Wednesday, February 4, 2009

resting mode

alrite..lets get this things strait..actually im not in the mood to do seriously im soo soo mlasssh lately..or its not lately mmg da lame lazy pon..huhu arni i want to spilt goes like dis..have u ever in ur life had this kind of feeling "kebencian n kemeluatan"terhadap somebody..may be among ur friends.or even may be sibling..but u cant let it out..coz u know it will get worsed if confronting the person was the last resort..

ahuh....may be ur thinking who the person is... not tellin ya...

i will keep u all update n bg taw saper manusia tuh when the time comes.....

"my guppies knows who am i talkin bout here"

kadang2x perangai dier ley  jadik sgt2x annoying...irritating...

"that person just wants attention"


tue jekr dulu...

reminder:: life is getting busy each n everyday....i totally hate it..!!! who doesnt cik riena oi..!!

toodles tata my dear silent readers..


p/s....saya sedang mengintip IPOD TOUCH...:p "senyuuuuuuuuuummmm"


  1. who's that person?
    give us the clues :-p