Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a wholesome

assalamualaikum...to all the readers..

waaa raser lame sgguh tak update blog..hehe

ive been really really busy...for the whole weekend..

let me list out for you...before i forgot lala.

"big grin plus a wink"

it all started on...

Thursday evening..

THE FUN BEGINS............

#me n my guppies went to red box"excluded nut she had class if im not mistaken"karoake sane sini beshh sgt...laaa..mmmg aim nk release tension..hah ye ker???or nk practice of the big nite haha..test power hah..after all mmg i ckp honest laa mmg i tak de bakat nk nyanyi pown..menjeriiit...cursing..ade laaa haha soo 3 hours of excitement.makan2x minum2x.nyanyi lagik..o09o yeah i find the place rather relaxing and soo comfortable to hangout..if u all prefer indoor laa. one my friend had a reallly really greaaat n superb voice .he is known by the name of celus..yup yup!!! two thumbs up.for this guy.haha he managed to make me cry a bit.its just a few drops of tears..haha *kantoi* SAMPAI SYURGA was the best he sang...:)..we end up dinner in sogo food court..makan2x lagiik pahammm x??enjoy makan enjoy makan...hah elaun punn susut laaa haha lepas nie..nmpk riena dok uma jekr ..kurung dri,.pahamm laa hahah

"esok ade kelass padahal tapi ttp njoy pastu penaaaaaaaattt letihhhhh"


#i had class..until 1230 huhu..da tak de mood pown sebnarnyer nk pergi class on that day..tapi badan sihat wal-afiat..soo emrangkak jugak ke kelass..and three of my guppies g carik journal in UM..soo basically tak de org kt uma...yup yup..i can see semua org nga busy..ngn hal2x masing its the time of the year again..huhu now im getting used to it..ok riena u better get ur gear goin hah..and arini...we all planned to meet at times square..n doo some shopiing!! shopping!!yup!! i wass really thrilled that morning..haha just cant wait for the time to come..it wud jussstt bee purrrfecttto!!all gurlss out..beshh laa ketawe gelaakk makan at marry brown waaa.da lame tak makan kt sini..n then jalan2x shopping smpai nk muntaaaah please dun ask me..how much many ive spent on that day..*wink wink..im gonna be dead meat u noe.. if my father tahu* towards the end of the day..nad called around 7 sumthing..she also want to joined for dinner (now..bru lengkappp..the purrrfect GUPPIES)..we dine in GASOLINE..I loooovvveee this place..dunno why..ever since i first tried it had been one of the top ten place i loove to eat..after 8hours of shoopiiing n eating n chit chatting n snapping photos here n there..haha..we went back after most of the kedai da tutup haha..dahsyat gillerrr penangan shopping nieh!!!!

"we all went back with happy faces n full of satisfaction haha everybody got what they were looking for"


#mule2x planned tak nk kuar..ye laa everyday kuar leeyy jadik gilleerr.kaki pon da penaaaat smlm lapan jam shupping..hehe n tehn i got this phone call form my friend in shah alam saying that she wanted to meet me.soo terpakse jadik rajiiin  merangkak laa ke lrt...o0o yee!! nk sharfe sumthink ngn u all laa..but its kinda embarassing yet its damn funny...

mcm nie cter nyer...me n my friend"one of the guppies kilod nk pergi station bandaraya..teh conversation goes like thiss..

location:LRT CHERAS

me:ermm nk tiket pergi-balek pasaraya it was supposed to be Bandaraya.*ngn confidentnye n kuat*

abg lrt: terdiamm ...silence remain....pastu berdekah dekah..i heard a loud laugh haha

me: "im blusshing like helll ...not only abg tiket yg ketawe pakcik tua yg jage kt tepi station pon..YA ALLAH... mmg memalukn sgguh.kawan akuh turut ketawa hambbbbaaaar kn??haha

abg lrt:trus punch bandaraya tikets he understand laaaa n "then theres no such thing station pasaraya cik riena oi...."

okies i started my day...by embarassing my self in front of the public...congratulation!!!!

smpai bandaraya....tup tup!!! im pisss off sgt2x....kawan ku yg amaaat baek perangai nye..tak jadik mai...hah!!!!! amek kna curse free2x jerk pnat akuh smapi bandaray tgj2x tak jadik..pergh..mara gilller time tuh..tapi di ubati ngn melihat sekeliling mamat ensem hah cucie mate laaa.flirtacious...

shopping mmg berkesan sgt2x tok ubati hati nga mara..*motif sgt2x riena*

akuh shopping lagik2x...!!!!haha...


nothing much happen ..

pergi makan kedai mamak...bought things for..kak anim's surprise party..:)

*mlmnye....guppies goal are achive afterrr waitiiing forr sooo long"


surprise party..: Berjaaaayee!!!!

yehaaaaaaaa...kak anim pon happy.n terkejut tuh yg penting!!!!!

okiess semua picss...i'll upload later k?? hehe

loooooooooong weekends tapi full of excitement!!! yes im that busy hunney!!!!!

now im the very mlaaasssshh gurl...


all for now.. later



  1. la.. aku ingat 3some td.. baru nak excited :P

  2. kami suka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    none of our most allergize words are menti0n

    i lyke!!