Sunday, March 29, 2009

so damn pisst offf..

ever feel like..ermm....

you've been ignored for no reason???

even tho if theres a reason may be u can tell me..

its like ur talking all to ur reality u r talking to someone....

n then the person just treated u like ur no one..haha....

do u get it i mean the usual answer and respond is like this "uh-huh"ooooo"..

it kinda pissst me off...but then i dunno why the person treat me that way..haha

i just dun get it...

one more.thing sometime....when we need someone to like console or sumthink..the the person we rely on is like,..errmm not giving respond n act they didnt even care..haha

beshh sgt layanan istimewa...neway its life...i think i need to fix things up...laa here n there..

or may be im soo emotionally makes me sick..laa

ok laa...saper mkn cili teraser pedasnye...huahauhua..tak yah teraser pon tak pe..

okies toodles..



  1. huh
    biasa la bila tension2
    smua org pun layan mcm haprak
    ignore je
    sabo sabo..

    tgal 2 mgu jew lagik

  2. im such a loser to my self heh...
    im waiting for it to be over!!!
    huhu malassh nk pk da..

  3. ntah apa yang ko meracau tu ryna..hahahahhaha....banyakkan bersabarrrr...sabarrr tu sparuh dari imannnn...

  4. who is this annonymous....??heh
    jus leave ur name dear..:)
    neway thnks rajin comment i nyer blog..