Wednesday, February 25, 2009


olaaaa readers lamernye....tak update..

ive been really busy lately busy memanjaaaaaaang..

serius tak tipo0o..saper kater nk jadik cekgu senang..huhu susah..

blaja pon 6 tahun pergh mmg tak ley blaahh...huhuh

arini serius riena tak tahan da.....mesti spilt kn everything..

geram geramm geramm sgt~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ermmm.....the situation goes like this.,,

arni ade test READING...actually its not just reading..its like how we as the future teacher nk teach reading to the pupils....susahh coz it merely like pedagogical stuff n methodology..huhu

okeh im gonna start winning..its just totally bullshit laa arini...

have u ever face

-ble test/examnination kna duduk front row??n like before this u've always the back row gurl since ur name start with *n*..

-and u have the feeling the test gonna be sooo awful..and suddenly u feel soo gementar n shaky2x..perot tak selesa...

-at this moment when people messes with u..u feel like wanna give a pangggg*slap* tell them to shut the hell up...ok!!

-when the time comes..u received the paper ...u havent take a look at it..u have the feeling that ur not gonna do well..

-yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...thats exactly..what happen to ME!!! SHARIENA...AZMAN..

-i feel soo dumb..numb..semua laa..when i the test paper wanna be exam paper..huhuu tak shocked insticnt ..had already told me its gonna be a tough one... all start..when..the lecturer starts giving instruction n was not hell i feel like i wanna tearr up all the test paper..the face  validity it self was not clear,what do u expect teh student to understand..

-i felt like a shiiiiiiit...huhu the place was choatic,here n there..mcm mane akuh nk concentrate..i wass soo "LUCKY LAA"duduk depan skali...tak peace lansung nk wat...test..bising sgt2x..."lecturer was discussing was btoi2x depan meja riena..sah sah tak ley concentrate..they keep on interupting during the test...huhu gerammm sgt2x..issshh dapat baling bowling kuat2x smpi pecah lane mmg beshh arr puasssssss..*saya suker berimaginasi*

-nk tambah kn...ketidakselesaan...outside the hall we were in...there were people outside..also waiting to take the test..huhu n maen PANCARAGAM..plak...stupid sgt2x huhu..tak atw ker respect org nk test....da laa carry marks..huh...of course kalo bley org nk do welll coz it will surely effect laa...tipo0o laa kalo tak kisah kn huhu... more thing it was time constraint...sgt2x..too many was difficult !! not surprise if fates tell not gonna doo well..i have to terime....but then..the place was not practical...huh...!!!duh~~

-enuff of angry riena need to focus on the next test..physics..which i noe it wil kill me..haha...pergh malsshh ..

-for the time being i think i need to pampered my hearing loud music...hehe im currently listening to...whatever u like... :) t.i hottttttt sgt2x...ok!!

better end now...need to take shower..i missh haviinng free time ..huhuh



i kinda like him..tho!!!(u noe who u are)

~wink wink wink~~

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  1. good luck untuk test tu...cuba sebaik mungkin k...

  2. memang btol pun rina...dah la instrunction xclear..face validity pun xde...i used to feel the same feeling as yours when i have to seat at the front row..near the lect tables... memng bleh dngar satu2 words diorang ckp...disturb our concerntration je..pape pun..the test is not valid!! ckp kt maam eng chu mei bru thu..lec kite x blaja assmnt ker?

  3. smbil geram kmi apply assessment dlm ni...
    gud luck ryna for physics...strive 4 da best...

  4. reds:thnks soo much....!!!

    anonymous:ermm i dunno who u are..but i noe ur from my cohort obviously...heh neway why dun u leave ur name at the end of ur comment i wud really apprecite that i can acknowledge ue!! hehe....neway thnkss taw.yupp..geraaammm sgt smlm..i just cant ocncentrate ue noe huhuh

    chelluss:yup!!!!! mesti mau apply....heh thnks ..i will try my best tomorrow..i just need to work hard laa mlm nie puloonn..hehe

  5. got dat rite gurl
    akuh yg ddk brape row blakang sket pun dgr forg bising
    apatah lagi hang yg sah sah dpan skali
    release ur tense
    dgr loud music!
    gud luck plak test physics eyh