Sunday, March 8, 2009

big mouth yet still a loser..

guess what????
ive decided that i dun want to go out today n try to look what
are the assignments left for me to do!!
what the heck??? left???there's load load of work piling up..haha
suddenly out of 
no where....
i teraser mcm nk keluar lagik hahah...
my friend kilod ask me to accompany jln TAR..
then mest mau agree...hahah
ade alasan mau kuar..
around 3 thirty
i'll be goin...
wish me luck haha wanna coci mate...:)
hot guys= just living my life the way i wanted..
u noe what people might say that i kinda rebel after i broke up..
but hey..its my life i have my own way to lead it!!!even my parent are not noisy about it why shud ue???am i.rite??
you think i care bout people say??
na'ah...ade org kater "ada akuh kisahh??
okeh laa saper teraser soo sorry yeahh..i think smpai satu tahap i cant just let people banging n tellin things about me..u dont even effin noe me ok??
so please keep the hell out of my life ok!!
enuff of me talkin shitt...
u provoked me..
n its all UR FAULT!!!...

muker boring.!!!!
toodless guys...


  1. rebell afta break up
    yg ckp tuh dont even know u kan..u r still d same...just ppl wanna notice n SIBUK psl u cuz now ur big deal la babe..

    u know who u are..not like dem useless ppl.tau ckp.pdahal sendiri oveeeeeer.haHa..;p

    esok last day cuti..kan!

  2. like seriusly....
    i just hate people talks about me..they dun even knoiw pleasee laa get a life..
    im happy the way im rite now..
    anyway yeah fafa..ur rite..i raser sbb dorg tak dapat wat pe yg kiter buat thats why they effin "LOVEEEEEEES"TO talk about us...
    neway to u LOSER...UR JUST making me even more popular..thnk ue!!

    yupp esok last day cotie...thats what i hate most about tomorrow...!!

  3. knapa aku tataw nie hahhahaaah
    people talks about others bcoz they r simply a loser n borink~~
    they lead a lame life
    while urs is uber exciting~~


    haha aku suka tagline tu,
    go ryna~