Thursday, February 19, 2009

stupidity is getting more n more n more n more HECTIC!!!!!!

sometime i just couldnt handle it...

*emotional breakdown*

too many thing to caters all at one time..

too many people im working with..too many *kepale*.i know its normal.yet still i couldnt find the tempo and rhythm huhu...sometime i fell like i wanted to sit there n just be silence for a second  which i cudnt..huhu


sometime we planned it to be that way..but it turn out to be teh opposite..ermm i dun think im tough enough to face all these ..lately im easily torn down..n weeps haha..*saya suker nangeh*...i just want my family now..their just my inner move on..:) lovee u guys much much...

ermm life goes on n on..without realising its almost March haha...and April is the final...pergi kelas everyday means nothink to me ..i cant concentrate anymore...not like i used to..i just cant  get my head straight..stupid me!!...making the situation effects soo mucch...

okeh laaa..riena ckup sekadar di sini....

gtg..i need to do *the never ending loads of work*

saya terpakse jadik rajiinn..:P

spank me...if i slept too much hehe....

wish me luck in just about everything i do...*really need it*




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