Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a fine day for me

Evil Mode Tag...
"not supposed to do this coz tomorrow i have test"

I was tagged by nut nadia petenut...:)

1) Do u think ur hott?
+ yes....tet!! PERASAN!!

2)Upload a fav picture of you.
recently is this

3)Why do u like this pic?
+ its been soo long...nut tak amek gambar i hehe..the pic nice sgt..:P thnks to nadia

4) When was ur last time eating pizza?
+ ermm pizaa any types of it ye..ermm with shahrul erma in "papa john's"sedappp sgt!!

5) The last song u listened to?
+ bottle pop-PUSSYCAT DOLLS

6)What are u doing right now?
+ doin this..n dgr lagu heh

7)What name do u prefer besides urs?
+ sanchez...can???sharina sanchez..refers hehe to...david villa sanchez

8)People to tag
1 - fafa
2 - ira
3 - erma
4 - didie
5 - kilod

9)Who is number 1?
+ she is my number one fan hahaa..shes my gay partner...even tho its not official..:P

10)No. 3 is having a relationship with?
+ haaaaaaaaaa..i like this quest...they just need to make it official..sweet sgt!! dorg..erma nk sket kek lapis sarawak.....:P

11)Say something bout number 5.
+ shes a tidy person...n she likes junaidah togo.."erma correct it..it JONATHAN TOGO."

12) No4?
+ didie..amat sempoi..one of the coolest friends...lagik2x bab mengutuk hes good at it..:P

13)Who is number 2?
+ shes gonna be..a doctor..a pretty n stylo one..

thats all from me...

I HAVE TEST TMORROW....*sigh...sigh...sigh*
STILL BLOGGIN..searching for the rite mood to study..:P