Friday, March 20, 2009

saya pasang N.I.A.T


ive been wondering..what to write in this post...but then ade plak idea..datang mencurah2x..

wanna share my thots laaaa...n my niat...for the past few days

(im not happy but im not sad but im not what i'am but im trying to be one)

heh....pernah tak...rasernye semua org penah pasang niat..utk buat

mcm few days and weeks mmg busy giler2x smpai..tak keruan n my health..huh not in gud condition..tekak perritt sgt2x..smpai huh geramm cabut kang tekak nie..

riena nie tak taw laa sejak2x akhir2x nie mmg lahh...amat malass huh...tiap tiap hari pasang NIAT..nk seap kn keje..tapi malangnye

akuh nie pndai pasang niat  jerk...syndrome yg akuh lalui sejak2x nie..

kuat tdor.haha set jam2 smpai LIMA alarm...haha skali lagik malang nye tuan punya alarm nie haammbaaarrr sgt2x!!! tak bgun jugakk...

so this weekend bru bercadang nk PASANG NIAT...nk try settlekn keje2x yg tertuggak laa...

so here again my self..making promises haha....

i noe assignment mmg mkin byk huhu tapi ya ALLAH...kenaper laa hamba mu nie hanya pndai pasang niat...huhu nk tunaikn mcm....seribu tahun laaa kot...

may be i work best under pressure...huhu

yg penting mmg kena seapkn mcm mane n walaubagaimanapun meskipun akuh penat n lazy..ahha


list of do this weekend.

~reading lesson plan: amat ssh too complicated for my mind hahah

~essay on SOCIOLOGY: which i havent had the time to look at it yet..they say its hard...

~assesment evaluation statistic:need to do it what so ever since its kinda easy they say laaa....

~writing lesson plan: the due date had been POSTPONED!! :i hate it in fact!! it jussst way too late to annouced it.

~writing test on the way: need to push up my marks for writings which i did sooo bad in the previouss test..

those are things that i need to do.BANYAK KN???..all academic writing haha..

lets just hope  i can make it happen at least able to complete it within the time givenn...:)


finger cross.....i need to work hard haha..

i need to promise my self..not to get carried away...with my beauty sleep haha


i just miss being in love ...n be loved..haha its a weird feelin but..yeahh thats what i need!!! some sort of attention kot weird..!!


  1. i just have ONE things to say!!
    budak umah kitee...smua NIAT je lebih..buatnye TAK...
    but the important things is...

    ade niat..insyaallah dh ada sikit pahala..:P

    gud luck in dUin ur NIATS...insyaallah bleyh if no distractions..:p hehhee...
    socio= susah
    assessment= pening
    writing= hambaaaar!

  2. omg...seriusly...
    mmg niat tu seribu...
    tapi tak jalan gakk hehe

    i kna seap kn jugak mcm mane pown haha
    saya suker assignments!!!!!!!!!!

    my life suckss gillerr!!!