmm




p/s: Can anyone give an advice or pov....im kinda stuck rite now..which makes my life soo disorganized..


  1. dear, u hv been tagged..
    visit my page okeh..=D

  2. aha
    need time for urself..to gain what u lose.n to be Urself again kan..=D cool! chill!

    being selfish? it depends.sometimes it is not selfish for u but it is for others kan..

    ala.for me...cater to ur need first. anyway.take care

    busy week.keep ur head up high.high spirit hehehe