Thursday, June 3, 2010

life for now

mode: insomnia

lately I cant really get my eyes to close
because it just wont
every single day i would be
shutting my eyes or more forcing it
to shut around

im cherishing every single moment
with my family
they heals my wound, they make me smile
we'll mum is being my guardian angel
she gave the best advice in the world
shes just the bestest mum that one's wud ever want to have!

two days before i had a really really really really scary nightmare..
oohh gosh...i was sweating like hell when i got up
from sleep...creepy..:|
yikes! ...

everything seems to go well now..
im in love with cooking lately..
baking to be exact haha
it makes me worried haha
u know why? because i always cook
when im nervous..
i couldnt figure out!!!!
what am i nervous about anyway...hummmmp.

few pictures..coming ur way...haha

cant upload hp da mati
not charge yet..
ok for now

pen off
enjoy ur holiday!!

love the people that matters to u..:)


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