Wednesday, June 2, 2010

perasaan perasan

its really is hard when you got nothing to do at home
like seriusly...

mode: im doomed
orite its like this
i started to like someone lately...

yeah..really2x open it to someone
it was a great feeling
it was sensational
it was joyful
it was fruitful i think....

every morning i got a message
its sort of like wake up call for me
well thats what i considered

Everytime I got the message I smiled
u noe how good it feel
when every morning u start ur day with a smile
on your could really affect ur whole day!


it was only for a while..
the joyfulnes of a feelin
liking someone stumbled in the middle of the road
it was not long
that i realized...

luckily i was back in my reality world..
i must be thankful to GOD
for i
did not fall for him so hard that it will hurt.

it was my fault for liking him
"dalam diam"
i dunno how he could treat people so nice
and its so wrong for not falling for him

for like the first time
i trusted my instinct
deep in my heart says that....
hes not into u..hes just using u to get to know
ur friend.

unluckily ITS TRUE!!
on that day nite to be exact.
that person
that i used to have erm "that feeling"
but not for me
but for my friend.

my heart fell into pieces
i shud have known ...
that person kept asking me bout
my friend..
mostly everything.
im glad i can act normal
as if i was not heart broken...
[im not supposed to be heart broken n its not his fault]

im strong..
i didnt even shed a tears..
strong headed gurl i'am
sometimes it sucks the hell out of me
because at that particular of time
all i wanted to do is
yelled at him!!!
"can you seeeeee im falling for you n i like you!!"

but the person that particular person was rooting
was NOT ME.
i think i could understand why..

i dont have what it takes!
but i do have

a HEART that is yet to be cherished n appreciated.

~pen off~



  1. kesiannye..xpe la..enjoy your life..your true love will come sooner or later

  2. haha...jgn kesian lulu...
    im enjoying my life more often..
    haha it was a mistake..after all..:)

  3. enjoy ur life to the fullest... cherish every second... sometimes being single is a bliss! FREEDOM is the absolute gift come together with the title... SMILE!

    p/s: masih lagi menaip komen ketika sakit...

  4. ouh gosh
    i must.. hurt a lil..
    but kan babe
    haish..i know ur strong
    no need tears and stuff..:)
    the right guy will come. u just wait and see.. ok..:D