Monday, February 16, 2009

same routine


u all. its been a while i didnt update my blog..huh..

soo many thingss.........i went thru..

for the whole week it had been soo hectic..for sure bukan buat assignment..but..

its just about having "PURE FUN" HAHA..

see....i told getting more n more's a virus indeed..

friday..i kinda spraint my ankle..and as a result i find out that near my ankle i can feel some kind of tulang rawan jutting's sooo plik..coz when i walk i cant feel any pain..but when i sat down..leave my leg hanging..peritt nye tuhan sahaje yg tahu..

luckily..i managed to drive..back home from class...*pakse dri syukur tak saket*ahaha

okies..for the previous entry...thnks to all my readers yg bgik comment n support..i really need times mmg out of the blue..raser mcm nk nangeh puas2x..giller ke riena"???hammbarrrrr..

tp thats the reality...just need to face it...what so ever...

sigh~~~ sigh~~

skrunk...nga tgk jadual.when to submit the assignment..

wow!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee.....!!!

byk giller submission date yg same..haha

riena mmg kena start the engine..yg smpai skrunk pon tak warm up..dok dlm dock jerk..huhu...

ya ALLAH..ya TUHANKU...kenape lah hamba mu ini.semakin malas..berilah petunjuk...supaye rajin berusaha...terangkn hati untuk belajar..*suddenly teringt kt ibu n ayah n adek terchenta..kt hometown OMG!! RINDU SGT KT MEREKA..!! 

okehh,,, esok da start kelas balek..huhu

same routine again..bgun pagi..8-4:30 ptg..kelas..

ok guys just wish me luck!!

all the best in  life...!!!



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