Sunday, May 30, 2010

lets get it started.

hello people..
its been ages....
tak update..benda nie.
been quite busy..bukan quite kot.
MMG busy.

nie tgh holiday so i got the chance to stay up
and mumble some stuff here.
i really miss blogging..

my life so far...
its been great!!
im in my new house..
its not too big but i think my family
we are fated to own n live in this house
i simply adore and loving it!!
yeah!! for the past few weeks ive been busy
helping out doing some spring cleaning
gettin rid of stuff that i dun want.
(muscle pain...tremendously!!ok!!)

im totally glad that ..
i finally have streamyx in my own house
i get tired of broadbands huhu
like the one i used before in my previous house
thanks mum and dad!!

orite got to go!
my tummy buat hal jaa lately huhu
tired of going to toilet back n forth..
later i'll write some more

take care


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